Life can get in the way of blogging sometimes

I am so sorry I have left yall hanging for a few months. Life got in the way of blogging.  I think I left yall last by letting you know that dh was coming home. He did come home and me and Dallas got to go pick him up at the airport. He flew home this trip but he said he will not do it again. Hes not as young as he use to be and hes not in the Marines anymore so his ears were killing him by the time he got off the plane and had a splitting headache.  photo IMG_20140828_142259_390_zpsuyqdpxb1.jpg
We just wanted to get away from everything and everyone while he was here. So we packed and headed where ever dh wanted to go. Come to find out he had made reservations at a cabin by a lake. He said since we had worked so hard all summer bringing in the garden and the boys helped me so much he said we deserved a good vacation too. We took our fishing poles and chairs. We got there and got something to eat and then went and bought just enough groceries to last the rest of our trip. We turned off phones and limited tv and just had good family quality time. We played alot of cards and board games. photo IMG_20140831_080821_662_zpsn4f69scw.jpg
We got back home and he helped me do the last thing in the garden. Yep…..dig taters. I spent the rest of the week processing them while he was driving back to Colorado. I put up almost 60 qts. photo IMG_20140909_073025_061_zps22zgfj0h.jpg
It has been an awesome gardening season and I was so exhausted but so thankful I had our boys to help do alot of the hard labor. Our pantry and freezers are full.

We had to stay busy to make the time go by faster again before dh came home again. With this job he can come home every 28 days but we try to schedule around things that we are off school for.

We had football games which some we got wet at and froze to death at. Although we didnt make the playoffs, we still had a good season. Some games we didnt win but they were so close and we were on the edge of our seats. And there were times of frustration especially when one game our coach got kicked out and suspended for another because he argued so bad with the refs taking up for our boys. A few times weve had boys to get seriously injured. One night a teammate got hit so hard that he was taken to the er by ambulance. It turned into an emotional game and these boys all went home crying and praying. Dakota has taken a few hard hits this season. I really am going to miss watching Friday night football and warming the bleachers. He is my #33.  photo PhotoGrid_1413269202634_zpsmriijrvf.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1413269426723_zpsss723wir.jpg  photo IMG_517323161150072_zpsxbdtvz0z.jpeg  photo IMG_77425575092250_zpselohrnqm.jpeg  photo PhotoGrid_1414872883445_zpsiygix5dz.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1414873563025_zpstxhuvhxb.jpg

Then we had karate with Dallas who by the way has worked his tale off working hard to get his brown belt.  We have evaluations from the master instructor coming up on Nov. 15th. Im a nervous wreck but he is as cool as a cucumber. Ive seen tears, frustration, sweat and just plain irritability and not to mention times of almost puking, but he has endured and pushed himself. I have discovered that certain movement makes him dizzy and nauseous. So I talked to a pharmacist at Walmart and we hooked him up with some motion sickness tablets and we are making sure he eats something with peanut butter before class. It seems to be helping.   photo PhotoGrid_1414873103504_zpswikqkm04.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1413269640446_zpsgbiowhuk.jpg

School is going good.. although Dakota has a D in English III. I told him if he wanted to keep his truck, he better pull up that D. So far its coming up. Imagine that.  But to my amazement he has a B in Chemistry and doesnt even like Science. Im beginning to wonder if its the style of teaching. There is no text book in English. Everything is done on computer. Im concerned.  Me and Dallas are trying to get ahead on some projects.
I have been teaching Dallas how to cook and he has come up with some  good menus. He loves food and loves to cook. He even cooks things his brother likes. Dakota is a simple eater…..dont get jiggy with his food. He loves meat and potatoes and bread. Dakota has actually cooked the things Dallas has fixed.  photo PhotoGrid_1413269726736_zpsn68xxeek.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1412032566072_zpso4ufp9di.jpg He did a very good job.

We had alot of work to do at our hunting club and setting up stands, blinds and cameras. Then we had some shooting fun time too.  photo PhotoGrid_1411685332914_zpswhyr8dcl.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1410642932871_zpswzjdahqy.jpg We tried our best to get us a turkey during fall turkey season but we kept getting out smarted. Dang it I really wanted to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table this year all by myself. Dallas is sharing his cross bow with me. I love it. It has a crank on it so to pull the string back. I dont have enough strength to pull it back without the crank and Dallas needs just a little more muscle. I would like my own for Christmas.   photo PhotoGrid_1414872944202_zpszxaukhtt.jpg

We’ve had some problems with some trespassers on our hunting club. They even went as far as cutting our lock. We found another way that they were getting in with 4-wheelers, so we fixed that. Ive called the sheriff and the local game warden and told them what was going to happen if I caught them over there again. It will not be pretty. What part of cameras, gates, wires, locks and signs do they not get? Well, they are fixing to find out. I informed the sheriff to put it on record that this momma would be packing.  photo PhotoGrid_1413269500704_zpsp8ksr6cg.jpg

