Please note that this page will change quite often as to when I learn new things I will update this page.

Please also remember that these are my thoughts and solutions that work for me and my household. These are strictly my opinions and observations. 

There are so many responsibilities that fall under the name of Homemaking. There is the baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing, ironing, throw in nurturing your husband and your marriage, managing the home, and add a splash of raising the children and teaching them. And they have the nerve to ask us, “What do you do all day since you don’t work?” How dare they.

We are basically managers of our home. CEO’s  I guess.. We “make” our “homes” run smoothly.

We are called many names, such as Homemaker, Housewife, Stay at Home Mom, etc.. I prefer House wife or Homemaker.

Its up to us to find joy in our roles as women, wives, mothers, teachers, homemakers, etc.

I count it a great honor and a privilege to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. It is with great joy that I let others know I am my husbands wife, so much so that I sign my name Mrs. David Dixon.

When asked to fill in my occupation, I don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed at the fact that I write  Homemaker in the space provided. I take great pride  in my role in my home. The older I get the more I like it because I am constantly finding new ways of doing things and trying them and tweeking them. You know, you learn from your mother, however, sometimes you find new ways of doing old things. It keeps it interesting. 

I love being Mr. Dixon’s helper and keeper of his home. While I have been  home, I took care of his children and  tried  my best  to give them a good education, I taught them to do their own laundry, and how to  fix some simple meals for themselves, etc. Mr. Dixon works very hard to provide for the needs of our family, financially,  physically and spiritually. This is the least that I can do to show him my appreciation.

When we married I chose to take his name, as most women do. However, some women like to keep their maiden name. Some women feel like they are losing their identity by taking a mans name. Rather, I count it a privilege and honor to take the name of my beloved and use it for my own.
Proverbs 31:27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Titus 3:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
5- To be discreet, chaste, keepers of the home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
My grandmother was the saint in this department. She dedicated her life to serving her family. She was the first one up, last to go to bed. She didn’t rest until she knew everyone had or got what they needed. She was the last to eat because she was unselfish. She wanted to make sure everyone else had their fill before she ate, and to make sure there was enough to go around. My grandmother had no idea how much I “copied” her. I wanted so much to be like her growing up. And now, I’m exactly what I said I wanted to be. I am a homemaker. I never went to college because they don’t teach you how to be a Homemaker. I didn’t want any other profession. Do I struggle from day to day trying to be that Prov. 31 woman. You betcha!!!! In Ecclesiastes 9:10, it says Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might………ooooohhhh, my, am I in the mood every day top vacuum and dust, Nope, but I have to force myself to and motivate myself. With Gods help I can accomplish this then I can say Phillipians 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and complaining. Ouch!!!!
I’m not saying you have to get up at the crack of dawn everyday, although, sometimes we do, to get everything accomplished. I know women who have 7 to 10 children and they get by just fine. Whew! I’d never be able to keep up. As a matter of fact I will leave buttons at the end of this page of websites of families who have a “shoe” full of children and how they manage their days.
We ladies have a high calling on us, to serve our families and I want to fulfill my service to the best of my ability. I want to hear God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” I know my grandmother glorified God in this.
There are days when I pretty much have things planned out and then wouldn’t you know something goes haywire. Some days go smooth and some days I just do what I want to when I want to. I’ve learned it’s not worth stressing over. However, my husband does like a clean house when he comes home. Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, some days are easier than others. I have good days and bad days and my husband understands this. Now, since I’m the homemaker, and I’m home all day, I should be the one doing this. There is no reason for him to come home after working 8 to sometimes 12 hr. days at his job to have to do anything when he comes home. Don’t get me wrong, a husband can pitch in and help when help is needed, but it is not his sole responsibility. He is in deed the bread winner and provider, he does his part. If there are days when I’m sick and can’t do anything, by all means he pitches in and helps, and to be honest he does it better than I do. He is a better cook I might add. lol
If there are children in the house that can walk and pretty much do some things, by all means teach them chores to do that is simple. Its not gonna hurt them any. I can remember making my own bed a 3 yrs old. I tried this on my own children and Wholah! it works. lol Children need to be taught responsibility and self discipline. If you don’t teach them now, they will be bringing you their dirty laundry from college because they were never taught how to do it. And they will probably starve because no one taught them how to make simple dishes to fix for them selves and I’m not talking about microwave meals either. Set up chore charts for them and reward them for a job well done. Something simple. The hardest thing to teach them I guess is to pick up after themselves. This will have to be a constant reminder. Eventually one day it will sink in! lol Until it becomes a habit, you will have to keep repeating it, this is part of patience. I will leave some Housekeeping tips on this page also to see how we handled our children in teaching them responsibility in the home. Homemaking covers alot of areas, it’s cleaning, cooking, managing the home and children, teaching the children, etc. We have a wide range of responsibilities and we have to take them seriously.

