So Not Ready

I was so not ready for that alarm clock to go off this morning.  First day of school.

You blink and they are a JR in High School. And this is what you get when they are not in the mood for a photo OP.


I am trying to get into school mode, but having trouble. I’m still trying to enjoy my summer. I did however get in the kitchen Saturday morning and baked and cooked a bunch of make ahead breakfasts so Dallas could grab one in the morning and have him some coffee. He likes to get up, have coffee, and eat and piddle before he starts getting ready. Neither him nor I can just jump right up out of bed and just go. You have to let us wake up  first. ☕ He is a little upset because we want let him drive his truck just yet by himself to school. We are still letting him make little short trips here and there but Dallas still needs practice in a crowded situation. And school is definitely crowded. He so wants to get a job too. We can understand this because he wants to support himself and buy his own things. We will have to talk about it more. If we let him, it will come with stipulations.  If it starts interfering with his grades there will have to be consequences.  Next thing is, he wants a gym membership but wants to go in the mornings before school. That’s a no go. We don’t want to take the chance of him being late for school, or getting too tired half way through school and sleeping through classes. He can go after school and meet his brother there. We can compromise. We are having trouble letting go of the apron strings I guess. We don’t just throw our kids into society and say, “sink or swim”. We have to prepare them and we have to feel comfortable. Of course he thinks we are treating him like a baby. I’m sure there will be more heated discussions before we get settled into a routine.

Jossie will be going back to school next week so I will be keeping the girls again. She has decided on nursing school. I have got alot of things planned to fill our days so they want get bored. She has two long days of school and two short days. On the long days, her last class ends at 8:50 pm. Then she will have a 45 minute commute home. The good thing is, she has a 5 hr break in between to which she can stay at the school and have peace and quiet to get homework done and study. She really needs this because we have already been down the road of trying to study and get school work done with two under two at the time. It just didn’t work. This will be great for her. I don’t mind at all. This way she can just come home and concentrate on her family it’s only two nights. The other days she’s done before lunch. She has a year of prerequisites she has to take before she can start nursing school so she will be finished in 3 yrs instead of two. Shes going full RN. 📚🔔😷🥼💉💊

Oh sorry, about those make ahead breakfasts. Here’s what I did and a few tips.

First I made egg bites:


I made my egg mixture and added some things I had on hand. I had bologna,  and cheddar cheese and red peppers. You can add anything you want. Just line a silicone muffin cup or you can just use the muffin tin itself if you are lucky enough to have things NOT stick with you. I use the silicone liners. Line with vegetable, meat and cheese on the bottom, then pour in egg mixture. I baked mine on 350 degrees but can’t remember for how long because I had never made them before so I had to eyeball it and forgot to see what time it was when I started. 🤦‍♀️. I let them cool and they came out so easy. I packaged them 2 to a baggie and put in freezer. Then I made sausage, egg and cheese biscuits. I individually wrapped them too and put them into the freezer.


Next came breakfast burritos.  We love these. Once again you can mix and match anything. This time I had left over tater tots, red peppers. I scrambled some eggs, and added cheese. I put them in the tortilla, folded up both ends and then rolled until it made a packet. I laid it on a cookie sheet and baked on both sides til crispy and it sealed. I individually  packaged them and put in freezer.


It’s so easy to make just one breakfast burrito in the morning anytime. Just make you an omelette mixture with what ever you want and put in a microwave safe bowl and cook for about one minute for each egg you put in your mixture. Just check it and if it needs more time just add a minute at a time til the eggs are done. Then just wrap into a tortilla. Sorry about the bite. I was hungry.


Another thing I did was take some canned biscuits that dear hubby got on sale at Kroger and opened them, laid them on a cookie sheet and flash froze them. Then when they were partially frozen I packaged them into a ziploc bag and I can just grab as many as I need to make a breakfast. My guys love canned biscuits better than homemade so this is good to get our money’s worth. We also like to have them for supper too so this option works good.



I got the chance to hang out with my momma one day. We finally got to go swimming. This woman can out lay any young little whooper snapper.  We love us some sun therapy. We stayed all day long.


Even though school has started, we still plan to do things together. Jossie will not have school on Fridays so we can just hang out by ourselves or all of us girls can get together. Jossie and the girls might like to go somewhere too.

Next I’m going to share some Gmaw hacks with you. It has taken me a month to get this done but I wanted it done. I had watched so many videos on cleaning and organizing vehicles that I just knew I had to do mine. It has made things alot easier for me in my vehicle. I shared all these on Facebook  with alot of my friends who are grandmas and have their grandchildren alot with them. They loved them. It has even helped Jossie with the girls in her vehicle.