We had a real scare one night about 3 weeks before dh came home this last time. I woke up one morning and had to go to bathroom like I always do, but I kept hearing a noise coming from fireplace. It sounded like something sizzling. I couldn’t get the grill plate off to get to the noise and I panicked and called dh at 3:30 am in Colorado. He was the quick thinker and calmed me down and told me to cut the main breaker off. When I did the fans cut off and the boys popped awake immediately. When I cut the power off, the noise stopped, so we knew it was electrical but it was playing havoc on my nerves. I just knew I was going to have to rush my boys out of a burning house. I was scared to death. I realized then that we had no fire extinguisher in our house for emergencies such as this. I did all I could do for the early morning until later when something opened up and I could make some phone calls. I was still nervous and sleep did not come easy to me again. Since the power was off and no fans, the boys barely got back to sleep before the alarm went off to get ready for school. Dakota slept through his first two classes of the day and I was ok with this just this one time. I am fortunate to have good neighbors that take such good care of me and look after me and the boys while dh is gone. My neighbor came over and helped me look at things and inspect more. Finally, we got in touch with a fireplace place that was going to come out to look. After long hours of waiting they finally showed up. The source of the problem was the fans in the blower were shorting out. Some rain had gotten in from down the stack and got the wires wet. The service guy took our fans and was going to order new ones. Well, after three weeks of waiting and dh sitting on pens and needles, he got impatient and ordered some fans himself and amazingly we got them in in two days and he fixed everything when he got home this time. DH gets very impatient when he wants something done. He wants it done right then.  photo PhotoGrid_1413269543902_zpsz14jevum.jpgDH is all about customer service. If you do not perform customer service you are FIRRRRRRRRRREEDDDDD. And by the way, Im a proud owner of a fire extinguisher.

DH has had an opportunity to do some hunting while in Colorado. I am glad cause he sits in a office for 12 hrs a day then goes to a little hotel room and eats microwave meals. The least I can let him do is do a little hunting.  photo Screenshot_2014-10-12-15-22-21-1_zps5cw0r6vx.jpg

The bad thing about when dh is gone, emotions start running high around here sometimes. Dakota starts missing daddy and really doesnt say anything but I can tell it. If Im kind of down he likes to aggravate me to make me laugh. One night i got him to empty the dish washer and he hid all my dishes from me. He is so cocky.  photo IMG_20141012_212417_071_zpsfc2ogg71.jpgHe doesnt talk much but when he does I relish every moment. I told him the other night he really needed to shave and get a haircut. He said “NOPE” its getting duck season. No girlfriends during duck season either. lol The boy lives for duck season. I have let him and a friend go with a project. There is a sleu on our hunting property that they want to claim as their spot that they wanted to build a duck blind and hunt it. Why not? It will be educational, economical since i donated alot of lumber from our old chicken coop, and just plain fun. They put their carpentry skills to work one day and built them a duck blind and they have been cutting brush and tying it in bundles to brush it in. Hey I choose my battles carefully. If I can keep these boys off the streets, drugs and away from the temptation of girls, Im happy happy happy. I let them go goose hunting when it opened here. It was a hard decision since that was the first time we had let him hunt alone with a friend without an adult. I know boys can be goofy when they get together but I was rather proud of them. He text me every 30 to 45 minutes and let me know they were fine and ok. I felt better each time. Dakota managed to kill two good size geese. He brought his home and dressed it himself. One things for sure, my boys will know how to provide for their families. photo PhotoGrid_1414873742909_zpsvsolbkjs.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1414873207796_zpssgq2hjgd.jpg

We did have some projects to do before dh got home. We got all the tomato cages up out of garden and cleaned garden up. All that is left now is a few pepper plants that will probably still go til first frost. Then Dakota maintenanced the yards up once again. I mulched the flower beds. We had it looking nice for daddy.  photo PhotoGrid_1414873031006_zpslywg9kxu.jpg Dakota has done a good job keeping up with everyones yards this summer. He got paid and that put gas in his truck. My kids are not afraid of hard work or afraid to get their hands dirty. We have spent all these years trying to teach them work ethics and it is paying off. They know if they want something (we provide their needs) that they have to work and save their money. It really pays off when you see the excitement when they get something in the mail that they have worked hard for and anticipated. With Dallas its like Christmas morning. This particular moment I heard him hollering with excitement all the way from the mailbox at the end of the driveway.  photo IMG_20141009_102214_605-1_zps7gg0fpuy.jpg

Well the day we all anticipated came and DADDY CAME HOME…he spent time with each one of us and as a family together. He got to stay longer this time since he opted to drive home this time and not fly. He got our fireplace fixed and found where water was coming in from down the stack, he got to attend a few games and watch Dakota play, he got to take Dallas hunting for juvenile season, he stocked our pantries and freezers so he wouldnt have to worry about us while he is away.  photo IMG_20141025_161102_943-2_zpsqcewe524.jpg  photo IMG_69743336899857_zps4uttn32s.jpeg  photo PhotoGrid_1414873272997_zps51yweah4.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1414873494063_zpsnw2yxinl.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1414873771733_zps9hlbgmqi.jpg

Then the dreaded day came when he had to leave again. photo IMG_20141101_122750_419-1_zpsjsxzytd6.jpg I hate that part. But if roads are permitting, come Christmas break we are headed to CO for Christmas. I can not pass up this opportunity. Our families agree also and are not upset that we might not be here. Even though we have 46 more days I am almost packed. We have regular clothes, and hunting gear to pack cause we are gonna try to catch a little goose hunting. I am so excited.

Well,Im so glad I got everyone caught up. I am so sorry that I waited so long. Life just happened. I hope you have enjoyed reading. Now that things have slowed down some maybe I can blog more. God Bless.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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