Daily Happenings

Well it has been a busy week and today I’m just wore out and have a splitting headache I can’t get rid of. Dallas has a bad tummy ache this morning and is sluggish. Never fails for it to happen on a Sunday cause Satan will use things to distract us. However he can’t stop us from opening our Bible and having a devotion on the Lord’s Day so take that Satan.
 photo FB_IMG_1477226386834_zps8vmvii8h.jpg
This week I managed to get 11 more jars of spaghetti sauce from some gallon bags of tomatoes I saved up and processed some more peppers and onions. Went to Kroger and stocked up on some more chicken that was on sale and packaged it into meals and put in freezer. Nanny has been sharing some of her zucchini with us since mine bolted again. I haven’t packed up my water bather or pressure canner yet because there may still be some things I want to put up.
Temps are cooling off here and Dallas has got us some firewood all stacked in our wood shed and ready when we need it. I really would love to wait again til Daddy gets home to use it but if it gets too cold before then he doesn’t mind if I fire it up. We had a few dead trees cut down for us and stacked up as new firewood to the pile.
I’ve had to do alot of baking this past week because Dallas and a friend of his were nominated Harvest King and Queen for the 8 th grade and he has to sell treats to raise money. The first week I went and bought boxes of Little Debbie’s because he likes to tell me things at the last minute,  and they sold like hot cakes then I made some krispy treats using Lucky Charms. They’re not doing so well. I will try some cupcakes and muffins. I think it’s just that the kids don’t appreciate home baked goods anymore. If it doesn’t have a commercial wrapper on it and it didn’t come from a store they want touch it. Geez. Dallas is having trouble with his ear. We think it’s poison ivy. He has been in the woods galavanting and touching everything, then he said he scratched his ear when he got an itch. Since then a big sore started and it has just spread. It gets little blisters with liquid and oozes just like poison ivy and itches. It has spread to the outside of his ear and a few places on his face. I wash it and cleanse and doctor it twice a day. But he says now it hurts. If it doesn’t get better I’ll take him to the dr. Bad thing is they have 8th grade formal pictures Tuesday at school. We will see if they can take remakes or if they can just get his good side or if they offer blemish retouch.  Bless it.
Tuesday was also parent teacher conference at school and they had nothing but good things to say about him. They love having him  and get a kick out of him. They said he has the hang of public school and he is doing great. However, he knows he can come back home anytime he wants. But I don’t see that happening because he loves being with his friends and out and about. Im glad we’ve raised young men that people enjoy being around. We got his report card and they were all B’s. A few grades lacked one point of being an A but I’m still glad. They have to do 8th grade projects just like SR’s in high school have to do for a grade. He has changed his mind so many times. When he finally makes up his mind we’ll let you know. Lol
My hummingbirds are leaving and to that I am sad. I miss seeing them already when I sit down to eat. The other birds are getting sparse but when they get hungry they know where the food is.
Something has been digging in my flower bed around my tree in my front yard. David thought it was one of the cats since we saw her sitting in it one morning, although they do get in there and use it as a litter box. Humph, to think I had my hands in there digging. However, I don’t think it’s the cats. I think it may be something else because the holes are too deep and big. It’s like they may be going after acorns that are falling. It’s a mystery but they have tore up my flower bed and I had planted spring bulbs. There is no telling where my flowers will pop up now. Grrrrr.
One night we got to take Audrey and Casen to church with us. They had a ball and Casen did great. Dallas will be a good dad someday. These kids thinks Uncle David and these Dixon Boys hung the moon just for them. Audrey will tell you that’s her big brothers and you don’t mess with them. Casen woves his Dawwas. He is glued to him. He said, “I don’t wike dirls!” Good, let’s keep that attitude til college. Maybe longer. Lol photo IMG_20161019_180217_zpssvlrlrr8.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1477145583893_zps5trxrev3.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1477145615837_zpsztv8ollg.jpg You feed them, love on them, and most of all teach them about Jesus.
It’s been rather lonesome here the past few weeks since Dakota has started rooming with his bestest buddy. Yea, a bachelor pad. Oh my. He’s almost 19 and he’s learning what it’s like to be on your own. He’s also learning money gets tight sometimes but he knows we will help him if he needs it. He never asks for help until then. He’s very independent. They got a rocky start due to a  previous circumstance that was not their fault but they came through and so far so good. I really believe if these two put their minds to it they can do this and show us they have grown into fine men. Yes, their gonna come against issues and a few tight spots but I believe they will over come. However, Daddy is not taking this too well. I’m trying to teach them how to grocery shop and make simple meals and he told me to stop cause he wants them to come here and eat so we can have him home. Daddy is so pitiful it’s funny. I told him and Hunter not to ever sit there and go hungry. They can always come home and eat. They do buy a few groceries but maybe he likes mommas home cooking after all cause sometimes he will call and ask what’s for supper. He brings their laundry here and washes cause they don’t have a washer and dryer and that’s ok. Good thing I taught him to wash clothes. See, these skills pay off.  Dallas keeps asking when can he move into Dakotas room. I told him he’s not until Dakota gets married and gets a place of his own for him and his wife. This is a trial to see how they do.

