When Snow Days Drive You Crazy

I have been seeing alot of parents complaining about being home with their kids on these snow days and going crazy wishing they could send them back to school. I actually enjoy spending time with my kids, always have, so this kind of bothers me. I’m going to help moms think of alot of things to do to help relieve some of the stress for these days and more to come.  I hope it helps alot of moms with little ones being cooped up inside.
First: small children need physical interaction which will include putting down cell phones (gasp)..and possibly pausing the dvr or cutting off the tv.
Get out the board games, create new inside games(check pintrest), maybe an inside obstacle course? Draw pics, color pics, water colors. You can get very creative with this and pretend you are hosting an art gallery with juice and snacks.
Tea parties for girls. Build legos and lincoln logs with boys. Take turns letting the boys come up with things to play with, then the girls, you know, to make it fair. Boys dont want to play with dolls all day, neither do girls want to play trucks all day. Have a time of relaxation. Pop in a movie and have some snacks and juice and pallets on the floor. Make this a part of everyday at least for an hour to an hour and a half. This will relax everyone for a bit. Read stories to them, possible nap time. If they are able and age appropriate, bake cookies and breads and have everyone help. Have them help with breakfast, lunch and supper. Learn a new craft. Like crocheting, sewing, hand embroidery. YouTube has all kinds of videos for beginners. Get the crafts our and make something. There are all kinds of things that you can come up with to keep kids busy, it just takes a creative mind and a little energy and fun mind. Your home is a classroom where they are constantly learning. Maybe pretend playing school and have some printout sheets with the alphabet on them and numbers. A little Ipad time is ok, play some educational games with alphabet and numbers. Dont make the video games and Ipads a sole source of entertainment. Alot of kids like hands on things to do.
Now here comes the not so fun part for kids but awesome for moms. Incorporate some chores for the kids that are age appropriate. Every child can learn some kind of chore. They can start by picking up their own toys. This teaches alot of things like responsibility and good habits. It also helps relieve some stress on mom and shes not spending all day cleaning and expecting them to entertain themselves, they can get into fights and arguments real quick. When they do help with chores, be sure to reward somehow. You are teaching them alot by doing this. It shows they can have a sense of accomplishment for good work done.
Now, older kids are a whole lot easier. They pretty much entertain themselves.
Doing alot of this should keep them busy and possibly out of trouble. If the noise gets to be too much, just set them down and explain to them the difference between things they can do outside and inside. Inside voices vs outside voices. Save the hooping and hollering and running around like wild indians for the outside. Dont let them trash the house or tear it down.
I hope you find future snow days more pleasing.

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Snowed In

Yep, just as school was starting back, God brought the snow. What do you Do? You light the fireplace, play games, wrestle, eat, sleep, etc. And watch the snow fall .


Atleigh got to spend a night with us one night. She had a rough night though cause she has a sinus infection. She has run a little fever on and off but she is tough.


I do think I caught her cold though. I have not been feeling  well lately. Oh well, we will get over it soon.

Hope everyone  enjoys the snow.

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Alarm Clock

Boy, I sure hated hearing that alarm clock go off this morning, but we’ve got to get back to the drawing board.

I got up this morning and had my coffee  with my morning devotion. Then I had to get busy. I scrubbed my kitchen down. I wiped  cabinets and counter tops and swept, mopped and steamed my floor.

Along with the cold rain today it kind of aggravated  my RA.  I woke up with my right side hurting and my hand all the way to my shoulder  kind of swollen. It’s funny how it does that sometimes.  Winter time is my hardest time. It seems I’m chilled to the bone and can never get warm. I don’t go anywhere unless I have to like church or school or karate. I get a little bit of cabin fever but I try  to stay busy somehow.

Dallas has a different schedule  this semester. So we will see how it goes.

Jossie  goes back to school Thursday  with a different scheduke .  I really hope she can keep up with school, work, Atleigh  and bein pregnant. It will be hard but she is young. I really admire her.

Tonight is the championship game and we are going to settle in and watch it and dear hubby is making chilli.


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Got To Get Motivated

Well, it’s the start of a new year and our Christmas  break was extended a few days due to mechanical issues with buses. The temps have been bitterly cold here which is something we are not use to. School will resume Monday  and I’m really not looking forward to it. I love having my kid here with me. I don’t understand parents who are constantly saying they wish break would hurry up and be over and these kids go back to school.  Really? Your kids are suppose to be a joy  not a hindrance.

I have been so lazy on this Christmas break and ate way too much. I’ve got to get back into the swing of things.

Our hunting season is over but we have plenty of deer meat and we have been enjoying it.

Let’s see if I can catch everyone up.

We had an awesome Christmas with family. Christmas eve was my mother in laws house which we call Nanny.


So many pics I couldn’t upload them all so I picked my favorites.

