Week in Review and Silver Sunday

Well, me and Dallas made it home ok. The storms fizzled (yes, that’s a word) out before they got to our house so we were blessed. However, we had to get back to the drawing board. We got home Monday in enough time for Dallas to catch a little nap before we had class. We got home and needless to say we were both ready to call it a night.

Tuesday got Dallas off to school and I just piddled around in the house cause I had woke up with an excruciating headache. I managed to get laundry done and supper in the crock pot.
Went and got him from school and as soon as we got back home he got on the lawn mower to finish some mowing that we couldn’t finish before we left for AR.
While he was mowing I wormed everyone again and then sprayed the fence lines. We came in and ate which was Philly steak and cheese with French fries. Jossie came and ate and left to go watch her little sister play ball.
Dallas was so tired and he went to bed with an ear ache. The grass and dust is really getting to his allergies. But he’s toughing it out.

Wednesday Dallas woke up with his ear still hurting but he is tough. Worked in the garden and everything is coming up nice. photo IMG_20170505_102600435_HDR_zps1j4jklcu.jpg

Tried to replace a belt on my tiller but it’s too tight and if I start taking a bunch of parts off I’m afraid I want be able to get them back on. Oh well, as long as I can go in forward I will be fine til hubby gets home.
Dallas’ ear still hurt so I used one of our Harmony Cones. You can google this. They are amazing and I have used them for years. Please google them, that’s how good they are. I will stand by them anyday.
Went to church this evening and came home and chilled out from a tiring day.

Thursday was just a down day for me til Dallas got home. I fiddled around in the house trying to straighten up some. We’ve done so much work outside that I cant keep up inside. I washed clothes and we packed our bags for the weekend. We didn’t have karate cause it was an off night. We will probably change some things and schedule since Siensi Rick will be chief instructor now.

Friday, I did last minute things around in the misting rain. Dogs all taken care of and cats too.
Loaded truck and went and checked out Dallas early from school. We headed out to AR.

We got there and daddy was not feeling good at all. He had text me earlier in the day and told me we didn’t have to come if we didn’t want to. I told him, we were packed and setting on ready and I’d be there to take care of him. That’s just what we do.
He was wrapped up in a blanket and had the heat on. Wowza. He had been running fever.
We just chilled out til bed time. Saturday morning his fever went down and he felt like going to get breakfast so we ate and caught an early movie. We got back and his energy was zapped. We just ordered in a pizza.

Sunday he had to go back to work and Dallas and I got up and got ready and headed home again.
Tomorrow its back to the drawing board. This is our last week of school. Dallas graduates 8th grade Jr High Friday. I think he’s kind of dreading it cause he knows him and alot of his friends will have different classes next yr in high school. But at the same time he’s excited about something new and different.

Well I’ll leave you with these Sunday thoughts.
 photo FB_IMG_1494168607340_zps8q9i4rly.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1494077584530_zpsulhjje7n.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1494170020713_zpspy1cwpta.jpg

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Silver Sunday

We’ve had a great weekend here with daddy. We went to the movies and saw The Fate of the Furious. Oh my gosh is all I can say. I think it’s the best so far. I want spoil it for you. We also go to enjoy some great food. It got really bad stormy here last night and now this morning the storms are headed toward home. We will stay here until it is safe to leave. I will not drive in conditions like that.

Hope everyone has a blessed day in the Lord.

 photo IMG_20170425_065951982_zpsvbyk1mlu.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1493547031258_zps8mvyzjnw.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1493471506220_zpsvfwddzmu.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1493547700421_zpsnimaepoa.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1493547045292_zpscgtd0nn8.jpg

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A Tiring But Blessed Week

We started the week with another baby shower for Dakota and Jossie that her mom was giving her. It turned out really great.
 photo PhotoGrid_1492990467390_zpsrjdevlgb.png  photo PhotoGrid_1492990291175_zps9bdq6iwe.png
We had a good time. I loved the part where you had to beat another person putting a diaper on a teddy bear blindfolded. Looks like I have to step my game up because I got beat. Well, it’s been a few years.
Dakota did good but still got beat. He hung in there though and finished.
 photo PhotoGrid_1492990403752_zpsjemubfec.png
Even I have no words for this one:

 photo PhotoGrid_1492990207368_zpsbim5uveg.png
I finally got to give Jossie the baby blanket I made. Even Atleigh has got to have some camo. photo IMG_20170405_213315622_zpsayn33rn1.jpg First baby blanket I’ve ever made.

