Happy Mothers Day

Today marks the day we pay tribute to our Mothers who gave birth to us and nurtured us. They got us ready for this journey we call life. I would like to pay tribute to my mother, Janice. She played two roles for a long time. Both mother and father. Sometimes worked two jobs to make sure food was on the table. She sacrificed her own needs to make sure ours were met. She protected us at all costs alot of times. We may not have had everything we wanted but we sure had what we needed. She is a woman of God and her faith and prayers are why I’m here today. Alot of times I can be struggling and discouraged about something and I can call her and ask her to pray with me and she gladly does. This is me with my mom in 1974. My mother has become my strength here the past few years and I don’t know what I’d do without her wise counsel sometimes.


The next greatest woman in my life was my grandmother aka MaMa. I patterned my life after this womam, yes, my mothers too, but this was a one of a kind woman. She molded my mother into the woman she was…..see what I mean? She was a preachers wife and loved unconditionally. Never saw her angry or talk bad of anyone. She was a Virtuous Woman. She stood by my Papa for many years supporting his ministry.
She is celebrating Mothers Day in Heaven. FB_IMG_1525951751757

Little did I know what it meant to be a mom til they laid my children in my arms. Oh my Goodness, the feeling of helplessness. I was so scared
I try so hard to be the mom Im suppose to be but I know I fail miserably everyday. I make mistakes. I pray and I ask God to guide and lead me. Also, the way I was raised was not bad so if it worked for me it can work for them. Although I could do without the curse that my mom put on me about paying for your raising. Yep, I was not the perfect teenager. I put my parents through pure heck. I regret every minute of it too and have apologized many times with pardon and grace granted each time.
One of the most wonderful things for me in the world besides becoming a wife was becoming a mother to these two wonderful blessings. 
Motherhood is awesome but at the same time exhausting but I wouldnt trade it for anything in this world. I wear that title proudly. Anyone who knows me personally knows this. Everyday is a challenge but I greet it and face it and we figure it out with lots of prayer. Alot of forgiveness goes a long way.
My family completes me and every breath I take is for them. They are my life and my heartbeat. 

My prayer is I can continue to be the mother God would have me to be. With his grace I will be.


I am also fortunate to have a great mother in law who raised a fine grown man who is a wonderful husband and father. I will praise him on Fathers day. lol. She worked hard to provide for 6 children by herself. She is a woman of God and still takes care of her family.


We have the best daughter in law, she has been a blessing to our family. She brings an energy that I wish I had. She completes our son so she completes us. We are so proud of her  and we love her. She is the best mom to our granddaughter. We are blessed to call her our daughter in law . FB_IMG_1525115463040

It’s been a wonderful weekend. My sweetheart came home for the weekend to spend time with us for mothers day. He got to love on his little princess and ride her on the tractor, play with her and read to her. He was able to do a few things around the house he wanted to do. Then today we all surprised Nanny and showed up at her church with her. Then to lunch with the family afterwards. It has been a wonderful mothers day weekend.



I received a set of dishes from Pioneer woman from Dakota and Jossie , a charm of grand feet for my bracelet that has Atleighs name, birth date and birthstone on it from my sweetheart and a teddy bear and card from Atleigh.

I have had a blessed day.



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Loving the Weather

Last weekend it was just me going to AR. When I was packing, Atleigh was unpacking me. She said if she couldn’t go, I wasn’t going . Finally  she just decides to get in my box.


Dallas wanted to stay behind and hang out with big brother which we are ok with that. So dear hubby and I had some time together. This doesn’t happen  a lot since our kids have been little they have always been with us or at least one kid all the time. Oh well, Dallas is getting older and doesn’t want to be around old folks all the time now.

I took supper and dessert to him . I made my spaghetti and some ginger dressing for salads and some cheese bread. Then some chocolate oatmeal cookies . He is so tired of eating the same thing.