Proverbs 31:26- She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
It is also a womans  job to keep the home peaceful.  When our kids were little and we homeschooled, my husband did not want to come home after working all day to arguing and fussing and everyone in cahoots. He wanted to come home where it was peaceful and relaxing where he could unwind after a long day. If me and the kids were  having a bad day when he came home, he would “retreat” to the bedroom and close the door until we reconciled everything and brought “peace” in again. Some times this was hard. Nobody is going to be in the “same mood, on the same day, at the same time. ” This I have learned. When the lion can lay down beside the lamb, its ok to come out! lol
Proverbs 31:10-31
10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. 12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. 13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. 14 She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar. 15 She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. 16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. 17 She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. 18 She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. 19 She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. 20 She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. 21 She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet. 22 She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. 23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land. 24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant. 25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. 26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. 27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. 28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. 29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. 30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. 31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

I know it is hard to follow this outstanding woman, but if it is the desire of your heart to be this woman God will equip you for this ministry. I have seen alot of lazy wives and girls and I pity them and the men who choose them. They will be very unhappy in their marriage and home I’m afraid. I pray for these women. I pray now for mothers who have daughters that they will gird themselves and teach their daughters to be good wives and mothers.Those of us who are already equipped, please  make it a point to be a mentor to someone you see and help them. But most of all that the Lord will help me to stay in his will and serve and be dedicated to my family.
I Timothy 5:14 I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.

Now let’s get to Housekeeping:


UUUGGGHHH!!!!! Nobody likes housework. But that’s something we all have to do as mothers. I remember my mother and grandmother keeping clean houses.  I didn’t grow up in a dirty house and neither did my husband. So, with that being said, my kids didn’t grow up in one either and neither will my grandkids. 

I know there is alot of controversy out there over whose responsibility it is to clean the house. Well, these days if both adults work, to me, they could both pitch in and clean house. If one spouse is home all day and does not work, to me, there is no reason why they can’t keep the house clean. Unless there is some disability or illness that hinders them  from doing this. Like I said, I am the one home, so there is no reason why I can’t do the cleaning and cooking. These days it takes two people to share the responsibility of bringing in an income so, they can share the responsibility of keeping a clean house. When our oldest was a baby, I worked outside the home in a factory. That meant both husband and I were away from the home bringing in the income. We both pitched in on the keeping of the house. When times get too tough and you can afford it, by all means it’s ok to hire someone or ask for help to come clean. I have helped my grown children enough times to  know this is ok. When they go to work and sometimes school, there is no time for them to do this. I don’t mind at all.


I know what the Bible says: Ecclesiastes 9:10 What so ever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might……..and Philippians 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and complaining. I really have to think about these two verses. I have to keep repeating them so I can get motivated. I always told my kids, “Let’s just get it over and done with so we can play!” I dread things just like a child does, we all do, I just have to push myself sometimes. I use to dread cleaning all the time, but I started looking at things from a different point of view. You see, our homes are suppose to be a place of rest, security, refuge, escape from all the world outside. It is to be our safe place of relaxation when we come home. Well, you can’t enjoy coming home to a dirty house or one that is full of clutter and you can’t even walk on the floor.  I  count it as joy that I have a house to call a home and keep it clean. God has called me to be a servant in my home, not a slave. It is my pleasure to serve my family. I know I have said that 100 times already, and   I do love Proverbs 31, this is where I get most of my motivation, not to mention, my grandmother.  

A clean home starts with good organization and habits. Only you can develop these good habits, but there are all kinds of videos and articles on the internet to help get things in a home organized or just one room.

I borrowed a post from one of my friends the other day on facebook. I love it:

Dirty dishes prove I feed my family, full trash can means I clean up after our messes, messy floors mean I let my kids have fun, pile of unfolded laundry means I keep my family in clean clothes, wet bathroom means I bathe them! So the next time you walk into my house and see a “mess” think twice before you judge. If you come over to see us, come on in…if your coming over to see my house please make an appointment.