Then I had these made for us. photo IMG_20170412_193557156_zpsa29vydlo.jpg  photo IMG_20170412_193544603_zpsknsecl9x.jpg
 photo IMG_20170412_193505235_zpsn9ut30ss.jpg
I gave Jossie the momma and daddy one with some diaper covers I made.
The mint baby quilt and the pink baby quilt was embroidered by one of Davids cousins from her Etsy shop and the gray bunny too. Atleighs name is embroidered on its ear. photo PhotoGrid_1492990103897_zpsjw6taobd.png  photo PhotoGrid_1492990159643_zpsk3lprzpd.png

We came home and chilled out.

Monday I had a drs appointment with my rheumatologist. We have decided it was time to have the old ticker checked out. I did not know that RA causes heart problems the older you get. For the past two or so years I have been experiencing very bad shortness of breath. I can just be vacuuming a floor and get out of breath and have to sit down. Needless to say this does not make house work go fast or easy. It makes it time consuming is what it does.
I have sang in church all my life and this has cause problems because I can’t hardly make it through a song. I get really frustrated but just thought it was part of RA. Well, it is and you have to have your lungs examined every 6 months with x-rays. However, my x-rays are not showing any problems. So, the next step is to check the heart. So they are setting me up an appointment with a cardiologist. This kind of makes me nervous. But it’s nothing my God can’t handle.
He also mentioned my weight. Hmmmmm. I’ve been knowing this but was just too stubborn to say anything cause this girl loves her food. I will have to start making some changes. He said I needed to cut out breads and pastas. Basically anything made with flour. I told him he was killing me and he laughed. I told him I would cut back. That’s a start anyway.

I had Grandmother pick up Dallas from school since I was not going to be back in time. He went home with them and worked for Nanny. She brought him home and we had to clean out the gutters because the spouts were clogged. Yep, he had to go on the roof. He did a great job for his first time ever doing that.
We came in and we ate and chilled out for the night cause we had a few work days ahead of us.

Tuesday I had to puppy sit again and wanted to work outside to get some much needed sunshine so I had some help. How do you grow a puppy?
He loves dirt.
 photo IMG_20170425_093524816_zpssxlsb3z6.jpg  photo IMG_20170425_093521358_zpsdu952apo.jpg
I replanted some rose bushes that were not thriving in one spot to another. I’m making a whole new flower bed under some trees.  photo IMG_20170425_094003470_zpszsngwnfm.jpg
As I was working, I heard some baby blue birds in one of our bird houses.  photo IMG_20170425_100504_zpsq3h85rdp.jpg
First time anything has ever nested in that house. I’m tickled. Then I planted some azaleas that I bought that were on sale for $3 a piece. I planted some Lilly bulbs I’ve had for a while too. We will see how those go.
Then I was walking to the garden to get some dirt and Bo went over to check on the kitties. Well, I did not think this was a good idea since Annie might scratch him. So I took my dirt to the back porch and went back to get Bo. I called and could not find him. I called and called again. Now, you know whats fixing to happen. He’s not coming and I’m panicking. All sorts of things are going through my mind. I looked everywhere. I’m running my fool head off thinking Jossie and Dakota are going to be so mad at me and never speak to me again if I loose this pup. Well, I heard something under one of the buildings. Dag nabbit, it was him. He had layed down to take him a little nap and did not want to be bothered. He could tell by the sound of my voice that I was not happy. He almost gave me a heart attack. I told him to come here and he hunkered toward me. This is the look I got. photo IMG_20170425_105313533_zpsfridadyo.jpg He’s trying his best to make me fall for him and get attached. He is too stinking cute.  photo IMG_20170425_144629728_zpsaoj5xo7f.jpg  photo IMG_20170425_145302093_HDR_zpscgzfftv9.jpg
Those puppy eyes will get you every time.
After that incident I was done in for the day. I came in, took a shower and layed down myself.

Got up and went to get Dallas at school and brought him home to change clothes and load up lawnmower and weed eater.
He missed karate so he could take care of Jossie for Dakota since he had to go back out of town to work. He mowed and weedeated their yard.  photo IMG_20170425_173116_zpsm12h8p9b.jpg
We had to go over it twice because some had gotten tall and thick. He worked for 4 1/2 hrs and was so sore from weedeating. I felt sorry for him when we got home. He went straight to bed at 8:30. We got home at 8pm.
I am so proud of him for becoming the man of the house while dad is working out of town. He has helped so much around here and becoming a man before my very eyes. My boys have always tackled challenges head on and I couldn’t be more proud.

