Let me be the first to tell you, Im not a good cook. There, the truth is out, its off my chest. Seriously, if the smoke alarm is going off, everyone yells, “Momma is in the kitchen!” Photobucket Photobucket


I do however like to try to prepare good homecooked meals for my family. I’m convicted of wanting to make things from scratch. It is far healthier. Dont get me started on whats wrong with processed food and alot of boxed or microwaved meals from the store. However, my husband is not as convicted as I am, because he still buys alot of it from the store. I have to admit, when Im pressed for time like having to go to ball games and such and were getting home late, they have come in handy. I can compromise. I dont make it our soul diet to where it is not harmful to us. And occasionally we do like to treat ourselves to a restaurant every now and then to give me some time off and to just spend this time as a family. This is simply my conviction. To try to convince you would take a whole other page. lol


I know today it takes sometimes two to run a home financially. The mother cannot always be a stay at home mom to do all this from scratch cooking. I know you can improvise. I wish that all mothers and wives could have time to do this one incredible and God given deed when they get home from work. But I also know time can be pressing because we live in a world today that we just rush, rush, rush. I use to be in the work force until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and got to where I couldnt work. Now that Im home, I have the time to do this and I try to do it to the best of my ability, although it has taken me yrs. to just learn how to make biscuits that dont turn out like hockey pucks. lol


If you have the time, please do you family this honor and perform it with pride and satisfaction.If they kids are old enough, get them in there to help. Not only will it teach them how to cook for themselves someday, it is a great quality time helper. My kids love to help in the kitchen, especially my youngest. We can talk and hang out and have fun, but at the same time they are learning. There fore you are “killing two birds with one stone.” It makes for some good memories, especially when I get the camera out. lol


I have an Amish baking cookbook that I just love. Talk about from scratch. There is from scratch pie crusts and etc. You name it its in there. I dare anyone to touch this book or get it dirty in any way. They know to take care of this book. I am a better baker than I am a cook. Here are some things I have baked and they actually turned out ok, and didnt set the alarm off. Humph!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Let me be the first to tell you, you can put anything you want to in pancakes, breads, muffins and casseroles. I make Choc. chip pancakes and muffins and the boys tear them up. Some more of my favorites is putting pumpkin or sweet potatoes in pies and breads and muffins.


Since we grow a garden, we have alot of fresh veggies to put up and store. My kids have gotten so use to home grown vegetables that they want eat vegetables from the cans at the store. They say they just dont taste as good as ours. This makes me proud, because I know we havent sweated or labored in vain.


We all also hunt, yep, including me. I joined in on this cause I couldnt beat them on it. Ha! You know, if you cant beat them, join them. We process alot of deer in the fall and winter. This also helps tremendously on the grocery bill. I use alot of ground deer instead of ground beef. And the deer cubed steaks are to die for. My kids eat them up. My husband killed a couple of turkeys a few years ago and we cooked them up. Man, you talk about mouth watering. It was nothing like that commercial store bought turkey for Thanksgiving. I couldnt believe the difference. One year we went in half with my brother in law and processed a pig. Boy talk about good there too. Then processing your own cow. Again nothing like it. I know alot of people dont have the time to raise or process their own food, but thats why we also have farmers markets or farmers that do. Buy locally and support those farmers. If you get it from someone you know, you can trust them to have now hormones or steroids or chemicals in their food or meat. That is another story too in a nutshell.


I can remember my grandmother telling my grandpa( we called them MawMaw and PawPaw) to go get a chicken. Well, he would come back with one. It would be dead with feathers sill on it. It was then her job to scald, pluck, cut up and fry it. Then it was on the table for lunch. Talk about scrumptious and delicious. Not to mention fresh. Thats how they did things. Then he would go into the garden and pick some fresh veggies to go with it. My, My. Thats how we were raised. I knew when I grew older and had a family, I wanted to do it the same way.

Since Im not a good cook, I probably want put alot of recipes on this page, but I sure will guide you to some websites where you can find good recipes or how to’s for some things. If I come a cross some that I think are real simple, I will post them for you. I would also like to add, a crock pot sure comes in handy when pressed for time or you dont want to slave over a hot stove a few hrs. I get alot of good use out of mine. My husband loves to make deer chilli in his, yes, I bought him his own camoflauge crock pot for Christmas one year. He loves it and we love his chilli. YUMMY!!!!!!!
Heres just a few pics of me having fun cooking with the boys:Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Ok, I think yall get the picture. I enjoy these times with my children, I will treasure these memories always, maybe some day they will too.

