One Heck of a week

Well I told yall I would blog about my sister coming and staying with me. So here we go. Ill go back to the day when I picked her up. We were at her house picking her up and loading the truck up when all the sudden Dakota comes in with my phone telling me….WE GOTTA GO NOW. Um… first I asked who was it..he said Granny. Now that had me worried. I grabbed my phone and asked her what was wrong. She was distraught and crying.  She managed to get out that they have had to call the fire dept to the house. Thats all I neeed to hear. We got the truck loaded and raced…. I mean literally raced… to their house. I honestly dont remember driving all I know is it didnt take us long to get there. We arrived and fire trucks were everywhere.  My parents were outside and all the neighbors were there. We found them and just embraced. Some wires underneath the house had shorted out and caught fire. Only under house damage is done. Central heat and air unit has to be replaced, electrical, plumbing has to be redone. It damaged all underneath the house but Thank God no one was hurt. You see, when I was little we had a house to burn. It burnt all we had. My mother was reliving this again and scared to death. We got personal belongings out and they do have a place to stay. They are staying with some friends. The insurance company is getting on the ball and probably this week they will be able to have some work started. Dear Hubby said too bad he had just left, he for sure would have fixed them up on electrical work. They are still doing fine. I just called to check in with them.

The next day was Sunday and my sister got to go to church with me. Monday morning we started the farm work. Oh boy did she have a good time. She fell in love with the animals right away and just pitched in and helped work. Her farm days kicked back in gear. Taz fell in love with her and she did him. photo IMG_20140224_093953_554_zpsdb1h8ydh.jpg  photo IMG_20140226_095055_446_zpssgknyx6y.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1393518428693_zpsu9pc9wtc.jpg I am so jealous. This little fella has more to do with Dallas and her than me. I helped bring him into this world, dry him off, get him warm, and help him get his first milk and this is what he does. Traitor.  photo IMG_20140228_095005_065_zpsfvceccf9.jpg  photo IMG_20140301_130348_497_zpsbzwofvzm.jpg  photo IMG_20140301_130113_537_zps7ih854xq.jpg  photo IMG_20140301_130206_699-1_zpsjoucfbug.jpg

No I didnt work her to death. Shes just finally getting some peaceful sleep and rest. photo IMG_20140224_151545_475_zps5fclptyi.jpg

I got a chance to teach her alot. I taught her how to make homemade hamburger buns and homemade yogurt. I feel honored. She doesnt like yogurt, but she loves mine.  photo PhotoGrid_1393628939909_zps4tcb0vst.jpg
And we had some good times.  photo PhotoGrid_1393636529631_zpsbmqy6rmf.jpg

She got to see Dallas in karate class. Me and Dakota onlooking. photo IMG_20140227_190204_298_zpsb2oh7p1l.jpg She also go to see big brother help train little brother. lol  photo IMG_20140228_193340_902_zps4qtibde5.jpg

One night we got settled and she got her guitar out and we picked and grinned and sang a little. You can go to my facebook page and see our video we posted. I dont know how to post videos here on my blog. That is on my to learn list. That thing has already been shared across the globe. Seriously. She has missionary friends in other countries who saw it on her fb page.

I  let her watch come of my Homestead Blessings Dvd’s. I think she was learning something. photo IMG_20140228_212134_204_zpstv8yyzna.jpg