Wednesday I just dilly dallied around outside just for the sunshine. I just started weeding my flower beds and fertilizing my rose bushes. We are going to replace the mulch and go back to red. We tried the black mulch but I didn’t like it as well. Even the cat likes my birdbath.  photo IMG_20170425_092322513_zpsnhdvmyw7.jpg
Before I knew it, it was time to go in and shower and lie down a bit.
UPS man came and brought a package. My sweetheart bought Dallas a T-shirt and some new grappling shorts for karate. And he bought me a dress to wear to a mother daughter banquet that my mother’s church is having on May 11th. He also go me some jewelry and matching clutch.
We have been good boys and girls.

I got up and went and got Dallas from school. He came home and got straight on the mower cause it’s time to mow our yard.
We were out til around 7:30 and had to wrap it up cause storms were coming. We just have to finish the rest later.
We took showers again and ate supper then just sat and watched some of Dallas karate tournaments from 2012, 2013 and 2014. My, how he’s grown.
Dad has agreed to let me take him to a tournament in Pigeon Forge that they have every year. We miss going to tournaments. So we are training for that now. He will refresh himself on grappling and sparring techniques.
The storms came right before bed so I stayed up to watch the news to make sure everything was ok. I sent him on to bed.

Thursday, I got up and got Dallas to school. Today was another appointment for Jossie and Atleigh.  photo IMG_20170427_090216480_HDR_zpsyuv3mipb.jpg

Atleigh is sucking her thumb. She weighs almost 5 lbs now. She is big for her at 31 weeks. She has long legs and a big head. #teamgirl #justlikedaddy They said she is about two weeks ahead of her growth level. That sounds good. Heart rate was good too. Then we stopped and got some breakfast.
Got back home and piddled around and got a load of laundry done. Layed down for a bit.
Got up and picked Dallas up at school and went straight to town to run some errands. While we were in town we got s message that karate class would be cancelled for tonight due to family emergency. Prayers are with the family.
So we just finished our errands and got back home and Dallas hopped on mower. We had to get the dogs kennels today.  photo IMG_20170427_183333557_zpswmdepbn7.jpg
Boy, that was tough. Years ago I planted clover down there and it gets so thick now it’s hard to mow. It takes two or three times to do it. While he did that I wormed the girls. Have you ever tried to worm animals? Well, you wind up wearing half of it. I don’t know why they are scared of things like that. Oh well, silly girls.
We came back up and he mowed a little more til it was getting dark. He will finish tomorrow. You see we have alot of acreage to mow and weed eat so it takes him a bit since he has school during the day.
We came in and ate and just chilled out.

Friday is 8th grade skip day. So we’re going to finish up our outside chores for this week and get a head start to AR to go see daddy. We have not been the past two weekends because we had Easter and belt testing.

I will holler at y’all later.
Have a blessed day and awesome weekend.

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Silver Sunday

 photo FB_IMG_1492599948972_zps5jaji7bi.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1492600026244_zpsnvsx8vov.jpg

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A Nerve Wracking Week

This has been a very nerve wracking week I tell ya and here’s why.

Tuesday was a down day for me cause I was sore and had blisters on my hands from using the hoe.  photo IMG_20170417_120557387_zpsivvegkdb.jpg
I managed to just get laundry done and that was all.
Dakota dropped by to see me and brought in a little bundle. I thought it was some laundry he wanted me to wash. Instead, it was this….
 photo IMG_20170418_081908233_zpss4aio3lb.jpg  photo IMG_20170418_092047414_zpspbn8av0v.jpg
They got a male lab for Jossie. It’s name is Bo. He will breed with Sadie later. Sadie is Dakotas hunting lab. So I puppy sitted while he put the battery on my lawn mower and took the tires to have new tubes put in them so Dallas can get to mowing next week.
Later, I took a nap and then went to pick up Dallas at school. We went straight to the dojo to work with one of the instructors so he could use Dallas to practice using his techniques. He is testing for his 4th degree Black Belt. He has over 400 Hapkido techniques to perform. Needless to say Dallas was so sore when we got home from class, he didn’t even eat supper. He went straight to bed.
This morning he was begging me to stay home from school. Had to tell him no.
Ran a few errands, came back and got out in the garden and finished planting green beans. And then I fertilized. Came in, took a much needed shower and laid down.
Around 1pm it came a nice shower and watered everything for me. Thank you Lord.
Then it was time to finish Dallas’ project. Smoking the hide.
 photo IMG_20170419_145557868_zpszgzp6nsn.jpg
Yea you can have fun while it’s smoking.  photo IMG_20170419_150301359_HDR_zpshxerjbqw.jpg
Then we brought it in and worked the hide somemore by stretching to break the fibers down to begin sewing it.
 photo IMG_20170419_175036982_zpsv4xmogt0.jpg
Trying to teach Dallas how to sew with a needle and thread……. Priceless.  photo IMG_20170419_195332630_zpsthhdow6s.jpg
Well, it is kind of tough starting them out on a leather hide. But he is managing. I had to pitch in and help cause his fingers started hurting and believe me it does hurt. While I helped he worked somemore on his presentation board. We have to take pics of every stage and he writes underneath the pic explaining the process. It was getting late and we had to wrap up and get to a stopping point and clean up and get ready for bed.
This morning I dropped him off and had to go inside and pic up his cap and gown pics.  photo IMG_20170420_080158_zpsshazcfzd.jpg
All I can say is Oh my gosh! I have been through this one time already but it doesn’t get easier because they will always be your babies. This is my mini me. We are so much alike it is scarey. Yea, he has some of Daddys qualities too but Dakota Dixon is his mini me. Me and this feller even think the same. Now that’s scarey. He is a beast on the outside but a teddy bear on the inside. We have come a long way. Come May 12th he will be leaving his elementary and Jr high years behind and starting on a new journey in the next phase of life. AND HE’D BETTER BEHAVE!!!!!!! OR I WILL HAVE HIS HIDE. LOL. #dallas2017 #thebeast #mommasboy