That night Poppie wanted to start a new tradition. He bought the original story of The Night Before Christmas  and wanted to read it to Atleigh  before she went to bed. It will be a tradition  for all of our grandchildren  hopefully. I couldn’t help but cry a little.


We get home and get in bed. That morning we got up and had our Christmas.

Dallas is still like a little kid. He was up at 5:30 am  and turning on lights and trying to purposely wake us up.


Then we got ready and wanted to get to Dakota’s  house before Atleigh  woke up so we could see her first Christmas .  She did so good. She learned how to eventually open things, however she wanted to eat the paper. PhotoGrid_1514519494417

This girl cracks me up with her many faces.


Dakota and Jossie  cooked breakfast and her parents and sisters came too. We all had a good time. Then they had a little surprise for all of us. Notice Atleighs  shirt. PhotoGrid_1514519332358

Yep, we are going to be grandparents  again. They wanted their kids close together in age. We are so excited. She is starting out rough with nausea and fatigue but it will pass. She is doing really good. They are excited too.

We came home got a little rest,  well they did. I had to prepare some more food for my mommas house.

We headed out to MS.   We had so much fun. My sister brought her guitar and we sang songs. We let the kids decorate cookies.


We left and got home and in bed around 11pm. I was so exhausted. Next year I will have to plan better about cooking for two or three meals. I was in my kitchen for four days cooking before Christmas.

I’ve done nothing but be lazy the rest of our break. I deserved it. Christmas decorations are still up to which I have to get down next week .

I got a few kitchen items that I wanted. One is my Power Pressure Cooker Xl.  I have made a few meals in it and it is awesome. One night I made a roast with veggies under 30 minutes. It was so tender and easy.


Another night I made BBQ CHICKEN  on the bottom and corn on the cob on rack on top. It turned out so yummy.


I also got a bundt pan and some pizza stones I get to play around with.

One day Dakota was here and they got out Atleighs  Lincoln logs and played with Dallas .  I guess your never too old for Lincoln logs and cowboys as Indiand.


So…..Dallas has 6 mths to train for his black belt test. First part of test is running two miles in a timed period. He decides he wants to start training in 30 degree weather. Are you kidding Me? Oh well, I walked a mile but I’m dying. He learned a valuable lesson, DON’T START TRAINING IN COMBAT BOOTS.


I want to start walking  too but I’m gonna have to go at my own pace. I walked a mile in the cold which aggravated my RA and my knees are sore.

It will get better .

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year so far .


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Merry Christmas


Luke 2:7 And she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.



We would like to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dixons. May you know Peace, Joy, and Christs Love.


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Happy 26 years

26 yrs ago I became a Princess in my own fairy tail thanks to one amazing man, David Dixon. Every girl dreams of living her own fairy tail. Now, I’m the Queen in my Kings castle and training Princes and Princesses.
We married young and had alot of learning and growing to do and here we are rocking it. We’ve had our share of troubles and trials but we have supported each other and lifted one another up. We are trying to make a legacy for ourselves. I could not have chosen anyone any better, that’s why God did, and to that I’m thankful and very blessed. He is loyal, dedicated, devoted and treats me like a Queen. I wish everyone had someone like him. No, he’s not for hire. He’s mine, all mine.
Just some marital advice: when you get married, it is not about you anymore. It is all about your spouse. You put them first, always. You make sacrifices. You take care of one another even when your mad at each other. You go out of your way to make the other happy. You build your marriage not tear it down with nonsense and criticism. Some things are not worth fighting over. You work things out and don’t quit. You communicate. You have to be on the same team. It’s 💯 💯 not 50 50. You make changes for one another and you compromise alot. You say, “I’m sorry” and you forgive. You never intentionally hurt the other. Never say something you can’t take back. You chase one another and keep the romance alive. Just a few tips.
I hope to have many many more anniversaries with this man.
I love you with all my 💓 sweetheart. Happy 26th.


First Anniversary in Hollywood CA, 1992


From then til now


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Birthday Note To Our Firstborn

Dakota Dixon, my my my. 20 years. It doesn’t seem possible. After 6 yrs of praying, God blessed us with you. You made me a Mom. It has been a journey I would do all over again minus a few episodes and bumps but Hey, I guess it’s ok, we learned and grew from them. I have enjoyed bringing you into this world, caring for you, rocking, and singing to you, teaching you Bible stories and Bible verses, schooling you the first 6 yrs of your education, trying to help you solve lifes problems even when you didn’t want my help, and getting you ready for this journey we call life and being out in the real world. You have qualities that will get you far in life. Always pray first for guideance and trust God to lead you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. We are proud of the man you have become and now have your own family. We love you with all our hearts. Happy birthday Son.


When your son turns 20 and still wants to hang out with you, PRICELESS.


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