It’s Been a Few Exciting Weeks.

Gosh, Where Did I Leave Off At?

I’m so sorry I’ve left y’all hanging. We have been incredibly busy around here, I have not had time to take a breather.

We have still been going back and forth from home to AR on weekends to see dear hubby. One weekend Dakota and Jossie surprised us and drove all the way to AR to see us. I think Dakota missed dad and they got bored. Lol.  photo PhotoGrid_1497217089545_zps22pmzui0.jpg
We get worried about Jossie traveling the closer her due date gets. She has been showing signs of getting closer but she is so unsettled and is tired of sitting around. Bless her.

Me and Dallas had to leave a day early that weekend to swing over to another town in AR to pick this little thing up. Yep, another puppy.  photo PhotoGrid_1497216792347_zpsox7hp744.jpg
Dallas has been wanting one for a long time and daddy finally agreed. Dallas wants to military train it so he can take it with him in the service after he graduates. Her name is Sierra. She is the sweetest thing and a cuddler. We got her all settled in with the other girls but it took a while. We had to make sure they all got along and she could defend herself. She keeps these others on her toes that’s for sure.
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216854078_zpsarmltdwe.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1497738418883_zps7j5glenk.jpg

Then the weekend came of Dallas’ big tournament in Pigeon Forge. My momma got to go with us and that made my sweetheart feel so much better that we were not alone. It was a big tease for me cause so many souvenir shops and not enough time. Besides that’s not the reason we were there anyway.
Momma came to spend that Thursday night with us so we could just head out that Friday morning. We got up and headed out and got there that evening. Got checked in our hotel and found something to eat and made it to at least one souvenir shop.  photo PhotoGrid_1497216736270_zpslghmmmqf.jpg
Came in and let Dallas swim in the indoor pool and jacuzzi to relax his muscles. We did too. I needed it after driving so long.
Got up early next morning and had to find the school it was being put on at. We got in and registered and met with our instructor. He was working with him and refreshing him before they got started.
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216660970_zpsa3boa08n.jpg
I was a nervous wreck and Dallas was a little calmer than me but just a hair nervous. There were 25 schools being represented​. His division was Brown belt to Black belt 13-15 yrs old.
He did awesome. He competed in Sparring which he got 1st place. photo PhotoGrid_1497216378442_zpsln6lj0fj.jpg
Grappling which he took 2nd place
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216215630_zpsbp00k5th.jpg
In Kata he took 2nd place, photo PhotoGrid_1497216528186_zpsuspnbdpc.jpg

I was so proud of him. Later that evening I got a text from our instructor saying they after he competed the judges who were also instructors of their own schools said that they were really impressed with Dallas. That have Dallas the big head a little. Lol
We left and went back to hotel to change and freshen up and go eat. My momma just so happened to have spotted a place. Paula Deens Kitchen . Oh yes.  photo PhotoGrid_1497215947114_zpsbx1acpsl.jpg It was excellent food and we loved her gift shop. Then, outside our hotel is a stream and it’s not a trip to the Smokies for us if we don’t get to stick out feet in the stream. Lol.  photo PhotoGrid_1497215841065_zpsc85g7ztm.jpg
We got back and got in the outdoor pool this time. photo PhotoGrid_1497215729507_zpsdruggoyu.jpg
This trip also reminded me of old times when I was younger and me and my mom and dad would all go camping twice a year and go to he Smokies. Although we would camp on the NC side in Cherokee on the reservation. We would take a day to go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg then a day to Townsend to ride through and spend the day at my families place, Cades Cove. Yes, I am an Oliver descendant. It was a very memorable weekend to say the least. I prayed all weekend that Atleigh would wait just a few more days before her arrival. I even told our instructor that if anytime during the tournament he saw me grab Dallas and my mom and head for the door it was because we got the call. Lol. He understood.
On our way home that Sunday, Jossie called and told us to stay close to the phones cause she was having slight contractions but they were too far apart. I kind of panicked and floored it. We made it home safely though. Lol.