Some things I don’t mind doing the “old way”, but I’m also glad we have modern inventions that has helped our jobs go a little quicker.

I really don’t know how women got things done before some of these modern inventions came along. Don’t you know they had some long days, and just fell out when they went to bed? It’s especially hard when your on the go all the time. When our kids were younger, our hardest time was when there were extra curricular activities like football and karate. We just had to find the time. When we homeschooled, we incorporated this into our days. Then when they went to public school, they had to make time to do their chores.

Since we are to keep busy, and get our chores done…these are some things I do to help the house keeping go a little smoother.

My home is not that big, so that helps. Sometimes I will do one room a day, sometimes a chore a day. For ex. One day I will do our bedroom. I will dust crown molding and baseboards, dust furniture, move furniture and vacuum. Dust blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc. Sometimes I damp dust, with a damp cloth, to me this grabs the dust and gets rid of it, or I will use my Swiffer dusters. I hardly ever use furniture polish. This lets me get everything thing done thoroughly in one room at a time. Or, I will dust the whole house one day and the next day I will vacuum the whole house. Some times I switch it up just to keep from getting bored. Now that I’m getting older, I am getting slower so I just have to do what I can when I can. 

Everyone was usually good about picking up after themselves, especially my husband. I hardly ever have to pick up after him. His mother was a strict keeper of her home while he was growing up too so he knows all about washing the walls, polishing furniture, etc. Now, our kids were a different story. We repeated ourselves  constantly.


As far as my laundry goes. I have learned you can wash everything together in cold water and they still turn out fine. We tried different laundry systems until we found one that worked for us. We have three baskets. One is for Colors, one is for towels/whites, and the last is for my delicates and baby clothes. Sometimes when my husband is off working and it’s just me, then I will just toss all my laundry in the washer and wash it when it gets full. As long as nothing fades or is heavily soiled, I’ve learned it’s ok to wash them all together. If there is a time that I need to wash the towels separately because of mildewy smell, then I will by all means wash them separately in hot water, vinegar and baking soda. Or I might use a splash of bleach. You can try different methods too to see what  you like best. If I need to freshen up some whites, then I will do them separately with some bleach. This will sometimes have to occasionally be done. Now, you can station your baskets in one place such as the utility room and everyone get into the habit of bringing their clothes and such and separate them into the proper baskets or you can place them  in individual places like one in the bedroom if that is where you remove your clothes every night. Then one in the bathroom for towels.  When our kids were young and before I taught them to wash their own clothes, they chose to bring their clothes to the utility room and separate them into the proper baskets. Then when they got older, I taught them to do their own laundry and they had baskets in their rooms. They would take their basket to the utility room and wash, dry, fold and put away their own. 

The key is, do not get a big laundry basket. Get one just big enough to hold a load of clothes that fits into your washing machine. When that basket gets full, someone throw it on to wash. If you have a large basket, you might wind up with two or three loads. I like this system because this way I wash a small load everyday instead of sorting through multiple loads and washing and drying all in one day. When they are dry, I like to get them out of the dryer asap, this cuts down on ironing. However, there are times when the laundry gets overloaded and you have to break it into several loads.  This happens especially in the summer when we have worked outside and gotten all sweaty or soiled our clothes heavily and have to come in and change clothes again. It happened when our kids had extra activities too like football and karate. Oh well, you get the picture though. 

 You will not believe how many college kids do not know how to do laundry or even cook simple little items for themselves.

Photobucket PhotobucketEven Dakota could cook a few simple things for himself. Wasn’t he a cutie. I think he was around 11 yrs old here. 
It is ashame that mothers today don’t take time to educate their children to get them ready for when they go out into the real world. I  know some mothers do work alot and are single moms, but every chance you get, you need to teach them how to do simple things. 

Girls are not the only ones who need to learn these skills as to be a good wife. Boys need to learn too because they may go off to college before they get married. So this will benefit them. Also, if their wife ever gets sick, he may have to  take on some chores for her.

A few little tricks for the laundry. You can use vinegar as a fabric softner. I purchased one little downy ball and use it all the time and put vinegar in it and throw it in. Some people who are allergic to detergents and fabric softners, can benefit from this. Sometimes fabric softner sheets can be used a second time. If the sheet comes out and it is still stiff, you can use it again. You can also save money by cutting a sheet in half for a load, it works the same, I have done it.When I have time, in the summer I do like to wash a load of towels or sheets and hang them on the line, there is nothing like lying on a crisp fresh smelling set of sheets. MMMMMMM.
PhotobucketEven Dallas can do a little laundry. I had to resist the temptation to give him a little shove. hahahaha. Don’t worry he has never been locked in the washer or dryer. I think he was around 6 or 7 yrs old here.