The first is:

Gmaw Hack:
Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances leave your house without a diaper bag. I dont care if you’re just going down the road. In case you forget, have a spare diaper bag with just the essentials. You never know when you will have car trouble or something or one has an exploding diaper. Just saying. 🤦‍♀️😬😷🥺


Gmaw Hack:
Portable folding 5 point harness high chair. I had to do alot of research on this one to find the one I wanted.
When we have family cookouts, it is hard for the girls to sit in a big ole chair that does not fit them. We stack pillows or a blanket just for them to sit on but they wind up slipping out. Atleigh tries to sit on her knees but it starts to get uncomfortable after a bit.
These work great in restaurants. They clip onto the backs and bottoms of the chairs. This saves from having to get a high chair and take up floor space around the table. Caroline has got to where she will not stay in a high chair at a restaurant and climbs out. So…..that’s where the 5 point harness comes in. Keep that little booger in. 😂😂😂😂 Some high chairs at restaurants are so low they cant reach the table.
It folds up for easy storage in the trunk and has a strap and handles for carrying.


Gmaw Hack:
Of course, an outing would not be complete without my Gmaw Mobile. Yes, it’s big, but there is no way I’m gonna try to hold or chase two babies. Especially in crowded areas. I do not have all the pieces on it. I just took it out of the back because I was cleaning and organizing my truck. I will do a whole tutorial on stroller hacks to create extra room. 😁


This is Atleighs carseat.
There is a reason for the puppy pads. Potty training.
I use one to cover the carseat in case of an accident. It has a plastic liner so the wetness want get to the carseat cushion. Those things are boogers to take out and wash.
I also have an extra set of clothes in spare diaper bag in the truck.


This is Carolines  car seat. When she starts potty training,  I will use the puppy pads too on hers.


Gmaw Hack:

I would like to go on record as saying I am a genius. I dont care what anyone says.
Caroline is still rear facing and cant watch movies in the truck sooo…
I took her back seat mirror and a command hook and stuck it on my light fixture in the very back. It is facing toward her and it reflects the DVD monitor.


Gmaw Hack:

DVD organizer for movies


Gmaw Hack:
Snack caddies for day trips.


Gmaw Hack:
Back seat hanging organizer. I have little prepackaged nonperishable snacks, wipes, puppy pads, packets of water flavoring for grab and go, sunblock, and some extra batteries for fans.


Gmaw Hack:
For stroller on hot days for outings. Mini battery operated fans for stroller. I use a binder clip and clip it onto the canopy.


Gmaw Hack:
Lap activity/food tray, and neck pillow. Gotta get one more of each for Caroline. Her seat is still kind of reclining so her head doesnt go forward as much when she sleeps. She cant draw or anything at this moment either.


Gmaw Hack:
Atleigh and Carolines backseat hanging organizer.
Toys, sunshades, hat, extra emergency cup, coloring book, coloring pencils and crayons. Carolines  has almost the same except for the coloring book and pencils. She is younger.


I hope y’all enjoyed my Gmaw Hacks for the day. The only time I’m helpless is if we are in Poppies truck. There is no way he can fit all that stuff in his and his attitude is:
“If we’re out with the girls and they need something, I’ll just stop and buy it.” 🤦‍♀️

When I get time, I’m going to do a tutorial on how I cleaned and organized my truck. I have always kept stuff in my truck for the phase of life we were or are in at that time. For 10 years of football seasons, 9 years of baseball seasons, 7 years of karate, and now grandkids, everyone has had what they needed for situations.
David has always made fun of me me for having so much in my truck. My motto is:
“I’d rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!!!” Cause that’s how I roll baby. 😁😁😁

Caroline will be turning one year old tomorrow and we will be having her birthday party at our house Saturday since we have more room. This gives me the motivation to get up and get moving and get my house cleaned like fall cleaning now. 🥺😱  . I will take one room and scrub from top to bottom. Crown molding,  baseboards, dust furniture and what nots, blinds, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Then vacuum. Then dear hubby comes behind me and steam cleans. We have decided we are going to steam clean twice a year when he is home. The steam cleaner aggravates my RA and he can do it better.

I would like to say,
I am so NOT ready for dear hubby to be going back to work. This has been one lazy summer and I have enjoyed dear hubby being home. He has spoiled me, pampered me, waited on me hand and foot, cooked, cleaned, played with the girls, worried about me, you name it. Its gonna be hard getting back in the groove. When he leaves, I am going to get my crock pot and pressure cooker out and put them to use. I am going to meal prep and make dinner time easier. Dallas is not as picky about what he eats. But he is sure gonna miss dads cooking. Dad is a whole lot better cook than me. Trust me.

Well, I’ve been on here long enough. Time to get some cleaning done.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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