The next morning we went to a farm auction and was trying to bid on three hauling trailers. No such luck. They got close to what you could buy a brand new one for so that’s just what he did along with a new bush hog since our last one tore  up.

We ate a late lunch at a country diner and it was good.

He was begging me to stay another day.  The longer he has to stay the worse he gets. The outage is through but they have a summer project to do and they need him to stay til August. 😣😭. I really don’t mind because he is only 5 hrs away which is not bad and I’ve traveled it so much I know it like the back of my hand now. He will get to come home on some weekends too so we will rotate. If Dallas doesn’t want to go sometimes  he can stay with big brother. He loves it.  So it looks like we will be doing a lot of going back and forth this summer. I’d rather him be that close so we can still see one another than be off somewhere that I can’t get to in a weekend.

When I got home, two days later Dakota got to come home off his job. He came over and fixed my fluke that the wind had knocked over. Ever wake up to a cowboy on your roof?


I was sitting at karate one night and working on another baby blanket and realized after about 20 something rows that it was crooked. I had to take them out and redo it. I wanted to cry .


The weather has been so nice that I have spent days with the windows up listening to the birds.

It’s pretty bad when princesses have to pick their own flowers, but me and Atleigh  did. They smell so pretty .


I spent all this week getting caught up on my house cleaning .  Next week is outside week.

Atleigh has been cutting her eye teeth before her top front teeth and they are making her cranky and loss of appetite and run low grade fever.


When she is feeling good she has to be where I am doing everything I do. I had just gotten off the stool and I look around to find her trying to climb too.


One night Dakota and Jossie invited us over for supper. After we ate, the boys went outside to rope. Then we went up the hill to visit a neighbor. She was watching two of the loves of her life come up the hill.


Last night was the Mother Daughter Banquet  at my mommas church. This is the first year  I have got to go. Me and my sister’s surprised her and showed up. We had a good time and boy the stories we told  lol.


When you are trying  to do a photo shoot and your son gets goofy, this is what they look like,


School was out today so we had to go pick up our 4 wheeler that was being fixed. This was my side kick today.


Well, I have some more cleaning to do and later fix supper so I guess I will get off of here.

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It is that time of year again. It is gardening season. If you are planning on putting in a garden or considering it and just don’t know how to get started, I have a great tutorial page all dedicated to gardening. Just look at the top of my page in the header image  and find the page that says gardening and click on it. It will open you up to a whole new world. Tons of information. I hope it will inspire or help you.

Happy Gardening .

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Let’s See How Much We Can Do In A Day

Yesterday  was obviously  one of those days when you want to see how much you can get done in one day.

So, here we go. It had been a rough night anyway since Atleigh spent the night and she is cutting teeth and she whined alot in her sleep. Not to mention, the little octopus kicked me all night. So I wake up way before my alarm clock and I see Dallas off for school with intentions of going back to sleep until she woke up. Well, that didn’t happen either.  She wakes up everyday with such joy and goofiness 20180430_082135

Jossie comes to get her and says she has to go to her Drs office that morning because he wanted to do an ultrasound in his office just to recheck some things that wasn’t checked in the ER.  So, I had some errands to run in the same town anyway so we went together.  Momma and baby are fine.


We left there and grabbed lunch.

Next stop was Lowe’s.  I am working on a project in the back yard and needed mulch. So about 40 bags later and a heavy trailer, we go to the next stop.

Next stop, Kroger.  We buy a lot of our meat at Kroger because we do not like the meat dept. at Wal-Mart .  We always watch their sales and use our Kroger card and save so much. This is how  we stock our freezer.

By this time we are so tired. I know I am since I had been up since 5 am.

We get home, I park the truck and trailer and head in the house for a rest before Dallas gets home from school.