I got back home and checked on Missy and sprayed real good around kennel and grounds for ticks and fleas. It’s going to be bad this year. She loved the attention. I forgot to get a pic of her pretty little face. Dakota came to get Sadie to spend the night with them and start getting use to the new puppy. I think it’s gonna be ok. They went the next day to see Granny and Poppa and I know my Momma had a ball. They took Sadie and Bo with them.  photo 0419171601-00_zpsrnhnrxfr.jpg  photo 0419171548-00_zpsltvkkib6.jpg  photo IMG_1295_zpstp5t2kog.png

Now I’m just going to take a shower and eat lunch and just have some me time and yes, a nap.

Went to pick up Dallas at school and we headed straight for the dojo to clean for Saturday. While I finished, Dallas trained somemore and went over his Bible verses.

Got home and finished his project. We cut the hide down to a pouch and he sewed the sides up and wholah!!!! Here is the finished product.
 photo IMG_20170420_204724166_zpso7qd0ydv.jpg  photo IMG_20170420_204710153_zps9pneqeqk.jpg
This project has really stressed me out because I really had my doubts and fears because we have never attempted anything like this before. We learned alot by trial and error and mostly error. It was a learning experience to say the least. We still have two deer hides in the freezer we want to do some thing with. Now that we know what to do, it will go better next time. I want a fleshing beam made for next time. I need to put that on my honey do list.
He got his board all finished and we had to call it a night. photo IMG_20170420_205622413_zpsttnahmqn.jpg
He will do awesome with his project I know. He always does good under pressure. He actually volunteered to go first. Momma will be praying. Very hard.
Dropped Dallas off at school and he was so excited.  photo IMG_20170421_080405_zpsozvmekvj.jpg  photo IMG_20170421_080336_zps5hy96mri.jpg
He wanted me to come check him out early though cause after they got done with their presentation they were going to do nothing. So I said I would come get him later.
I had to go to town and run some errands. I gave it some time that I thought would be enough and I dropped by the school to get him. However I was feeling kind of funny when I was in town. I got dizzy and light headed and had a splitting headache by the time I got to the school. The lady in the office said my face was flushed too. Hmmmmm…….

On the way home he told me all about his presentation. He said he had everyone cracking up, even the teachers. They said he did a really good job. There is no telling what my child is going to say. He’s goofy like that.
I got home and Dallas wanted to go hang out with his buddies so I took him over there.
I got back and laid down.
I got up and went and picked him up. Tonight we are not doing a cotton picking thing, nope, not one thing. I will make a pizza and it will be movie night.
We are, however, puppy sitting for Dakota and Jossie while they went to AR to see daddy. I know daddy is going to enjoy that. They are supposed to go fishing tomorrow while dad is off work. We will see how that goes.
Tomorrow is another big day for Dallas but I can’t tell you that because he doesn’t want me to ruin the element of surprise for him cause he’s all about that stuff. I’ll just have to fill you in tomorrow. For now we’re just going to enjoy our evening.

Well, I told you Dallas had another big day so now I can tell you.

