Snow Day

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Yea!!!!! Today was a snow day. I love getting the phone call that says school will be closed, however I would rather get it before bed and not an hour before my alarm goes off and scare me half to death. We could not go back to sleep so we just got up and started a fire in the fireplace. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and if you no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……⛄⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄❄❄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 photo IMG_20170106_083228_zpsu1xowzto.jpg

We actually got enough snow to collect for snow cream
 photo IMG_20170106_070438926_zpsgbnmvu2c.jpg
The birds were enjoying their meal this morning. Male and female cardinals were dining. The males were taking their wives out to eat.
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A boy and his cat… photo IMG_20170106_101957_zpskekgnfri.jpg  photo IMG_20170106_101945_zps4kzryuax.jpg

We have been a little lazy today. We did get in the kitchen and cook some things for our neighbor. Her husband was killed in a 4 wheeler accident and we took them alot of food for the family. He was a very good next door neighbor. A good Christian man and friend to all. He will be greatly missed.

Grandmother has been in the hospital two separate times since Christmas. She was sick Christmas Eve and we told her if she wasn’t any better by that Monday we were taking her to the dr. David took her and they sent her to the ER where they admitted her. She stayed for two days. They let her go and next morning she was worse so she went back and they admitted her again. She has COPD anyway and Infazema too I believe. She had developed a lung infection and was very dehydrated. They are giving her treatments and it want be much longer til she will get to leave. Nanny had gotten sick with just a sinus infection and David took her to the dr. He had been busy taking care of his mommas.
He’s been trying to finish up my project for me before he has to leave again.
 photo IMG_20170105_155711161_zpskiyhzzg8.jpg

I got to play around with my pasta roller and pasta cutter. I made spaghetti noodles to go in my homemade chicken noodle soup. It was delicious. photo PhotoGrid_1483640123223_zpse2j4lzxd.png  photo PhotoGrid_1483639973478_zpswub62bmx.png
It was fun. I felt like I was in Italy. 😁 It was delicious and I made some home made bread to go with it. I can’t wait to try ravioli and lasagna.

I feel honored. Jossie has asked me to mentor her for her Sr. Project. And guess what it is…..y’all ready for this? Cooking. I can give y’all one guess as to what my favorite men in my life had to say. That’s ok,us girls are gonna rock this project.

Well, we’re going to finish the night off with a movie and enjoy snow cream by the fireplace.

God Bless.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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