We’ve Been So Busy.

I am so sorry I have not posted lately. We have been so busy. Let me catch everybody up.

The weekend before Easter, I made a decision to go to AR  to see dear hubby. Dallas decided he would stay behind this trip. He said me and dad needed some time alone. Mind you, in 15 yrs I’ve never left him with someone to go see dad anywhere. My kids always  went with me every where. I think he wanted some time  with big brother too. I know  Atleigh  loved her Uncle Dallas being there because she had him all to herself and he played linking logs with her. PhotoGrid_1523198205091

They had Atleigh  enrolled in a pageant  for the very first time. So they sent me these pics. Of course I cried. Look at my cowboy with his little angel. He was standing there with all those women. Atleigh got 2nd alternate.


The good thing is, I surprised dear hubby. He did not know a thing. This one time, I decided to put my husband first and make a fuss over him. So I threatened told everyone to not breathe a word. I made a fuss over him all week. I made him not one but two chocolate chip pecan pies. They are one of his favorites besides chocolate oatmeal cookies.

The day I left , I turned  off my GPS on my phone cause he likes to keep an eye on eye on me. My momma prayed me the whole  way there. Of course I was praying too. When I got there, I turned on my GPS and followed him. I saw him leave work, go to Wal-Mart, then make another stop and stay for a while. So I said, Flitter. I zoomed in and thought  I recognized the place so I just put the address in my truck gps. Sure nuff, it was our favorite restaurant .  So I get there and park and go in. I tell them my party is already here, just trying to spot them. Then, there he was, all handsome and such. He looks up, takes a double take and says, “Uh, there’s my wife!.” He had a big smile  on his face. He was there with one of the guys that was there working. He was a traveler too and has a family. The first thing he asked was where Dallas was. So I told him . He said that was nice of Dallas. So it was me and him all weekend. Just focusing on each other. He was upset that he still had to work while I was there but I told him that was ok, I brought  plenty to do to keep me busy and I would be there at night when he got home.  We really enjoyed our time together .

I brought some patterns and material to cut out and get ready to sew because when I got back home, my momma was coming and we were having a sew day .

When I got back home, someone missed me whole bunches. I walked in that door and she crawled  to me as fast as she could and was laughing with glee and just hugged me so tight and kissed me so long. It made my heart melt.


Jossie  said I was to never ever go off again . Lol.

That week lead us to spring break .  I couldn’t go back to AR during spring break because Atleigh needed me. Jossoe had work and school before she got off for her spring break.

So that next day my momma came as promised. We had so much trouble with one pattern that we had to put it down. She said she’s made a lot of frilly girls dresses in her lifetime but this one was the hardest she has ever came across. I will  get someone else to help me figure it out. We moved on to other projects  for  grandbabies . The  she got to see Dallas in action in class. PhotoGrid_1522551503301PhotoGrid_1523195511236

She had a really good time and I enjoyed my time with my momma. She wished she could have stayed longer, but my daddy was a cry baby so…..lol. Naw, he just missed her.

Then Dallas rocked on with spring break. I let him do what ever he wanted to do. Eat, sleep, movies…..you know , teenage stuff.

Everyday me and Atleigh played too. PhotoGrid_1522551279840PhotoGrid_1522551228818

This little thing cracks me up. She’s trying to make Poppie  jealous. Lol. I let him face time her one night and he got to see her and talk to her, but when I started talking to Poppie  and not giving her my undevided attention, she started climbing all over me, pulling my hair and trying to slap my cheeks, just playing of course,  cause she wanted me. So, poppie let me go and as soon as I hung up, she was her loving, normal self. She’s killing me. 🤣🤣.

Then  it was Jossies spring break and time for her cruise. Dakota had to leave to go out of town too. So Atleigh stay a with me and uncle Dallas .  We had a ball .  Napping, eating, playing. PhotoGrid_1522551470696PhotoGrid_1523195660272

Every night we would get in my bathroom and before bed, we would brush our teeth together. She would mock me. Even down to the spitting. 🤣🤣. She’s too funny .  She is like a little octopus when she sleeps, just like her Daddy.

She has to be doing what I’m doing and be where I’m at. She’s just like her Uncle Dallas on thst one from 15 yrs ago. My house is a wreck and I forgot what it was like to try to clean with a baby who wants you all the time. PhotoGrid_1523195722535

One day she did manage to occupy herself and I had to clean it up again. So now we’re  teaching her to clean her messes up. Lol .

Then came Easter. Dakota did not know they were going to let them off so he drives 5 hrs to take a test and spends the night and comes home  for the weekend. He helps with a cattle drive on horse back which he absolutely loved. He’s our cowboy. While he was doing that,  we took Atleigh to the churches spring fun festival. Uncle Dallas helped Atleigh hunt eggs, and walked around with her til he wanted to play football with his friends. PhotoGrid_1522551395513

He is the greatest uncle in the whole wide world and he will have his hands full when the next baby gets here.

The next day was Easter sunday. The Easter bunny aka…Dakota…came to see Atleigh and uncle Dallas. PhotoGrid_1523195218236

Dakota went to church with us that morning and I’m so glad one of them go to be with her for her first easter. Jossie  was still on her cruise and cried for two days because the reception was so bad and roaming charges were outrageous that she couldn’t talk to Atleigh. I felt so sorry for her.

I was a very proud and blessed momma though by having both of my boys, one on each side, with me  and my granddaughter.



After church Dakota took Atleigh to see her other grandpa for lunch which made his day and then he came to Nannys. More family was there and we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Dallas and another cousin did the hiding and he played April fools on them too. He told them there was a camouflage  egg with $20 in it. Lol. He said he felt so bad lying on a Sunday. Lol . He cracks me up. Dakota helped Atleigh  hunt her eggs. He’s such a good daddy. PhotoGrid_1523195382195PhotoGrid_1523195439780

Then after all the fun, he had to leave to go back to Chattanooga  to work. He sure didn’t want to leave his pretty girl.

Then the next day mommy got home. She was so excited to see Atleigh she cried .  It was precious.

Then came back to the drawing board. Everyone back to work and school. Bummer. It just wasn’t long enough.

Now it is the weekend again and Dallas and I came to AR  to see daddy  and Jossie  and Atleigh went to see daddy. Atleigh  traveled so good. Only bad to stop once to give her a break and change her and feed her. Then we fixed Jossies iPad on the headrest of the back seat and turned on some shows she likes and it worked like a  charm.

We are all heading back today and should arrive home around the same time. The guys sure don’t want us to go .

Hope everyone has a blessed day in the Lord.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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  1. Grammy Dee | Grammy's Grid says:

    Such precious pics, enjoyed seeing them! Love the dresses you and the baby girl are wearing ♥


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