After a long and nerve wracking 5 hours of testing, we can proudly say everyone passed to their next belt rank. Dallas is now a 1st KYU Poom Belt and has also been promoted to an Asst. Instructor, Sensai Rick Finley is now Shihan Rick and we had the opportunity to honor the memory of Trent Woody. To say everyone was excited and relieved is an understatement. Everyone did great today. Belts will be presented in class next week. #goingforblackbeltnext

 photo PhotoGrid_1492897808646_zpsowvge6em.png
We started bright and early this morning but need I tell you we didn’t get much sleep. We started out good by going to bed early but around 1:30 am storms rolled and woke us up and we had trouble going back to sleep.
I made sure he was hydrated and ate good to last him through this test.  photo PhotoGrid_1492898346940_zpsm1cdfoue.png

We started out by doing Kata. photo PhotoGrid_1492898206299_zpswkzzyejo.png

Then moved on to Judo techniques. photo PhotoGrid_1492898134472_zpslp0sowkk.png

After that we started Hapkido. photo PhotoGrid_1492898010682_zpszs9dc00y.png

Then when the regular class was finished our main instructor was testing for his 4th Dan Black Belt. So Dallas was his Uke. I will say Dallas will be extremely sore tomorrow. photo PhotoGrid_1492897915533_zpsv7i98m8c.png
He was so excited to be promoted to Asst. Instructor too.
It has been a great day for everyone.
I am very proud of him. As his mom I have pushed and made sure he practiced and worked hard. Just because I can. But it has paid off and he knows it and he thanked me for it.

Then I promised him if he gave it 100% and he passed his test, he could have two Subway sandwiches if he wanted. So he got two sandwiches. Lol.

We’re home now and very tired.
Dad, Dakota and Jossie are enjoying their time together in AR. I know it has done dad good to have someone come see him and spend some time with him. They went fishing today and I don’t know yet who out fished who.

We’re just going to chill out the rest of the night. We deserve it. I have been a nervous wreck all week now I can calm down and breathe.

Hope everyone has a blessed day tomorrow. After church we have another baby shower for Jossie. I’ll tell you all about it.

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Back To The Drawing Board

Well, I guess the holiday is over. Had to get back to the drawing board today.
Dropped Dallas off at school and had to go to town and get the stuff he needed for his presentation board for his 8th grade project. Then I picked up fertilizer from Co-Op. Then I went to the funeral home to pay my respects to a dear old saint and servant of God. He and his wife have served the Lord since their younger days. He was also a Gideon representative and loved making sure men, women, boys and girls received a Bible. He will truly be missed. I got to wondering on the way home, if God continues to take all the dear old saints, whose going to be left to teach us?

I got back home and grabbed some breakfast then went outside. I got 5 rows of corn planted and fertilized.
According to PA and Ma Ingalls, it was one for the crows, two for me. Crows love corn. photo IMG_20170417_105945920_zpsaqj3ioyb.jpg
I was hoping to get my green bean seeds in that dear hubby ordered for me but they didn’t come today. Oh well, green beans is all that’s left to plant and fertilize then the garden will be in. Just sit back and wait, well, no, there will be hoeing and tilling to do.
I have really got to start wearing gloves. Ouch.  photo IMG_20170417_120557387_zpsivvegkdb.jpg

Came in and took a shower and had to just crash and get some rest before I had to pick up Dallas.

Got home and he worked on his hide some more.  photo IMG_20170417_155401210_zpsfpakgdbk.jpg
Then on his board.  photo IMG_20170417_174921439_zps2zcgjq5g.jpg
I’m just fighting to stay awake til bedtime. Then it’s off to LaLa Land for me. Good night all and God Bless

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A Great Easter

We had a great Easter yesterday. Great services at church to start our day. I got a big surprise yesterday morning. Someone played Superman and swooped in to surprise his momma. He has been out of town working and got a week off.
 photo PhotoGrid_1492393427500_zpsubwzxrod.png Dallas was a little sleepy. 😀

Easter 2017
 photo PhotoGrid_1492393495605_zps71us02kc.png

Afterwards we all met at Nanny’s for lunch. You are never too old to hunt eggs. Nanny found 10.  photo PhotoGrid_1492393258540_zpsywvwfgiq.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1492393195857_zps2510c98f.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1492393137892_zpsubytca83.png

My boys love playing with all the kids.

 photo PhotoGrid_1492393316568_zpsfabjhrxd.png

This is the cake that one of Davids nieces made. It was strawberry on the inside.
 photo PhotoGrid_1492393361773_zpsc64wiubz.png

I’ve got to put a big slice in the freezer and take it to dear hubby next trip we make to see him. He hated not being there so bad but once again it’s called sacrifice.

A great day was enjoyed by all. We all needed a nap.
God Bless.

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