Been busy

It has been busy around here lately. We got to enjoy Easter Sunday although daddy wasn’t at home with us. We had great services that morning. We held off on having our Easter family cookout at Nanny’s til daddy could be home to enjoy it too. This is an Easter picture of me and our boys and Jocelyn (Dakota’s sweetheart).  photo PhotoGrid_1460205805866_zpshhtq5zyh.jpg

Spring break started on that Good Friday when school let out.We spent that week trying to get alot of projects done. Not as many that was on my to do list, but I’ll take what I can get. Dallas finished stacking wood and we cleaned down some fence rows that was just an eye sore for a while. There is just something about country boys working.  photo PhotoGrid_1460205924862_zps18begxlr.jpg

I got to get another flower bed made up around one of our trees in our front yard. I have Gladiolias and Caladiums planted in them. Its going to be beautiful come summer. photo PhotoGrid_1460205992970_zps2nhncvlg.jpg

There are some days we got to goof off too. This is Jocelyn chasing Dakota cause he was aggravating her so bad. He is so much like his daddy. They love to aggravate just so they can kiss and make up with us. Aren’t they just precious?  photo _20160328_193416_zpssrrreu4p.jpg

We got to enjoy Sister Baby and Casen coming and spending a few nights with us. It was Casen’s first night ever to stay the night with us. He did exceptionately well. He would not let Dallas get out of his sight. Every where Dawwas( not a typo, that’s how he says his name) went so did Casen. he was no problem at all. They all played so good together. They got to go one night to karate and watch Dallas in class. They were amused.  photo PhotoGrid_1460205726001_zpsqzkeiu4z.jpg

I put them to work one day. Well, not really cause Sister Baby loves doing things outside on the farm and what 3 yr old little boy does not like digging in the dirt. They helped us build up some raised beds for Dallas’ 8th grade project he will be presenting next school year. And of course there was all the wrestling in the floor as usual. We had a fun time. The kids also worked a few days for Nanny at her house so I had to share Dallas. They all worked hard for her and I’m proud. Both of our boys have good work ethics. We got a chance to make up Dallas’ plot for his 8th grade project. He has to start early cause we need a growing and harvest season for his presentation so we have to use this one. He wanted to do his own plot and try to grow some things he enjoys and then daddy will help him build a green house.  photo PhotoGrid_1460205633046_zpsqgyzxkvg.jpg He is growing carrots, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, watermelons, squash, zucchinni, blueberries, and some peppers. One day next week I will teach him to run the tiller. I believe he will do good.  We are documenting everything as we go. He is doing better as far as grades go. He just needed to get his head back in the game. I have seen alot of changes in him the past three or four months. Some not so good. Too many influences and he’s getting distracted. His behavior has changed. He doesn’t talk to me like he use to. He is in those critical years of Jr. High and he’s getting private. I guess he’s coming off my hip a little more. Makes me kind of sad but I know it is part of the growing process. The years between 12-15 are hectic and critical. This is the years you have to really pray them through so they will see their next birthday. lol We have fought and argued alot and I remember ever so vividly going through the same thing with Dakota in these years. We fought too and argued. It’s just like it was yesterday. Just a different set of problems. Too much drama in these teenagers now for me. This too shall pass just like it did Dakota. It’s a growing process and learning for us all. It will get better.

Dakota worked most of spring break and that’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to make money. He even turned down going to the FFA Convention in Gatlinburg, TN to work. I told him he should have went because this is his SR year and he may never get another chance. But it was his decision and his teacher Mr. Barnes understands and respects that. He told me he really loves Dakota and calls him Jr. I did not know that Mr. Barnes had lost a son to an automobile accident. He thinks of Dakota as his own because he says he reminds him of his son. I teared up a little. They have a good friendship. He might have missed the convention but he still made the newspaper with the Agriculture Section in this weeks paper. He is the one who is circled. photo IMG_20160402_110226691_zpsbpvt8jen.jpg He is really loving his jobs working on cattle farms. He is learning alot. He comes in so tired most days and just eats and crashes. Bless it. But he loves making his own money to buy his own things with.
One day he brought home these pics and reality set in. He will be graduating in less than 6 weeks. My how the time flies. I’m still emotional this year.
 photo PhotoGrid_1460206042265_zpskczyempr.jpg He made the Honor Roll again this quarter. It took us 12 yrs of school to get the Honor Roll but, Hey, I’ll take it. lol

Normally, I would think that this little guy was a nusciance, but his antics here lately is comical, so I’ll continue to let him steal food.  photo _20160404_071157_zpspftkwhpb.jpg

I do have to share this story with ya’ll. Before Easter I received a strange message on facebook from someone I don’t even know. They told me that they had a Bible that they believed belonged to us. Well, it caught my attention because I had lost a Bible a long time ago that belonged to David. I was the last one to use it and I lost it somewhere. I thought I had left it at church in a pew but I looked and looked for weeks. So then I just thought someone took it home with them. Needless to say his message got to me so I said what the heck. I called him. I asked him to tell me if there was any inscription in it and what it said. I got goosebumps when he read to me exactly what I had wrote and what David’s church had wrote. It was given to him by his church on the event of high school graduation back in 1989. I had filed out some of the pages for him with birthdates and our wedding date. The guy had been searching for us for a long time. He has had it since 2011. It was in an old vehicle that we had traded in for another and it wound up down in MS. He rode around with it in his truck for a long time until he and his son was in a vehicle accident which landed him in the hospital for months with a broke back. His family cleaned out his vehicle as best as they could and boxed everything up. They put the box in his attic and just recently was cleaning out his attic and came across the box. He said he just knew he had to find the owners and made it his mission to do so. He searched for along time and finally found us on facebook and contacted me. He was overjoyed to find us and immediately sent it to us. I used it Easter Sunday since it was so fitting. This Bible will not leave my sight again.  photo PhotoGrid_1460205888776_zpszon8cx7q.jpg

My sister works at a fabric store that is going out of business and she has me some goodies at my mommas house. I can’t wait to get them. I have some projects I want to do.  photo PhotoGrid_1460206407012_zpsploe1ncb.jpg

Dear Hubby finally got to come home again. He is relaxing and then starting some projects that he wants to do. Right now he is planting trees on our farm. We just want some more color around here.  photo PhotoGrid_1460205842936_zpsnxoo7f8j.jpg

We have some gardening to do after we get done with some trees and flower beds.
Today I tilled and planted 56 plants of broccolli. I’m beat.  photo PhotoGrid_1460225684215_zpsux7otfyc.jpg

Daddy and Dallas are on their way back from a Namido Martial Arts Seminar in MS. Daddy made it home a few days ago in enough time to take him. I let them go because Dallas really needed a break from me and he needed some manly one on one time with Daddy. That will be another post cause I’m waiting on friends to send me some pics of the event. You know, Daddys aren’t as good at getting photos as we are. Right Ladies?

Well, I guess I’d better go for now and get some rest before the Lord’s day. See ya’ll for Silver Sunday post next.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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