Barely coming up for air

It has been one heck of a month. We’ve got everything caught up just about on the farm. However, my rose bushes are another story. I mulched them and sprayed them for all the beetles that were eating them up and I did a major over kill. Between the heat and the heavy mulch in the heat plus chemicals, spelled disaster. It killed every one of them out. 😢  I had to cut them all back and I’m going to have to baby them. Maybe they will come back next year. If not dear patient hubby of mine said we will replant and this time for me not to touch them. 😀  I thought he was going to put me in the dog house.

Dallas has come to a stand still on stacking wood because we have to build another bin for him to put the rest. He’s glad for the break cause there has been days he would be so hot and tired he would want to quit after just an hour. We figured it was time to teach him to use the big long trailer instead of the cart to haul wood. However one day he was trying to  hook up the trailer to the 4 Wheeler and he was getting so mad and wanted to quit. I was watching from the bathroom window and was feeling so sorry for him. I could not let him quit though. He would not have learned anything. So I waited til he did get mad enough to come into use. I stopped him and told him lets go back outside and I will walk him through the steps again. Well I did and as he was pulling the trailer through big gate he didn’t cut wide enough and caught the tire on a big bolt and punched a hole in it. We went ahead and used it for the sake of getting that last little load done. I knew the tire was a gonner anyway and would have to be replaced so it wouldn’t have hurt it anymore anyway. But its important to teach my kids to not give up and just quit. Situations can be worked out. Our farm is finally back in shape. Still just some maintenance to do that we always do. We also added another section of sod and it is looking alot better in my back yard.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438604881971_zpsvjvy09p9.jpg

The boys have also been doing work for their nanny and this always makes me proud. She would  rather pay them than someone else. She says they have such good work ethics. And for that I’m thankful. I am glad they do work hard for others just wished they wouldn’t give me trouble when asked to clean their rooms. 😕

I do not know if I mentioned this or not but Dallas decided he wanted to go to public school this year so he could play football too. He was so worried that he would hurt my feelings and said he did not want to leave me but he wanted to play too so he was really torn. I told him I would be fine. I did not stop Dakota so I would not stop him either. I also told him it would be OK cause daddy would be here for a while and I wouldn’t be lonely. All the  sudden I began to hear growling noises.  Yes Dallas was getting jealous. He will be fine. So, I have to get everyone ready for school. I got Dallas all registered. Everyone was excited when they found out he was coming back. However when it was time to get his football physical so he could do summer practice before school started he was not happy that upon the entering of 7th grade you have to update your tetnus shot. 😱 so we got one amidst the heavy objection. Then it was on to haircuts. Dakota was not to happy with this cause he’s thinking about duck season and I’m thinking about SR portraits he had to make. To put further fuel on the fire I had her just shape up his beard. He was so scared she was going to mess it up so I let her sweet talk him and beg. She won and he looked good for his pictures I might add. Only thing is he wouldn’t let me go. 😬 so I have no idea what they look like til I see proofs.

Dallas cooked a couple times for me again and he did an awesome job.
 photo PhotoGrid_1437606897625_zpsctm8rrc4.jpg

Before school started daddy finally had a chance to get something he has been wanting for a long time. This was one of his goals when he left here a year ago and he accomplished it. He got himself a boat. Is am so proud of him. And we have enjoyed it as much. We took it out one weekend and had a blast. He loves to fish. He use to be in a bass club and fish tournaments and has trophies to prove. He wants to get back into some. Dakota is old enough he can too. Dakota loves to fish as much as he does duck hunting. Me and Dallas just likes riding and getting in the water.  We will enjoy it a few more times before daddy takes it to AR with him. Where he’s going is where they have a lake where they have a lot of tournaments. I don’t mind. He earned it I want him to enjoy it.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438605006442_zpsklwpn4gz.jpg

Daddy finally got to come home. The last few weeks went by soooooo slow as usual. They gave him a going away party at work complete with cake. Yep camo cake complete with deer pellets. Lol. 😀 They know us too well.
 photo PART_1438280502543_IMG_1514_zpslgift8qk.jpg

Daddy jumped in on the yard work too. My pasture and garden area finally got bushhogged. I can see now. He was so ready to be home doing things he enjoyed and most of all he came home on my birthday which made it more special. He has also been catching up on so much sleep he has lost. Anxiety and anticipation was getting the best of him. He could not sleep well. He said he has learned his lesson and will not sign anymore year contracts. I told him if he did I would break his figers. It was a hard year on our family. He missed so much.