As far as the bathroom goes. This is something I like to do and I’m trying to drill it in the boys heads. When you get out of the shower, spray some cleaner on the walls of the shower when it is wet, and let it sit.  You can even let it sit overnight. When it’s time to clean, it should clean really easily. Makes the bathroom smell nice in between cleanings too. Take the time to just wet a rag and wipe the toilet down after using the bathroom. You can even keep some bleach wipes on the back of the toilet where they are handy and do a quick wipe down between cleanings. When I get done brushing my teeth, I will take my towel or a rag and wipe my mirror, sink, faucet and counters down.  Or I will do this in the mornings after I put on my makeup. This will help keep things looking nice until its time to really clean and scrub the bathroom. Every once in a while, I take down the shower curtain in the boys bathroom and wash it. I have washable curtains. I don’t like the plastic ones that rip and get moldy. I would rather spend the extra money and get one that lasts. We have a glass door on our shower which is easy to clean. I found a neat trick. Use a fabric softener sheet. That’s right. Spray with your favorite cleaner and rub with the sheet. The sheet gets off soap scum easily. You don’t even have to use a cleaner. You can just wet  the sheet. Then rinse. Let dry and use Windex.


I’m not a big fan of dishes. I love my dish washer. Sometimes I get a little lazy and will let a few dishes sit in the sink until the next load. I know you can use vinegar as a rinse agent instead of the ones you buy. You can also use baking soda as a prewash to help loosen food particles. I try to keep my dishwasher maintained by once in a while I will just run a small wash cycle with the washer empty,no dishes in it, with a little bleach.  When everyone gets done with a dish, they rinse it out and puts it in the dish washer then. Unless I am washing a load already at the moment. Then they will put it in the sink, and it will go in the next load. The boys knew how to unload it and put my dishes away too. If you don’t have a dishwasher, wash your dishes as you mess them up while cooking supper or preparing any food. This is another chore you can appoint to children to teach responsibility. Before we got our dishwasher, Dakota would wash and rinse and Dallas would dry and put away.

It is up to us to teach our children how to do chores. Yep, the Bible teaches this. Look it up! They need to learn responsibility because Momma can not follow them to college and do this for them. They can learn at an early age. As soon as they can learn, around 2 or 3 they can learn simple chores. My boys were taught how to make their bed at 3. Was it military perfect, no, but they were learning. As they grew they got better. My boys hated how I cleaned the house. The rule was, If it was not done right the first time, they would have to do it again. Yes, they  spent many a times doing something over again, because they just wanted to hurry and get done. I told Dakota if he was vacuuming, go against the grain and then with the grain. He couldn’t stand that, but that’s how I wanted it done. When he got his own home, he appreciated it. One day he called needing help and wanted to know would I come clean their house like I clean mine. Made me feel as though my efforts were not in vain. 
When the boys were little, I made them a chore chart. Did they act like they couldn’t read, Yep! I think they did that just to aggravate me. So, I had to remind them. lol I even made them one for the bathroom.
 photo IMG_20160710_171827523_zps3od1nrax.jpg One for their bedroom too  photo IMG_20160710_171813917_zpsclstbzqu.jpg A bedtime routine chart went in their bathroom too. These came in handy when they were younger since they didn’t like me repeating myself all the time lol



The boys were responsible for their rooms. After all, they lived in them, not me. They knew it was to be done right the first time. If I came in and checked, and I still saw dust , they did it again. If they had company come over, if company helped mess up, company helped clean up. This was only fair, it would not be right if my children went to their home and messed up and not help clean up. When all the cleaning was done, then they could play…..
Photobucket PhotobucketThey loved that part.

One more little quicky of mine is one day when I’m just picking up around the house, I will have a basket. I’ll put things in it and disburse where it goes back to. This keeps you from making several trips back and forth. Alot of times I will grab something that needs to be done on my way through. Like, if I’m coming out of my bathroom, I’ll grab the trash on my way to the kitchen and empty it. Then when I’m going back to my bathroom, I’ll grab my trash can and take it back. Then I’m not meeting myself going back and forth.

