Alot on my plate

Well, alot has happened since I wrote a blog post. Honey and I had a good Valentine’s Day. He spoiled me all day and cooked for me that night. He totally rocked the heart on the cake.  photo _20160214_183057_zpswmax7lrx.jpg We let Dakota take his girlfriend out and of course I posted the pic of Dallas going to the Jr High Valentines Dance.

Dear Honey has still been getting my garden spot ready for this spring. We had to go through a couple times with the tractor to till it up real good. I’ve got to clean the garden shed out tomorrow so he can put up me some shelves maybe before he goes, if not I will figure it out for myself. Then I can put my shelving system up in there and start planting some seedlings.

Honey is fixing to have to leave again for VA. At least its not a year contract like it was in CO. I can handle a few weeks. I just hate being the single parent again while hes gone.

Dakota has been busy with school, his welding certification classes, and now hes working on a well known cattle farm here in our hometown. They are related to my mother in law and they just love him. The first day at work he had to help assist with pulling a calf. He loves it.

Dallas has been extremely busy with school and karate and girls. Yes, his head is in the clouds a little and girls are on the brain that his grades have gotten low and I had to meet with his teacher. I think I wrote about that earlier. Well, I have been staying on his and hopefully when I meet with his teachers next week I will see some improvement. If not, there will be consequences. One night I enlisted some help with Math homework. Thanks to brother and his girlfriend.  photo IMG_20160219_164701919_zpsplr3vp3f.jpg

We are having to do some drills in karate to help him with his requirements for his next belt test. Boy are they hard. I can’t explain all of them to you but they have to be practiced in order to help him.  photo PhotoGrid_1456449132397_zpsmk8jkstq.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1456067934398_zpsrmife5s2.jpg These are just a few but there is more. If any other students get to his belt level it will be the same for them too. Red Belt level is where alot of kids want to drop out because its getting harder the higher rank you get and they don’t have what it takes to finish which is determination. So far, he still has a good attitude. I’m very proud of him. I push him alot but its only because I just want him to do his best and be the best he can be. I have seen too many martial art schools that just give you a belt because you have put in the time and paid your dues. However, it shows in performance too. We took a Saturday after all classes were completed to give the dojo a makeover. We did not get home til after 6:30 pm. We had gotten there at 7:30 am to start working with the instructor. I had no idea that painting would aggravate my RA so bad. I was so sore when I got home I could not move. I had to take a muscle relaxer and I hate it because they knock me out and it takes at least two days for it to ware off. I missed church that next day and Dallas was exhausted. But the dojo is coming along nicely. We will do some more in a few weeks when the main instructor comes back again.  photo PhotoGrid_1456068215211_zps0wjlxvet.jpg

School is out tomorrow because of so much sickness that they are having to disinfect the whole schools in our county. This gives me some time with my boys.

Well, I guess I’d better go for now. Gonna, try to get some stuff done tomorrow while they are out. Have a blessed day.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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