In the mean time I will hook you up with some awesome websites or links. So enjoy browsing. All articles are printed with permission in exchange for helping promote other blogs and websites, we like to help each other out. Also, if you have trouble with a link, just copy and paste into your browser. Thanks.
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 photo IMG_20140416_163359_483_zpsidncgwlf.jpg

 photo IMG_20140331_145938_897_zpspxjw2pw6.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1393628939909_zps4tcb0vst.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1392919085871_zps27pjfirr.jpg

 photo IMG_20140212_183302_607_zps3yaygrl8.jpg

 photo IMG_20140207_190327_025_zps0hqlq5vy.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1391457514649_zpsimgw8avy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140131_172353_771_zpssqnxfpdt.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1390701205150_zpsqvbvzrf4.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1390574271806_zpssenfdc8o.jpg

 photo IMG_20140111_092633_738_zpsvvs0zwuy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140106_084513_703_zpseeb5ce8q.jpg

 photo IMG_20131221_132853_674_zpsbc7de0ca.jpg

 photo IMG_20131221_132906_715_zps9355d7af.jpg

 photo IMG_20131219_214123_292_zpsc53d6289.jpg

 photo IMG_20131219_213901_336_zps2e77396f.jpg

 photo IMG_20131217_182907_272_zps835c35cf.jpg

 photo IMG_20131217_175729_534_zpsa53725d6.jpg

 photo IMG_20131115_162329_373_zps1a038b1c.jpg

 photo IMG_20131010_111658_205_zps47491a60.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1400972124395_zps8aya5wkc.jpg

This really does work
How to Make Non-Stick Eggs in a Cast Iron Skillet
I love cooking in my cast iron skillets. The secret is to keep it seasoned. Only clean with baking soda and water or vinegar and water. Then re oil it. Place napkins in between pans to help with storage. After you clean it, dry it immediately.

Homemaking 911

Living On a Dime

The Happy Housewife

The Homemakers Mentor

Life As Mom

Great Depression Cooking with Clara

camp fire cafe

The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

Holcomb Family Recipes | Recipes that we enjoy

Heavenly Homemakers

The Cottage Home
The Cottage Home
Tip Junkie
Craft DIY Ideas


Make and Takes
Make and Takes
Smokity Frocks
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I love homemade pizzas:
 photo IMG_20161007_182240_zpsblxigi7x.jpg
Dallas loves to cook and experiment with food:
 photo PhotoGrid_1474068514505_zps1gnfvzwj.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1474161530216_zpsw4qslzeh.jpg

 photo IMG_20160915_112459_zpse434run5.jpg

 photo IMG_20160909_171235379_zpsmmejy02l.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1473464540464_zpsmjpwiyal.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1472947369815_zpsxutjosdv.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1469237137594_zpsa3yr68te.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1467583265494_zpslqojbbqp.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1464309112145_zpsa1e1rklo.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1458605702376_zpshd3rslgb.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1458605590144_zpsgyzp2jne.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1458490202147_zpsvqdvozbg.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449163501858_zps4jplqhtb.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1449163321811_zpsf8oppsla.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1447777592207_zpswd1dy0e8.jpg

 photo _20151116_094008_zps6hwzcqwa.jpg

I love using a roaster, crock pots and etc for conveniences

 photo PhotoGrid_1425914237430_zpsa5xdk6ny.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1426902780918_zpsvmkebobg.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1426288585081_zpsdy1fqjmk.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1425083225798_zpsznasbnkc.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1417908710101_zps3qroi7gd.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1417825698849_zpsaurrrjir.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1412032566072_zpso4ufp9di.jpg
Hamburger buns or rolls:
 photo PhotoGrid_1400970967190_zpszcy2brsu.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1400970215087_zpsxz1eqhv5.jpg

I finally got some attachments for my Kitchen Aid mixer and love them. I got the pasta roller, spaghetti cutter and fettuccine cutter. We made Homemade chicken noodle soup one night and homemade lasagna another night. They were so good.
 photo PhotoGrid_1483639973478_zpst31qmhvw.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1484271244220_zpsmqrxdezj.png
 photo PhotoGrid_1484271416845_zps9eeinue6.png

Home made yellow cake mix:
 photo PhotoGrid_1473207134163_zpsm3rlxsgo.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1471131862790_zpst73gv0xe.jpg


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