Taking care of your home can take team work. Be sure to reward hard work too, especially small children. Well, occasionally the biggest kid (husband) too. lol

I want to go into more detail about starting out with little ones to teach responsibility. Toddlers can learn too. Believe it or not they like to imitate mommy and do what she’s doing. Chores should be taught according to age. What ever you feel like your child is capable of then start them out in it. Make it fun too like playing music or make a game out of it. As they get older raise the bar on the chores and challenge them. Always remember to reward. When ours were little we use to give them a marble for every chore they did. They got paid once a week. They would store their marbles in their lock boxes and at the end of the week they would bring them to us and cash them in. One marble was worth 25 cents. Yes, I had cheap kids. Lol. They figured out the more chores you do the more money you make. As they got older, we taught them bigger jobs like mowing and weedeating.  Those were bigger paying jobs.

If there was a problem of laziness or rebellious they soon found out what consequences were. If they didn’t do their part, they got no free time, play time, no company over, no rewards. They didn’t like being bored so this was good motivation. Our sons grew up having good work ethics. This is why you teach them when their young, someone has to be around them in society. I refused to raise lazy children and send them out in the world. It doesn’t say much for me as a mother. I want their bosses to brag on them and see their work ethics. I see enough of lazy adults out there as it is and it’s ashame. I see a generation of spoiled kids who are thinking they are owed something and rely on everyone else and cannot help themselves. There is no excuse for laziness. Ok, I didn’t mean to get on a soap box. This is why we do what we do. The Bible says if a man don’t work he ought not eat. Well I don’t want to go hungry nor do I want my kids to go hungry.

I will say that you have to develop good habits in order to stay on top of things. This can not be stressed enough. Habits like, picking up after yourself. Oh my gosh, that one is a no brainer and will be awesome if everyone in the house did it. For ex. If you get something out, put it back. My bathroom counters stay pretty much clean all the time. Reason being, after I put my makeup on, I put my makeup back in my bag and put my bag back up. Same goes with hair products like hairspray, brushes, combs. etc. I put on my deodorant,  I put it back up. See….does that stick in your mind already. Just keep telling yourself this. See….it becomes a habit. Same goes for any room. Pick your clothes up out of the floor and take them to laundry room. Get a good laundry system going that suits your family. I wash one load a day so my laundry doesn’t pile up.

In the kitchen, clean as you go.

Pick something up as you walk by it.

If it’s hard to dedicate one day to cleaning or one chore, then just use small increments of time especially if you have small children. If you have little ones who get under foot, Put them in something stationary like a playyard, swing, high chair, etc. and let them watch. Most babies love watching the vacuum or see you sweep and mop. They are trying to figure out what you are doing. The light on the vacuum is amusing too. Some kids are scared of it. I have even cleaned my bathroom while my grandkids are in the bathtub playing. Of course, I keep a watchful eye and they are not left alone. I have even “wore” a grandchild on my back in my carrier while doing something. Talk about being creative. You have to be when you have small children around.. lol It can be done. I give my grandkids a little duster and they try to help. At least they are getting the jist of it and they will learn more. There is nothing that you can’t teach a child and they are so eager to learn.

As children get more able, just find suitable things they can do.

Over the years, I have learned better ways to do things and makes it easier. I invested in a Swiffer wet mop and vacuum. This vacuums and mops at the same time with wet pads. I love it. Cuts down on time.

Sometimes small increments of time gets a whole lot done. 10 minutes can sweep a small floor or mop or vacuum. Use your time wisely. While supper is on the stove or in the oven, wipe some counter down, or empty dish washer. Be sure not to forget your supper and let it burn, like I have done alot because I get distracted. lol. Set a timer.


Now let’s get to Cooking:

Let me be the first to tell you, I’m not a good cook. There, the truth is out, it’s off my chest. Seriously, if the smoke alarm is going off, everyone yells, “Momma is in the kitchen!” Photobucket Photobucket


I do however like to try to prepare good homecooked meals for my family. I’m convicted of wanting to make things from scratch. It is far healthier. Don’t get me started on whats wrong with processed food and alot of boxed or microwaved meals from the store. However, my husband is not as convicted as I am, because he still buys alot of it from the store. I have to admit, when I’m pressed for time they have come in handy. I can compromise. I don’t make it our soul diet to where it is not harmful to us. And occasionally we do like to treat ourselves to a restaurant every now and then to give me some time off and to just spend this time as a family. This is simply my conviction. To try to convince you would take a whole other page. lol