When Dallas got home, I got up and we went out to unload trailer. Mind you this is 40 bags. As we are  unloading, which he is much faster than me, I find a hole in the ground and twist my ankle. He comes to help me up and tells me to sit down. Well, I just couldn’t let him finish by himself, so I keep trying to help. He gets mad and tells me  to sit. So I stop. We or he gets it unloaded and then we have to load up the lawn mower and weed eater because he has to mow brothers  yard. As he is mowing I just sit on the swing and let my foot rest.

We or he gets finished and we head home. I really did not feel like cooking but after  all that, he deserved one.

I got out my pressure cooker and made Ginger chicken, rice and cut up a fresh whole pineapple I got on sale. Oh, and a salad with Ginger dressing. This only took 30 minutes . I love my pressure cooker.


Cleaned the kitchen, talked to dear hubby and just wanted to relax til bedtime. Then I just crawled in bed and don’t remember anything after that.

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Quick Supper

I outdid myself for supper the other night and I left it out of my last post. We were craving Chinese so I said let me see what I can do. So I got out my Power Pressure Cooker and came up with something.


Fried rice, steamed vegetables (not pictured, missed that shot) and sweet and sour chicken. I made the rice and steamed vegetables first in my Evokana inserts for my cooker. The rice was so tender and juicy. Then I turned it into fried rice. Then I cooked the chicken behind that in the cooker. I whipped up some yum yum sauce and ginger dressing.  Needless to say we pigged out.

Yesterday when I got home from church I took a much needed nap and just rested the rest of the day. I am so sore from working outside Saturday  but enjoyed it so much.

Today I’m going to go get some mulch so I can finish a bed I started last year .  Just didn’t get it finished. I have more transplanting to do and I will eventually get to it. Dallas has yard mowing to do down at big brothers  house today after school.

We had a scare last night. Jossie  has been hurting for a few weeks really bad and cramping in her pelvic area .  Some nights she has just sat in my floor and cried and I felt so helpless. She continually called her Drs office but they kept telling her the same thing . They will not call the Dr unless it is an emergency or she is in labor and delivery. Well, it happened again yesterday and she went to the ER.   Dakota came home  a few days early. Needless to say a 5 hr drive did not take 5 hrs when you have a worried father. Turns out she is severely dehydrated which was causing the pains and cramping. They have her fluids through IV.  She had to stay a while  to make sure she got enough fluids. Dallas was insistent on going with her yesterday and I’m glad. He was so worried. He said, “Forget school, this is more important.” Fortunately, she did not have to stay overnight and everyone got to come home. Dakota brought  Dallas home and Atleigh just spent the night  with me since it was late. Mom and dad went  home  and rested. All is well after much praying . Thank the Lord.


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Ode’ To Sunshine and Warm Day

April has really been cold and wet in our region. Couldn’t enjoy getting outside because it was either raining or cold. So we filled most of our days by playing or cleaning house. I’ve had fun with my daughter in law and granddaughter being here. Dakota got to come home last weekend and visit. Then back to work. He is almost done on this job. He is getting so homesick .  Our son now sees what dad has done for years to provide for them and he understands.

We have had some good days the past few weeks.  This little girl has grown and getting a personality all her own.


She loves the pic of Poppie  I have on my phone and she tries to grab my phone so she can see it. So one day I printed off the pic for her and laminated it and put it in a frame with no glass so she could have her own. She walks around with it, talking to it and kissing it. One day she actually fell asleep with it.


We have been traveling back and forth on weekends to see dad. I’m glad he is only 5 hrs away. They are fixing to go to 4 12’s and this will give him a chance to come home on some weekends. He misses his own bed. This way we can rotate. When Dakota gets home they are going to see him so he can see his little princess.

Today has been a glorious day. It has been warm and sun shine. It felt so good to feel the sun on my body which is very therapeutic. I got 22 Brussel sprout plants, and 6 kale plants out today. I also planted some sunflowers for  the birds. I am going light this year in the garden because I have taken inventory and we don’t really have any room in freezers or pantry for new produce. So only  the things we are out of is all we are going to go with this summer. This will free up some of my summer and make it easier since hubby has been asked to stay til August on this job this year. I can travel more and we can rotate out weekends. There will be times  that Dallas will not want to go to AR. He really wants to hang out with big brother this summer and work with him on the farm Dakota  helps out on between jobs. Plus he has his job of mowing and weedeating and somewhere  we will have to fit in football practice. Don’t know how all this is gonna go but I guess we will make do.

