It’s the Little Things

It came out today and yes, I had to have it and yes, I’m reading it. I’m so excited. It’s just the little things.


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Silver Sunday


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Rocking On

When you are a Princess and having a bad lazy day and you have a son who is not feeling up to par either, but he makes you breakfast and brings it to you in your princess bed, THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. YUMMY.


He is still battling what we think may be a kidney infection or UTI. Hopefully that’s all it is. We will know more Tuesday after his Dr appointment  I wanted him to see our family physician and no one else. His very sweet girlfriend is battling kidney stones. They have tried everything for them to pass but to no avail. She will eventually have to have surgery.

I got the flu shot and the only symptom I got was my arm all the way across my shoulders down the other arm is sore. I can do that.

My momma is finally home and recovering after her back surgery. She is eating and drinking again to gain strength and she is getting around on her walker. You can’t keep her down.

We have had a very busy week. But it has been good. When you have a sweet little face like this to look at every day, it’s a good day.


She loves to read, so Poppie ordered her a bunch of books. It’s the little things that make me happy. To my surprise, it had the book that I always had to read to Dakota at least 15 times a night. So here we go again


She is learning how to turn herself around on her back, push up on her arms, and turning on her side. Want be long til she can roll over. Time slow down.



She’s finally getting over her cold. Her nose is clearing up which means she can sleep alot better. Still a small rattle in her chest but it will clear. She’s just having a hard time with teething now.

I managed to cook a few good meals this week. One night I was craving Olive Gardens salad dressing so I made my own with a copy cat recipe. Complete with bread sticks. It did not disappoint.


Last night I made a meatloaf using Willie Robertsons recipe. I fried some green beans, potatoes and bacon in bacon grease. And home canned dill pickles. Yummy.



One evening I was sitting in my bedroom in my reading nook and Annie sees me and this is what I see when I look out. It wasn’t fun for her when she jumped down cause there is a rose bush right there. Silly cat.


We got our boxes in at our church for Operation Christmas child. I love doing this every year.


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Life Gets In The Way

Yes. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. We are all still here just living life every day.

The guys are still providing for their families and get to come home occasionally. Dakota gets to more than Poppie. Poppie got to come home a few days and he has really missed his Princess. IMG_20171007_123126


He only got to stay for three days but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

When Dakota goes back out after a few days of being home, Jossie comes back and stays with us. We are holding down the fort here with Dallas on security detail. Lol. She is doing good on school. She has passed all her tests but not with all A’s like she strives so hard for. It seems like all she does is study.


One weekend when Dakota was home he helped her study for one of her tests.


Dallas is still rocking on on karate and school.


Atleigh still loves to watch him, til she gets tired lol.


She said since Uncle Dallas was barefoot, she wanted to be too.


Dallas is growing up on me way too fast. This is his freshmen pic this year at school


He is getting buff too


He’s been complaining since back in the spring about his eyes. So we set up an eye appointment and yep, he’s very bad near sighted. And he has dry eyes really bad. Even a sniper has to have eye gear sometimes.


He still takes his Uncle job seriously.



Can’t take him anywhere.


Dallas was feeling bad for a few days with what we thought might be the starting of a kidney infection. He got to where he was refusing to drink anything, not even with his meals cause he didn’t want to pee. When I explained what an IV was and the possibility of having a catheter, he started drinking. What do you do when you don’t feel good? You hang out together.


Atleigh has had a stuffy, runny nose and cough for a few weeks now. But thank the Lord, no fever. I think it is also allergies. Bless her.


Even Princesses have bad days. Bless it. She was so tired but still hungry.


She is getting so long and she has learned how to push off with her feet and try to get out of something. So now it’s time for buckles.




My momma got to come and visit one day and got to spend some time with her.




She didn’t know what to think with two crazy grandma’s in the house at the same time lol.

I have been seeing her some outfits. Here she is modeling a few:


Her other Grandma who is called Lolly, dressed her up for a photo shoot one day.


Me and Atleigh have so much fun every day. One day when it wasn’t too hot and she was fussy cause she didn’t feel good, I grabbed the stroller and we headed outside. She learned about cats and flowers. Lol



She loves to be a part of everything I’m doing. From cooking supper, making rolls and even dying her some onesies

She loves to watch cartoons and cooking shows. Believe it or not cooking shows are her favorite. She likes to look at recipe books too.


