Happy Mothers Day

Today marks the day we pay tribute to our Mothers who gave birth to us and nurtured us. They got us ready for this journey we call life.  I would like to pay tribute to my mother, Janice. She played two roles for a long time. Both mother and father. Sometimes worked two jobs to make sure food was on the table. She sacrificed her own needs to make sure ours were met. She protected us at all costs alot of times. We may not have had everything we wanted but we sure had what we needed. She is a woman of God and her faith and prayers are why I’m here today.  Alot of times I can be struggling and discouraged about something and I can call her and ask her to pray with me and she gladly does. This is me with my mom in 1974.
 photo IMG_20160503_182035_zpskqwrv4j8.jpg
The next greatest woman in my life was my grandmother aka MaMa. I patterned my life after this womam, yes, my mothers too, but this was a one of a kind woman. She molded my mother into the woman she was…..see what I mean? She was a preachers wife and loved unconditionally. Never saw her angry or talk bad of anyone. She was a Virtuous Woman. She is celebrating Mothers Day in Heaven. 
 photo IMG_20160503_181915_zps6jemmpv9.jpg
Little did I know what it meant to be a mom til they laid my firstborn in my arms. Oh my Goodness, the feeling of helplessness. I was so scared I literally shook all night the first night we brought him home. Yes, it does get a little easier with the second but the protectiveness is still the same. I try so hard to be the mom Im suppose to be but I know I fail miserably everyday. I make mistakes. I pray and I ask God to guide and lead me. Also, the way I was raised was not bad so if it worked for me it can work for them. Although I could do without the curse that my mom put on me about paying for your raising. Yep, I was not the perfect teenager. I put my parents through pure heck. I regret every minute of it too and have apologized many times with pardon and grace granted each time.
One of the most wonderful things for me in the world besides becoming a wife was becoming a mother to these two wonderful blessings.  photo IMG_20160505_191521_zps50rixc0x.jpg
Motherhood is awesome but at the same time exhausting but I wouldnt trade it for anything in this world. I wear that title proudly. Anyone who knows me personally knows this. Everyday is a challenge but I greet it and face it and we figure it out with lots of prayer. Alot of forgiveness goes a long way.
My family completes me and every breath I take is for them. They are my life and my heartbeat. 
 photo IMG_20160505_192604_zpswvoneq9r.jpg
My prayer is I can continue to be the mother God would have me to be. With his grace I will be.
I am also fortunate to have a great mother in law who raised a fine young man who raised a fine grown man who is a wonderful husband and father. I will praise him on Fathers day. lol. She worked hard to provide for 6 children by herself. However, she doesn’t care to much about having her picture made. photo IMG_20160501_120911644_zpsozainham.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1462294544437_zpsoywmxopo.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1462294483663_zps1od9nnkb.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1462293641019_zps2plyzyfg.jpg
Take this day to go visit or call your mom and let her know you love her. I think she deserves it.

Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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