I dont know where to begin

We’ve been so busy around here i forgot where I left off at. I don’t even know where to start. Since school has started we’ve gone nonstop and there’s been days I’ve been so exhausted and hurting i just wanted to cry. Then there would be that occasional moment of rest.

For starters we had to get school haircuts before school started. PhotoGrid_1408707622658Its hot out and Dakota needed some of that hair cut off for football. Those helmets are hot.

School shopping was simple. My husband does alot of internet shopping so he bought alot of school clothes for the boys and had them shipped to the house. He got some great sales and discounts cause hes good like that. When it was time to get school supplies its no biggie for Dallas and I cause we don’t have a governed school supply list. Just the basics. When I asked Dakota what he needed he said one pen and one binder and one pack of paper. I asked why just one of each. He said no more work than he does that’s all he would need. Lol that sounds just like him. Gotta love him.  Hes doing so well driving to school everyday and only twice has he forgot to text me when he got there. Thank goodness for gps on phones. So mommas don’t worry as much.  Ive been giving him a few liberties with driving. A few times I’ve let him go eat with some buddies after football practice. This coach likes to keep them late. So its around 7 pm or so when their done and they are starving.  Hes a big boy he needs his nourishment. PhotoGrid_1408181083883His pic was in the paper one day for a scrimmage game and he was pretty excited. He made some really good plays. We had a few scrimmage right before the original season started.
 photo PhotoGrid_1407070404597_zpssfq8qgtb.jpg
One day we had to travel through a major thunderstorm and I was scared to death. Flash flood warnings were out.  I hit some standing water over a bridge and about hydroplaned. I about wanted to get my kid off that bus and head back home. But we were driving away from the storm so that was a plus. By the time we got there it had already passed over. It only came a little sprinkle during the game. But at least we werent sweating to death. Dakota was beating himself up in this game because he tried to intercept a pass and tipped the ball but couldnt grab it cause the ball was wet. Everyone was having trouble. They were slipping and falling. But they had a good time.PhotoGrid_1408181362211Dallas is my copilot. He loves being assigned a mission. His mission is to keep his eyes on the moving target (yellow schoolbus). Read our coordinates (gps). And send messages (text for me while I’m driving). Lol PhotoGrid_1408181198573Oh and he also likes to eat and fall asleep on me. Lol.

Dallas is already doing good in school. We are already ahead one book report and one science project. I hope we can keep that up so come spring school lessons will fly by. Hes kind of got it made and alot of his friends are begging their parents to homeschool them. This may be why. PhotoGrid_1408181126951PhotoFancie2014_08_08_10_09_07I let him pick where he wants to do school and he gets all cozy and settled in. When he gets finished he gets his homework done then plays xbox. That’s how he rolls. Even though Dakota is driving to school we have still tried to stay on a schedule and get up when Dakota leaves and get our day started. He gets up and gets his chores done and he gets a little help from the farm cat Chey. She loves riding the 4wheeler with him. PhotoFancie2014_08_18_10_30_09She is just too funny. She just had to come show me the field mouse she caught out of the garden but when the UPS man came she took off running with it and hid. I guess she thought he was going to get it.

The Ducks and Chicks are doing fine and growing great. Dallas makes a game out of the chore time every morning and plays army with his troops.

Dallas is still working hard towards his brown belt in Karate. It want be long he’ll be tested for that. He finally got his Full Splits Patch for his ghi. Yep he can. Maybe not in a pair of blue jeans but he can rock his ghi.
 photo IMG_20140823_210334_715_zps8qvrcgb6.jpg
We were a little late having a back to school bash for the kids but we squeezed it in. Teamkid will start next week and Dallas is ready to see alot of his friends.
 photo PhotoFancie2014_08_06_18_48_35_zpsisfboc7u.jpeg
My momma and one of my sisters came and picked the last of the corn and took it home with them. We spent some time together. The boys helped them pick and i made us a huge breakfast.
 photo PhotoFancie2014_08_04_13_31_24_zpsgarnpyzr.jpeg
It was finally that time of year for all the local High Schools Jamboree so all these teams could size them up.
 photo PhotoGrid_1408180882967_zpsivxcgijb.jpg
Dear husband has been working towards a few projects with this job. One was finishing a patch in the front yard that we just could not get grass to grow so a crew came and delivered and layed sod one day. This is his cousin who Dakota use to work for mowing a few summers ago. Yea its fun to keep it watered and dodge the sprinklers or just go through them.
 photo PhotoGrid_1408181007992_zpswmkte9nn.jpg
The boys have been working so hard around here to help and they’ve been taking care of me.  Crazy cat didn’t want to work though. I guess as long as she keeps the mice away thats ok. Between school, football karate, garden, yards and chores its been one heck of a summer.
 photo PhotoFancie2014_08_16_21_20_56_zpsgsj9rhd1.jpeg
But I have been sure to reward our boys for all their hard work.
 photo PhotoGrid_1407019477056_zpslyrf1y4j.jpg
I got so busy in the garden again with our tomatoes. Finally got to put up some spaghetti sauce and whole tomatoes for stews and husbands famous deer chilli. Im also putting up salsa before Dakota has a heart attack. He panics if we start getting low of my salsa. Peppers are still coming in good along with okra.
 photo IMG_20140824_161247_517_zpss3ckc1vq.jpg  photo IMG_20140818_213512_736_zpstdtu1rc8.jpg
We went in half with my brother in law and had an bull processed so we will be good and fixed up for winter.

On the side I have been having to clean off an old desk top computer and pack it up. I want to clean our computer station up. There are over 3,000 pictures on this computer. I have never in my life gotten this far behind on pictures and I never will again. So Ive been having them developed and getting them organized to go into photo albums. Phew thats been a job but i have enjoyed looking back through them. The boys cant believe how much they have grown and neither can I.

Dear husband gets to come home at the end of the week for 5 days. Hey we’ll take anything we can get. We are trying to get things done and tidied up before he does. I want him to see we can hold down the fort while hes gone. We will spend one day digging our potatoes. I did not want him worrying about working when he got home but he insists because he feels bad for having to have left and me and the boys had to do everything this summer. I will welcome the help cause I’m getting gardened out. We will dig and store them cause that night we will have a football game that he will get to see and then we are leaving that Saturday morning and taking a family trip somewhere. Then he will have to go back. And I’ll cry like a baby again. But at least we will have this short time.

Another project dear husband has been wanting is a metal roof. No nothing is wrong with ours. Ever since the tornado two yrs ago his momma had one put on her house and he saw to it that his sisters house got one put on, he just saw how good they looked and how much more economical they were and he wants one. What ever the man wants the man usually gets. He said i could get a sweet deal out of this job too. I get a front porch. I’m so excited. But it will be a few months. After roof we are going to re-vinyl side whole house and better insulate.  He works so hard to always better things and provide for his family. I could not have prayed for a better husband. He provides well, loves God, me and our boys and I am one blessed wife and Mother.
 photo PhotoGrid_1407466751476_zpswypcduxv.jpg
Now, I got to go back and get busy. God Bless.



About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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