I think she’s loved just a little bit……


Since she loves to kick her legs so much, Poppie found her the perfect thing and she loves it. Oh my, she just bounces up a storm. Mommy put it together.


She has still got a stuffy nose and was coughing so much mommy took her back to the Dr and she has croop. They gave her a shot and hopefully it will clear up. Thank goodness she never ran fever. She is now 4 mths old and sleeping in her bassinet. Since the day she was brought home from the hospital, she has slept on her mother’s chest every night all night. This was an emotional transition for Mommy but they both did fine.

There are days where even a Princess has had enough.


They finally figured out what was wrong with my mommas back. She had spinal stenosis and spinal fluid blockage along with a herniated disc. They set her up to have surgery and they did it Thursday. She was supposed to get to go home the next day but they can’t seem to get her blood pressure regulated. She is in pain and doesn’t like to take pain medicine. Not to mention, being confined to a bed is driving her nuts. She doesn’t have an appetite and you can barely get her to drink. She did however, walk down the hall and around the nurses station with all of us behind her cheering her on. She could sit in a chair for a few minutes. We went to visit yesterday and I had to force her to drink and she was proud when she could pee on her own because she will not get to go home until she does that more too. This morning when I checked she had a rough night and had ran a low grade fever all night. This has been hard on her due to age too. Hopefully all goes well tonight and she may get released tomorrow.

Silver Sunday:

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Silver Sunday and Adjusting

Well, we’re still here. We’re all just settling in to our adjustments and it’s been busy.

Dad and Dakota are gone providing for their families and we do appreciate everything they do. I am so proud of them both.

Jossie does not want to stay down at their house alone with Atleigh so she has come to stay with us which is great cause I so love the girl company. Lol. I’ve had male company for 20 something years now. Time for a switch. We talk, laugh and share things. Not to mention, we help each other remember things. Lol. We hold the fort down here and Dallas is our sworn protector. He gives up his bed so the little princess can sleep in it. He’s so sweet. It just makes it easier for them to be here cause there is no need for her to have to cook just for her or have to drive so much. They went last weekend to spend it with Dakota and I was a nervous wreck. It was only a two hr drive but still. It’s enough to make a grandma worry. They had good quality time together.

She is doing really good in school. It seems as though all she does is homework. IMG_20170903_154953708_HDR

She is making very good grades. She is also doing very good being s mother and a wife. Babies also make you tired. Lol PhotoGrid_1505050587174

Dallas is doing good too. One night, his girlfriend came over and he cooked for her and she really enjoyed it. He did a good job, however, homework still had to be done so they all did homework together. PhotoGrid_1505443990772

Another time he wanted her to come over but his room was kind of a mess, so I put them to work. Lol. Then I let them eat out on the back porch for a little privacy.



He dotes on Atleigh and protects her. Only a good uncle would camp out at your feet and watch TV with you.


She loves to watch him in karate. She even kicks along with them. She is too funny.


This girl is growing like a weed.  She is three months old now, PhotoGrid_1505050529713and she’s teething. 😱 We have a good routine going every day and we enjoy our time together. She even got to watch her first AL football game with me





I’m really enjoying my time with her.

When your son’s mother in law tells you how happy and blessed they are that you’re keeping their grandchild too, kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Feeling loved. 😊😉

Here’s your Sunday Inspiration:


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Silver Sunday



Today is also Grandparents Day.


Today is Grandparents Day so I dedicate this post to my grandparents Bennie and Dorothy Oliver. I would love to sit down and talk and visit with them again. They raised three kids of their own that love the Lord and raised families of their own to love the Lord too. I spent so many years practically living with them when I could. They helped mold and shape my life and I always knew I wanted to be just like my grandmother. My momma says I am just that. I cherish the years of watching and hearing my PaPa preach behind the pulpit while my MaMa sat proudly watching him too with her eyes just shining. They loved each other til death did they part. I miss them very much and will see them again some day.




We are excited because this is our first Grandparents Day.