I have played in my flower beds all morning. It was due time. Things needed weeding and rose bushes pruned and cut back. Not finished yet cause I just got tired and needed a rest.

Still have more to do. I have some bushes to transplant and a new flower bed to finish.  Then a fence to put up in the garden just for a few  tomato plants and peppers.


That’s the flower beds before  I worked in them this morning. I love everything turning green and blooming. My hubby loves cutting me fresh cut roses and bringing them inside to me to put on the table.

I’ve got some projects  I need the boys help with when Dakota gets home. One night I could have swore something went over our house during a storm. We woke up at 5 am with the house shaking and beds shaking . I was just fixing to run through the house and wake everybody up in case we needed to seek shelter, when all the sudden Jossie  and Atleigh met me in my bedroom door shaking like leaves .  She was so scared and so was I. Of course, Dallas was being all cool in front of the girls. It bent my chimney fluke at one of the seams and we need to fix it back up again. I can’t climb on the roof, well I could but dear hubby would freak out. I had to cut one big beautiful branch off of one of my rose bushes because it broke it. Everything else was fine. It blew a lot of things down hills and we have had to retrieve.

Next weekend I will travel but Dallas is staying behind to go do a fund raiser with the youth group at church for their mission trip to Louisiana  this summer.

I’ve had some  problems since dad has been gone with this young man. He does this every time dad goes out of town. You know, dads not here so I’m gonna push moms buttons. His strong willed and independent  personality is clashing with my OCD.   But I guess a lot of parents go through this when they hit those high school years. Dakota did it too but not as bad. I have to say I did it to my mom and dad too and I’m still apologizing for it today. I have to keep telling myself that this too shall pass. And one day they will apologize too. It’s great to have those qualities when they are grown and out  in the real world but when they are young  you have to set rules and boundaries and set consequences and be consistent  or you will clash daily. And not to mention, you spend A lot of time in prayer.

I hope every one has a joyous weekend in the Lord. Until I blog again.

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I’m Glad I Did


In January of 1990, I was so sick of boys it was pathetic. I needed a fresh new start to my life cause I was cleaning it up. I sat on the hood of my car and prayed that God would just send me somebody who loved me. They didn’t have to know why, just as long as they did, I didn’t care. And I asked him to throw in tall,dark, and handsome too. So that way I would know it was God. Well,

28 yrs ago this tall, dark and handsome drink of water asked me out on a date. I was skeptical at first cause I didn’t want to screw up again and not follow Gods plan. The tall, dark and handsome should have rung a bell, but I didn’t catch it.
Well, there was just some thing about him. Maybe it was those baby blues, I don’t know, but I said ok. He scared me because on this first date he already told me he loved me. Now, I’m thinking boy, you’re moving way to fast for me. But I let him tell me anyway. Three weeks later he scared me more when he said he knew I was the one he was going to marry. In my head I wanted to run, but once again, those baby blues did it, along with my heart. And look at that face. Who could resist that? I felt then God was giving me a fresh new start. So, I just had to ask, “Why do you love me?” His answer, “I don’t know, I just do!” BAM!!!! It’s like God Gibb slapped me in the back of my head and I remembered my prayer. Then I knew, this is the one. David said, “It took you that long to figure it out? I’ve been knowing it all along!” Really? Smarty pants.
Boy, am I so glad I did say yes. It has been an incredible journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’d do it all over again. We have come a long way with God’s grace and this December we will be married 27 years. I am one who can truly say God answers prayers. I love you David Dixon with all my heart. Thank you for not knowing why you love me. Lol.

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