I know today it takes sometimes two to run a home financially. The mother cannot always be a stay at home mom to do all this from scratch cooking. I know you can improvise. I wish that all mothers and wives could have time to do this one incredible and God given deed when they get home from work. But I also know time can be pressing because we live in a world today that we just rush, rush, rush. I use to be in the work force until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and got to where I couldn’t work. Now that I’m home, I have the time to do this and I try to do it to the best of my ability, although it has taken me yrs. to just learn how to make biscuits that don’t turn out like hockey pucks. lol


If you have the time, please do your family this honor and perform it with pride and satisfaction. If the kids are old enough, get them in there to help. Not only will it teach them how to cook for themselves someday, it is a great quality time helper. My kids loved to help in the kitchen, especially my youngest. We would talk and hang out and have fun, but at the same time they were learning. There fore we were “killing two birds with one stone.” It made for some good memories, especially when I got the camera out. lol


I have an Amish baking cookbook that I just love. Talk about from scratch. There is from scratch pie crusts and etc. You name it it’s in there. I dare anyone to touch this book or get it dirty in any way. They know to take care of this book. I am a better baker than I am a cook. Here are some things I have baked and they actually turned out ok, and didnt set the alarm off. Humph!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Let me be the first to tell you, you can put anything you want to in pancakes, breads, muffins and casseroles. I make Choc. chip pancakes and muffins and the boys tear them up. Some more of my favorites are putting pumpkin or sweet potatoes in pies and breads and muffins.


Since we grow a garden, we have alot of fresh veggies to put up and store. My kids got so use to home grown vegetables that they wouldn’t eat vegetables from the cans at the store. They said they just didn’t taste as good as ours. This made me proud, because I know we didn’t sweat or labor in vain.


We all also hunt, yep, including me. I joined in on this because I couldn’t beat them on it. Ha! You know, if you can’t beat them, join them. We process alot of deer in the fall and winter. This also helps tremendously on the grocery bill. I use alot of ground deer instead of ground beef. And the deer cubed steaks are to die for. My kids still eat them up. My husband killed a couple of turkeys a few years ago and we cooked them up. Man, you talk about mouth watering. It was nothing like that commercial store bought turkey for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe the difference. One year we went in half with my brother in law and processed a pig. Boy talk about good there too. Then processing your own cow. Again nothing like it. I know alot of people don’t have the time to raise or process their own food, but that’s why we also have farmers markets or farmers that do. Buy locally and support those farmers. If you get it from someone you know, you can trust them to have no hormones or steroids or chemicals in their food or meat. That is another story too in a nutshell.


I can remember my grandmother telling my grandpa( we called them MawMaw and PawPaw) to go get a chicken. Well, he would come back with one. It would be dead with feathers sill on it. It was then her job to scald, pluck, cut up and fry it. Then it was on the table for lunch. Talk about scrumptious and delicious. Not to mention fresh. Thats how they did things. Then he would go into the garden and pick some fresh veggies to go with it. My, My. That’s how we were raised. I knew when I grew older and had a family, I wanted to do it the same way.

Since I’m not a good cook, I probably want put alot of recipes on this page, but I sure will guide you to some websites where you can find good recipes or how to’s for some things. If I come a cross some that I think are real simple, I will post them for you. I would also like to add, a crock pot sure comes in handy when pressed for time or you don’t want to slave over a hot stove a few hrs. I get alot of good use out of mine. My husband loves to make deer chilli in his, yes, I bought him his own camouflage crock pot for Christmas one year. He loves it and we love his chilli. YUMMY!!!!!!! There are also new gadgets now like Instant Pots, and Pressure Cookers. You can cook all kinds of good meals in them. Even do pot in pot cooking. It’s awesome. I have a Power Pressure Cooker XL. I have been experimenting with pot in pot cooking. Pot in pot is stackable bowls that you can cook more than one side at a time or a meat and a side. There are a few pointers, you have to find things that cook for almost the same amount of times. There are all kinds of other accessories you can get for the Instant Pots and Pressure Cookers. I learned alot by watching people on YouTube.  


If you are busy working parents and are pressed for time to come home and cook supper, check into freezer cooking, freezer meal prep, dump and go crock pot meals, etc. That is a whole new world. It saves so much time. Also, check out freezer cooking for breakfasts to make the mornings a lot easier.