They came one night and it was his and Jossies dating anniversary. He went outside and picked her some of Daddys roses and gave them to her for brownie points. He said, “Happy Anniversawwwy…..lol. That face though. Who could resist?  photo IMG_0441_zpsysvh11en.jpg
These teenagers have been showing me how to use snap chat on my phone. I like just having fun with it. See…
 photo Snapchat-6860886302437203492_zpswf0nhuub.jpg  photo Snapchat-2101404041957958599_zpsuocdenqp.jpg  photo Snapchat-6606194960760927858_zps5kxucgnv.jpg
Friday evening after Dallas got home from school, he had a few chores to do so I hit the woods to hunt. Didn’t see a thing and Dallas was hurrying me cause it was movie night and Dakota and Jossie came and everyone was starving. Geez. So I’m getting out of my blind and walking down the hill and all I heard was does blowing and everything ran off. I was at the wrong place cause they were all in the field where my other blind was set up. Oh well.

I came in and made the best supper and we had movie night. I had been craving an Olive Garden salad so bad for two weeks and I remembered I had a recipe for the dressing. So I said what the heck let’s just give it a try. Let’s just say I’m hooked. It is delicious and  is just like their dressing. I’m in Heaven. I made Chicken Alfredo and home made bread sticks. Yummy. I even took my bread stick and dunked it in the dressing. Yea, I’m that obsessed. Then we watched Tarzan. The new one. It was good. I’m glad Jossie and Dakota came to see it with us.
Saturday morning I got up and went hunting but I had company. The cats decided they wanted to go too and they followed me. I don’t mind it so much but they kept trying to get in the blind with me, playing and hissing at one another and running around climbing trees. See..  photo IMG_20161022_080244767_zps3rebatvm.jpg I felt like skinnig some cats but obviously it didn’t seem to bother the deer cause a doe and her Fawn came out. Then a spike came out and I watched them for a while. We don’t take does who have fawns and we don’t take spikes unless we are taking a kid hunting who has never been before. I let them pass. I guess the deer are so use to squirrels playing around so the cats were not a threat. The spike finally chased them down the hill then about 40 minutes later the spike and Fawn came out and went on some where else. The doe was down the hill. I heard some geese fly over. When it was time to come out I find that Jade had finally settled down. Really? You could have been this quiet for me before now.  photo IMG_20161022_094703375_zps4l9qdatz.jpg they also thought I needed help finding and using a litter box outside too. Seriously girls, I got this.
It was time to go in and I was hungry. On my way out I grabbed SD cards out of deer cameras to check them. I came in and ate and took a shower. Then I took a nap but one of Dallas friends came over. I got up and got ready to go back out.
I get in my Blind in the other field this time. Squirrels, rabbits and birds galore. Finally the same doe and Fawn came out. She is a frequent around here. Then three more does which looked like last years does came out. I sat watching them for the longest. I didn’t take any of them because they need to grow into mature does for the meat consumption. Then I heard a flock of turkeys coming through. It is also turkey season so I could hunt both. However I did not have my turkey call with me. Then as it was getting dark and I was packing up, out came a good size doe 20 yards from me. It was too dark for me to take the shot so she got by this time. I so enjoyed my hunting day because I’m gaining experience and knowing what to look for.
I came in, ate supper, talked with my sweetheart and called it a night. It will be back to the drawing board in the morning.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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