Well, now comes the hard part. The day I had to take her home, we had a tragedy. I had been noticing that Princess had not come out of the barn yet all morning.  This was not like her. Although she is due not long from now. Well, they beat me down to the barn. Im getting my stuff on and getting the 4 wheeler ready. I see her walk around back of barn and then scream my name. I see her struggling with something behind the hay bale.  I get down there as fast as I can. I do not like what I see.  Part of a hay bale had collapsed on Princess and suffocated her.  Vicki was trying to free her and realized she was already gone. Then with the realization we had to see if there was any way to save the babies. There is only a 50 50 chance to save them once moms oxygen and blood supply has gone. Your on borrowed time.  It was too late for Princess but we had to do something. I call my friend who also has goats and is also a registered nurse as to what we should do. Well, what she suggested, I just didnt know if I could do. I was going to have to do an emergency C Section. I told her I could not do this. I could never cut on one of my animals. I just couldnt. My sister had to almost slap me to get me to think straight. If I didnt get the nerve to do it she would have. Once again her farmer instincts kicked in. This is surely not something I wanted her to experience her first time to my farm. Finally after much screaming at me and making me come to my senses, I had to grab some courage and cowgirl up. My friend guides me on the phone what to do. Im crying the whole time but I made it. We found the uterus and found two babies. A boy and a girl. She told us what to do and we worked with them for over an hour. My sister had one and I had the other. They were three weeks early and they had lost too much oxygen while in the sacs. We could not revive them. We tried even mouth to snout and it did not work. Times like this is when I just want to quit and give up, but my little man refuses to let me give up. He keeps telling me…. Momma at least you tried. If you had not, you would still be wondering and asking yourself questions. Bless him. He is such an encouragement to me. I hated for him to witness that too but they had more courage than me that day. My sister said she was so glad she was there so I would not have to go through that all by myself. I wished the outcome could have been better.  I have learned today that when push comes to shove ( or someone fixing to have to slap some sense into you to think straight) that you can do what you have to do in a stressful scary situation in order to try to do something good even if you have to cry the whole way through it and even if the outcome is not what you wanted.

This is why I keep going: photo IMG_20140301_130517_453_zpsunofo1jo.jpg

The newness of life brings refreshment.  Taz is beginning to have something to do with me. I think its probably cause he thinks Im that crazy woman that stayed a week. lol  photo IMG_20140302_075929_982_zpsxqqbf1yx.jpg But then again he kind of looks like hes saying….Oh its just you. 😦 Look at the lip. lol.

Then it was time to take her home. We sure are going to miss her.  The boys really enjoyed her being here. Dakota said, Shes funny. lol Yep thats how we grew up.  I hope she can come back and stay again.

Ginger is still  doing good with Taz. She gets really worried when we all pick him up and hold him and love on him. We have to let her see we have him and we are not going to hurt him. She whines til we put him down. He is learning so much from her. It want be long til he”ll have a play mate. Sugar, his sister is due any day. Then a week after that I have one more due then another a week later. Im down to two milkers now. Sugar will have to learn how to milk this year. Oh boy, that will be rodeo time.

Im going to have to spank the little white spots off his little booty if he dont quit scaring me and momma Ginger. He loves to play hide and go seek. She is beside herself calling him. When he thinks shes had enough he jumps out at her. I tell her she should scold him her reply is…….Bless it. photo PhotoGrid_1393195064199_zpswkizfkw0.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1393096387307_zpsvm7pgamm.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1393096301103_zpsjfg9sirg.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1393096227429_zpsgorexny4.jpg

The boys are doing well in school. Dakota has two A’s this semester so far in Construction Core and Economics. He loves welding class. I think hes found his trade. He wants to be a Union Welder. He doesnt want to be an electrician like daddy but thats ok. He doesnt want to work with electricity. Here he is in Welding class in school. I gave him permission to use his phone to let someone snap a quick pic. photo IMG957713_zpscjejyxca.jpg

Dallas has a great big project to do. We have to do a Biography on a historical person. He has chosen Wyatt Earp. We have to do a oral report, written biography, preliminary outline, bibliography cards and note cards. He is not looking forward to it, but hes cowboying up and doing it. photo PhotoGrid_1392919085871_zps27pjfirr.jpg

I would like to leave you with a parting wisdom thought.

In order to be an effective teacher…….know how your students learn. Every child is different and learn different ways. I have daylight and dark. One is a visual learner and one is a book learner. Go figure. Use this to your advantage. It may take a little extra work but the benefits are amazing.

Well it has been an exaspirating week. I have been on an emotional roller coaster this week but it has all turned out just as God planned even if I dont understand it.

I hope every one is blessed and has had a good day. Stay warm out there.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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