Heres just a few pics of me having fun cooking with the boys: fun memories Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Years later and I’m teaching my grandchildren.  Everyone needs a few adorable assistants.


Ok, I think y’all  get the picture. I enjoyed these times with my children,  and Grandchildren. I will treasure these memories always, maybe some day they will too.

In the mean time I will hook you up with some awesome websites or links. So enjoy browsing. Check out our Canning and Preserving page and our Self Sufficient Page, to find ways to save money on groceries to prepare your wonderful meals. 

After the links, I have posted some of our family favorites that we make from scratch.  Pizzas, cake mixes, frostings, lasagnas made with my kitchen aid mixer attachments, rolls, breads, etc. 

All articles are printed with permission in exchange for helping promote other blogs and websites, we like to help each other out. Also, if you have trouble with a link, just copy and paste into your browser. Thanks.
 photo PhotoGrid_1400598267614_zpsstjo6l25.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1400160052244_zpsxs45tkhd.jpg

 photo IMG_20140416_163359_483_zpsidncgwlf.jpg

 photo IMG_20140331_145938_897_zpspxjw2pw6.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1393628939909_zps4tcb0vst.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1392919085871_zps27pjfirr.jpg

 photo IMG_20140212_183302_607_zps3yaygrl8.jpg

 photo IMG_20140207_190327_025_zps0hqlq5vy.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1391457514649_zpsimgw8avy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140131_172353_771_zpssqnxfpdt.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1390701205150_zpsqvbvzrf4.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1390574271806_zpssenfdc8o.jpg

 photo IMG_20140111_092633_738_zpsvvs0zwuy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140106_084513_703_zpseeb5ce8q.jpg

 photo IMG_20131221_132853_674_zpsbc7de0ca.jpg

 photo IMG_20131221_132906_715_zps9355d7af.jpg

 photo IMG_20131219_214123_292_zpsc53d6289.jpg

 photo IMG_20131219_213901_336_zps2e77396f.jpg

 photo IMG_20131217_182907_272_zps835c35cf.jpg

 photo IMG_20131217_175729_534_zpsa53725d6.jpg

 photo IMG_20131115_162329_373_zps1a038b1c.jpg

 photo IMG_20131010_111658_205_zps47491a60.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1400972124395_zps8aya5wkc.jpg

This really does work
How to Make Non-Stick Eggs in a Cast Iron Skillet
I love cooking in my cast iron skillets. The secret is to keep it seasoned. Only clean with baking soda and water or vinegar and water. Then re oil it. Place napkins in between pans to help with storage. After you clean it, dry it immediately.

Homemaking 911

Living On a Dime

The Happy Housewife

The Homemakers Mentor

Life As Mom

Great Depression Cooking with Clara

camp fire cafe

The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

Holcomb Family Recipes | Recipes that we enjoy

Heavenly Homemakers

The Cottage Home
The Cottage Home
Tip Junkie
Craft DIY Ideas


Make and Takes
Make and Takes
Smokity Frocks
 photo PhotoGrid_1476562569174_zpsiwn0zsgl.jpg
I love homemade pizzas:
 photo IMG_20161007_182240_zpsblxigi7x.jpg
Dallas loves to cook and experiment with food:
 photo PhotoGrid_1474068514505_zps1gnfvzwj.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1474161530216_zpsw4qslzeh.jpg

 photo IMG_20160915_112459_zpse434run5.jpg

 photo IMG_20160909_171235379_zpsmmejy02l.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1473464540464_zpsmjpwiyal.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1472947369815_zpsxutjosdv.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1469237137594_zpsa3yr68te.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1467583265494_zpslqojbbqp.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1464309112145_zpsa1e1rklo.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1458605702376_zpshd3rslgb.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1458605590144_zpsgyzp2jne.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1458490202147_zpsvqdvozbg.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449163501858_zps4jplqhtb.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449163321811_zpsf8oppsla.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1447777592207_zpswd1dy0e8.jpg

 photo _20151116_094008_zps6hwzcqwa.jpg

I love using a roaster, crock pots and etc for conveniences

 photo PhotoGrid_1425914237430_zpsa5xdk6ny.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1426902780918_zpsvmkebobg.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1426288585081_zpsdy1fqjmk.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1425083225798_zpsznasbnkc.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1417908710101_zps3qroi7gd.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1417825698849_zpsaurrrjir.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1412032566072_zpso4ufp9di.jpg
Hamburger buns or rolls:
 photo PhotoGrid_1400970967190_zpszcy2brsu.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1400970215087_zpsxz1eqhv5.jpg