Then We got the phone call at 12:30am on Wednesday that Atleigh was to make her debut.
We sat in that waiting room all morning waiting on her. photo PhotoGrid_1497738728969_zpsy2qoov6d.jpg
Poppie (dear hubby) was driving in all the way from AR so I was praying all morning. Dallas was sleeping on the chairs. Poppie finally arrived.
Finally around 9:34 am she did. Welcome Atleigh Grace Harper Dixon. 8lbs 9 ozs, 21 in long. photo PhotoGrid_1497738895746_zpsnzbod529.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739166673_zpsykriglsi.jpg
Poppie got to hold her before I did. photo PhotoGrid_1497739322987_zpsyips501t.jpg
When your first born holds their firstborn and cries, now that’s priceless. We had to take turns going in cause only two were allowed in the room at a time with Jossie. She wanted her mother and Dakota and we totally understood.
When I went in, they were taking care of Atleigh and Dakota was standing over her with her little fingers wrapped so tight around his finger and yes, he was crying. I started crying. It was so precious.  photo PhotoGrid_1497739079409_zpsucgvmglp.jpg
Jossie did so good during delivery. God answered another prayer. Poppie got to go in after that then Dallas. This was Dakotas words to Atleigh:you’ll always be loved by me. i seen something that’s more special than anything in this world today and that’s you. you’ll always be daddy’s little girl. i love you atleigh grace. My heart is full.
Then later that night he posts this on fb: i’m sittin here thinkin about somethin and i feel like i need to say this. i just became a new dad. i’m a union boilermaker and proud of it. my work calls for me being out of town for months at a time. as i sat there today looking at my little girl i realized how hard it’ll be to leave her this fall when i go back to work. to all my union brothers out there no matter what craft and any body that has kids and travels for work i got much respect for you. i used to hate when my dad had to go out of town to work but i know why now and that was to provide for me my brother and my mom. now to address something that’s been heavy in my heart. i’m gonna address all the dad’s out there because i am a dad now. if you’ve got a kid and you choose to not see your kid and not take part in there life i have zero respect for you. you are a piece of s***. if you’ve got a kid and you’ve chosen not to be apart of there life your kid sits there a lot and wanders where there dad is, who there dad is, if they’ll ever meet there dad. you have scared your kids life man. if you got a girl pregnant and you don’t want to be with that girl, that is still your kid. you missed one of the most amazing things in the world. when they laid my little girl on that table right after she was born i put my big fat finger up to her little hand and she grabbed ahold of it and wouldn’t let go. that is a feeling i’ve never felt before. it hit me hard. if you’ve got a kid out there and you chose not to be there for that moment you missed out on the biggest best moment of your life. for those dad’s out there that chooses to be apart of there kids life even tho you and there mother didn’t work out or got a divorce you have my respect. you made the right choice by taking part in your kids life. they’ll never have to wander who there dad is or if they’ll ever get to meet there dad. if you are offended by this post then you are one of those dad who needs to change. get involved in your kids life whether there 1 month old or 30 years old. it’s not late. maybe they can find it in there heart to forgive you and you can make things right. photo PhotoGrid_1497739250218_zpsds2hwdnn.jpg
I think he gets it now. He has my upmost respect.
We left that evening afternoon, although it was hard to but momma and daddy needed rest and time to bond. We went home and fell out asleep. Lol.
The next morning we went back for a short visit because Poppie had to drive back to AR. DARN WORK.
Dallas is the protective Uncle and this is his tribute to Atleigh:I will murder anyone who hurts her.i will hunt,track down,and eliminate all threats to her.i will be her protector and her guardian uncle.i will teach her the way of the fist and the way of the warrior.SO HELP ME GOD.
Gotta love him.
The next day she was being discharged from the hospital. I got to have the honors of picking her up. Dakota was at school, her mom had to work, DARN WORK AND SCHOOL. lol. I wanted to put bubble wrap around my truck. Precious Cargo. photo PhotoGrid_1497739589305_zpspmleqqvy.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739395570_zpsvowvu6ww.jpg

Got them home and we all took a little nap. Mom needed rest.
Atleigh is eating fine and doing real good. Although they are sleep deprived.
We stopped by to see them again before we left out for AR.  photo PhotoGrid_1497739966156_zpssljxl2ze.jpg
I hated to leave them this weekend to come back to AR but there was no way I was going to let Poppie spend Fathers Day alone. They will be taken care of while we’re gone and when we get back we will help too. I’ve been there twice and know how nervous you can get and tired.
We are going to have a good weekend with dear hubby and spoil him.
Hope everyone has a good and blessed day in the Lord.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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