Thanks to much prayer my dad is doing better. They discovered that cholesterol was not what triggered his mini stroke but the heat. We are so blessed to still have him but he will have to take it easy from now on. You know as you get older you dont notice your parents get older but then you do. Funny how that works.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438604645212_zpsdug2ztb0.jpg

I let Dallas camp out one night but it was so humid and hot outside still at 2:30 am that he came in drenched with sweat and took a shower and cooled off. He was all fixed up too and I felt sorry for him cause he so wanted to do it. I told him to try again when it cooled off some.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438605291744_zpshxq67opg.jpg

Dear hubby brought some goodies home with him this time. I have more eyes looking at me now when I clean the living room. This is our pheasant we killed on our winter hunt back at christmas. You can read about that adventure in my December posts. And the turkey was from his spring hunt and he had both mounted.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438605517440_zpstkwailum.jpg

Alot of changes in my home this year. Dakota is a SR this year in high school. And Dallas going to public school and playing football too. Not to mention Dallas moves up to our youth program at church to which he will be in there with big brother. This was his last night in Team Kid.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438604714165_zpsejtlllct.jpg

My boys are growing up on me too fast. First day of school rolled around before I was even ready.
 photo _20150804_075237_zpsambjo6ak.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1439170075553_zpssux8igmt.jpg

Ok so I have to take cheap shots cause he want let me take pictures anymore. Today we embark on a new adventure. We are a SR this year. Boy where does the time go? One minute they’re in your arms the next they’re this big and handsome and a little more stubborn. This is our last yr to teach and prepare him for what the world throws at him but Dakota Dixon has always had this attitude of I GOT THIS MOM. Yea he’s so independent and I know he’s GOT THIS. Your gonna do fine son. I know there’s gonna be some goofing off this yr…shoot…. How many of us goofed off our Sr yr…..yea we all did and it was our most memorable yr. Just remember to keep your head on straight and don’t get caught up in all the drama. YOU GOT THIS SON. I hope you have a great SR year. My Bobcat #33.

 photo _20150804_080031_zpsg95vohr3.jpg
This little man embarks on his adventure today. First day of public school Jr high 7th grade. He hugged me tight at home but when we were at the school and with his friends he shewed me off. Yes I understand. Don’t need to cramp his style. He will do just fine. He’s got this too I’m sure of it. They have taken him under their wing and will show him the ropes. He will get a little goofy too and make some memories for himself this year. He did tell me he will miss me. That made me feel better. He’s still a mommas boy but he’s becoming a young man also in his own way. You got this little buddy. Keep your head on straight and have fun.

It has been busy with both boys in football practice and Dallas also in karate. There have been hot days when kids have puked and gotten too hot. Good thing is my boys were already use to the heat because they stayed busy on summer break by working outside. Alot of boys have been inside under the air conditioner and playing video games all summer. They were not use to it. I know this cause I heard their parents say so. I am so proud to have two playig this year. Dallas’ games are on Thursday nights and Dakotas is on Friday nights. The karate classes that Dallas misses he will make up by staying over into the adults class and Saturday classes. I do have to bribe Dallas on karate days cause he gets up and goes to school, then after shool has football practice then on to karate. So I figured a little .99 dipped cone from McDonalds would do the trick and it does. I love how big brother checked out little brothers gear too to make sure everything was ok and got him all fixed up.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438604529225_zps3u3s3ffs.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1439170169296_zps3qhxdd2a.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1438605112984_zpsaacx3sgm.jpg

Weve got to see a few scrimmage games already with Dakota and some major changes have happened. For one, two of his friends have suffered major injuries and one required major surgery considering he shattered his leg in 7 places. Both boys are out the whole season. I feel awful for these boys this is their SR year and was suppose to be the greatest for them. However, coach has had to make some changes. For one, Dakota will be playing offense and defence which he has not done before. But he is learning.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438605455372_zpsql8v4hjs.jpg
He is still enjoying his horse as you can see.
 photo PhotoGrid_1438604444667_zps10eesfxd.jpg

Im glad Daddy will get to see both boys play some games before he leaves and a few when he gets home.

Im also glad dear hubby was home for his birthday. I wanted to give him the biggest party ever cause he deserved it so much.
 photo IMG_20150725_070913_zps64yb835e.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1437594861356_zpsjj9vpryx.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594906474_zpseo20ehcs.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594914831_zpshxultqzf.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594874664_zpsvztdhjrv.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594896662_zpsxmt3guxj.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594782966_zps7fayayqy.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1437594883088_zpsnopjliki.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1439121971093_zpsswnpueff.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1439121837807_zpsokrgnobi.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1439063008374_zpsxtivieay.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1439121747160_zpsncpdk0v6.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1439122028989_zpso7q8v9ki.jpg
Daddy ejoyed the get together more than any gift you could have gotten him cause this man is all about family.

I went to my rheumatologist today for a check up and this is what transpired:
Ok. Well that explains alot. Pulmonary tests I did a few months back come back normal so he said something else was my problem. Ummmmm those two words I did not want to hear. Loose weight. I asked him was he joking…..he didn’t laugh so I guess he wasn’t. I told him I liked food too much….again no smile. I guess he was not joking. Dag nabbit. As far as my hip. Bone is rubbing bone which is causing friction and flare ups. Hence….the limp. Makes me walk funny. Not feeling very encouraged today. Thanks doc. The good news is, he said Ive got several years before they send me to the butcher, which means hip replacement. Do not even want to go there. I guess we will see where this journey takes me. Until then dont forget to set good examples cause you never know who is watching:  photo PhotoGrid_1438605601660_zpszcmgec5r.jpg
Good night to all and God Bless.


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I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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