I finally got some attachments for my Kitchen Aid mixer and love them. I got the pasta roller, spaghetti cutter and fettuccine cutter. We made Homemade chicken noodle soup one night and homemade lasagna another night. They were so good.
 photo PhotoGrid_1483639973478_zpst31qmhvw.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1484271244220_zpsmqrxdezj.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1484271416845_zps9eeinue6.png


Home made yellow cake mix:
 photo PhotoGrid_1473207134163_zpsm3rlxsgo.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1471131862790_zpst73gv0xe.jpg

I have all kinds of more great ideas for housekeeping and homemaking, etc. on my Self Suffecient Page. There just randomly posted so just take your time and scroll.

Now, Let me guide you to some resourceful websites: don’t forget to also check out the links on my home page, some may be repeated but that’s ok with me.

Here is a good article if your loosing your joy of homemaking.

 photo FB_IMG_1467913128743_zpsistftk6t.jpg

Have You Lost Your Joy in Homemaking?


Joy in homemaking

Do you remember the excitement when you got your first place?

Did you spend time making it reflect you? Making sure it was comfortable and pretty?

Did you invite guest over to share in your home?

It’s kind of like falling in love… you have so many hopes and dreams of what this new phase of life will be like… you love working at it.

And then something happens…

continuous laundry

more dishes to wash…

no one is grateful…

It is easy to loose the passion and the joy for our home.


You may loose your joy in homemaking because:

The busyness of life. You may have many demands on you and homemaking gets pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities.

The day-in day-out mundane tasks that no one notices seems to be work with no real reward. You no sooner finish cleaning up from one meal and your people are hungry AGAIN!

Your heart is seeking worldly desires that pull you away from a heart towards home. More fun… more money… more significance…

And probably the most common hindrance-

Hard Providences such as sickness, financial hardships, marital struggles or rebellious children can rob you of strength and desire to make home a pleasant and beautiful place.  You may feel like it is no use to even try when life is unraveling around you.

And then there is pure, flat our laziness.

Whatever the reason, we all struggle with wanting to be a good homemaker at times, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it is our duty. If we are not making HOME who will?

How to Find that Joy

  • Pray, ask God for a clean heart and a renewed spirit. He is faithful to give abundantly. 
  • Stay in the Word. Read what God requires of women.
  • Stay away magazines, blogs and movies that make a mockery of homemaking.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
    • Find women that love their home and their family.
    • Find women who use their home for good works.
    • Stay away from social circles that encourage you to always be busy away from home as they look for the next best thing.
  • Delegate!
    • Be sure you are teaching your children HOW to do things and do them well.
    • Enlist help. Have a teen girl in once a week, or even once a month to help clean or organize, or maybe she can entertain the children while you clean. There is NO shame in hiring help if you need it – as long as YOU are doing YOUR duty!
  • Keep your calendar and house clutter free! This is the biggest struggle.
  • Find resources that will equip you, like my DVDs and this amazing bundle!
  • Remember Who you work for. Do all things as unto the Lord. Even if no one else notices, God does. He knows your deepest thoughts and desires. You are building up your treasure in heaven where no rust or moth will destroy it.

Homemaking is a full time job, it is our duty.

Ladies, if YOU don’t make your house a home, who will?

Let me encourage you; you are building a HOME of brick, one little brick at a time.

MANY years later, with consistency and wisdom you will have a house – a home that will stand!  Not only will this house stand, but it will provide shelter, food, rest, encouragement and love  for you and all those who walk through the door.

You MAKING HOME will cause your adult children to want to come home after they are out on their own.

Homemaking 911

Living On a Dime

The Cottage Home
The Cottage Home

The Happy Housewife

The Homemakers Mentor

MarmeeDear and Co.

Raising Olives
raising olives buttonHeavenly Homemakerspar

Graceful Words


Mountain Home Quilts

Raising Homemakers
Raising Homemakers

Lady Farmer Parables

Farming on Faith

Farming on Faith

Aspiring Homemaker
Aspiring Homemaker
A Cultivated Nest

One Fun Mom

Our Simple Country Life

Click to visit MomAdvice.com

For The Mommas

Proverbs 24:3-4

Through wisdom is an house builded, and by understanding it is established, 4-) And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

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