We have enjoyed every minute with the Princess.

The many faces of Atleigh:



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I Finally Got To Get On The Boat

Well, I finally got to go fishing. Well, mostly just riding on the boat. I don’t have the patience to fish, but I just like to hang out on the boat and do my thing while they fish. During this whole summer, every time we planned to go fishing, low and behold it would rain. So this time I finally got to go. We went in the evening this time which is not something my sweetheart likes to do (he is the, “gotta be on the water before sunrise” type of fisherman) but this is all I wanted to do for my birthday which was last month by the way. He did it just for me. I had fun. Dallas was the first one to catch a fish and the only one. Daddy was so proud. So was Dallas. PhotoGrid_1502719414365.jpg

While we were in a certain spot, a duck came right up to the boat. I found some crackers and he hung around as long as I was feeding him. PhotoGrid_1502719369900.jpg

Sunday morning at church Dallas was a hog again. We all fight over her.


I really think she’s going to love her Uncle Dallas.

After church she got to meet some more family that hasn’t seen her yet. PhotoGrid_1503264238574.jpg

We are expecting two more babies before the year is up. The young woman in the picture is due in December. Another is due in September. Babies, babies, babies. Lol.

Another day Dakota and dad snuck off and went fishing. Dakota caught the most. Dad is gonna have to up his game some. That’s what he gets for teaching them to fish. FB_IMG_1502327414958

Dear hubby has been very busy this summer doing projects for us. Another project was to install Atleigh some cabinets on her side of our room. Lol. With a TV for us. IMG_20170817_190640342.jpg


Since she was the boss for the day, she came to spend the day with us while Daddy was at school and mommy was at work. She was supervising what Poppie was doing. She told him he missed a spot.  While we were watching she pointed out to me a certain dress she wants me to make for her.

We love being able to keep her. Her other grandparents work full time jobs and don’t get to see her as much as we do. I’m just blessed I am available. I remember being so stress free when Dakota was a baby and my momma keeping him while we worked full time jobs. For 5 yrs I went to work stress and worry free because I knew he was being taken care of and spoiled. When I was pregnant with Dallas I was able to take off work and be a stay at home mom and homeschool. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. (You can read our homeschool journey on my Homeschool and Public School page). I want to be able to keep all my grand kids. I don’t want my kids to have to go to work and worry about theirs.


Dakota can get the best smiles out of her FB_IMG_1503014336391

Next month we will have major adjustments coming. Dear hubby will be on the road again, Dakota will be going back out of town to work for his apprenticeship program, Jossie will be in college and working and I will be keeping and playing with Atleigh. It’s going to be hard on every one (not me and Atleigh) but we work together as a team. Atleigh and I are going to do great because we are just alike. You don’t mess with our food, we love to eat, and we pee alot. Lol.

School is going kind of ok for Dallas. We are having a rough spot in Algebra. I failed it in high school because I never could understand it, then the boys went to public school before we really got into it and I didnt get to relearn it. Dakota helps when he’s here and dad helps but when they are gone, I’m at a loss. They offer tutoring after school hours and we may have to opt for that. He tries to get help from friends on the phone but some of them need help too. The teacher goes way too fast in class.

Then we have the all time problem of the sophomores, jrs and srs picking on new coming freshmen. However, they will find out some of them will not tolerate it and Dallas is one of them. He has already had to back a few kids down. I know it’s a high school kid thing but it tends to get aggravating after a while. All I can do is pray and things should settle down in a bit. Hopefully.

Garden is winding down. I got one last good picking of tomatoes to make a last batch of pasta sauce. The rest I’m giving my mother in law and we are done. I picked the dried green bean pods for seed and cleaned off the panels and took them down. After the tomatoes are picked to give away, they are coming down and taking those panels down and cleaning up the garden and prep it for next year. Next year we will only plant what we need to stock back up on.

Next is to get ready for deer season. We need to set blinds back up and set out deer cameras. I’ve got to get my cross bow out and practice. I hope to put some deer meat in the freezer this year.

I’m really trying to stay positive with all this trouble going on on the news and social media. I think we have lost our ever loving minds. All we can do is pray. Pray More Worry Less.


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