Cold weather and more cold weather

Well, we have had our share of cold weather around here. We had our first snow the other day. photo PhotoGrid_1390932455393_zpswwhsjvhq.jpg It has been extremely cold here and Im so glad I do not have any babies due in this cold weather. Maybe by the time mine get ready to kid the weather will break. I do not have any babies due til the end of February. School has been out a few times due to extremely cold temps. Alot of states are dealing with heavy snows freezing temps and ice. We are in the south and I know people from up north laugh at us alot for letting out school at the first sign of a little snowflake. This is why. Here in our area we just do not get alot of snow. We are not as experienced driving in those conditions as people up north. You can go and google the big accident that happened on the interstate in AL. People were stranded in their cars for hours some overnight. Kids were stranded at school and such. We are just not experienced enough down here to handle these conditions.  So our school board officials and law enforcement really keep an eye on the weather and conditions and we are alerted in advance. We do not take the safety of our kids lightly. We would rather be safe than sorry and take all precautions necessary.

I went down to the barn one evening to give somemore hot water befoe bedtime and when I got back up my hands had gotten so cold very fast like and in no tome they were hurting before I got back into the house.

Weve enjoyed our times together. Dakota has enjoyed the fireplace.  photo IMG_20140128_164041_675_zps1gxeoe4d.jpg They have enjoyed their play time too.  photo IMG_20140129_123806_290_zpsuruorvhc.jpg


Ive had to rethink my minerals I give my girls and boys. I went back to my old mineral I was using from my local Co-op. I tried one and it worked and I was seeing a difference but something was just bothering me. I had to go back and compare labels. I hate it when something bothers me, I do not rest (literally) until I figure it out. My old mineral has more Selenium, Calcium, Vitamin D3, A and E which is all great in the last stage of gestation. It only has 500ppms less copper than the one I switched to, but I copper bolus so that will be made up. I think I feel more comfortable now.
We have been having to take hot water down to barns because everything gets frozen. Yes I have a frost free hydrant that is buried good but it is up the hill from my barn and the problem is I have so many hoses hooked up that the water has a long way to travel and the water just does not all drain out of the hose before it freezes again. Next year before winter I will fix this problem.
Dear husband tells me to quit thinking so much because it either creates more work for him to do, gets me in trouble, or makes him have to explain everything. lol
My four wheeler had been in the shop for a while and I finally got it back. My lovely girls had tore a few things up and considering it has been 5 yrs since Ive ever had to have it serviced, it was time. Dear husband has gotten my dump cart fixed for me so we can haul all these jugs of water down to barn.

In the Lodge:

We have been utilizing our fire place more to save electricity. Im sure you all have experienced high electric bills over the last month. Our fireplace has glass doors with a blower but we just were not feeling the heat enough so we bought a screen and opened up the doors and wholah. We run two infared heaters with controlled thermostats. They are the kind that you can touch without getting burned and such. This evens the heat out in the house. And they use very little kilowatts. Dear hubby puts his Electrical skills to work and counts these on the meter. lol  photo IMG_20140130_135253_869_zpsb9bew370.jpg I had to flirt with this electrician.
Some ways to help cut down on elec bill is to set thermostat and keep it there. Dont keep turning heat up or down. Sometimes something can be wrong with your thermostat. It would be worth the few dollars to maybe replace it. Change your air filer in your furnace. Caulk around windows and drafty areas. Close blinds at night and open during day to let sunlight in. These are just a few ideas.

I also had to flirt with the cook too. photo IMG_20140131_172353_771_zpssqnxfpdt.jpg

This week we put a new sink in. The one that was in here was white and all scratched up and had a little leak. photo IMG_20140130_124420_189_zpsknuwucrf.jpg I love it. It has deep sinks that are better to wash big roasting pans and such in. It will also come in handy for washing things that come out of the garden. It has a faucet that has a sprayer attached at the end that comes off to spray around sink.

Daddy has been trying to get some diy projects done that weve been wanting to do before he has to go to KS. Yea he has to go back there this year. I hope this year is a whole lot better than last year. you see, a year ago on Jan. 30th we woke up at 2:30 am with a tornado going through our community. It wrecked havoc and lots of damage and we were misplaced a little while. Not to mention, two days later on Feb. 1st which is today Davids sister was tragically killed in a car accident. He came home for a week from KS and was just exhausted and devastated. It has been a hard week for him to remember all this. It has been for the whole family. You can read this post from last year. I think it is Februaries posts because it was a while before I could get on the computer due to power outages and time with family.
He has also been stressed due to our tenants in his sisters house. We have gone through two sets of renters in less than a year. Nobody wants to pay rent or the bills. People you cant live somewhere and not pay your bills. If I didnt pay my bills I would have to get out too and have things cut off by companies. My husband is TOOOOO nice and generous. He helps everyone he can. But he is constantly being taken advantage of and it is awful. He is about ready to give up and just clean it and lock it up and just pay insurance on it. Thing is, with no one living in it, insurance is three times as much. This is totally his decision and I will back him 100%. We will pay the insurance some how, God will provide. I do not like to see him stressed out. So he may do this just to get a peace of mind for a while.

I have made a really hard decision concerning my diesel. David bought me that truck to replace my Expedition that got crushed under a 100 year old oak tree during the tornado. I love it and it was awesome and not to mention I loved showing out every once in a while. lol the best part is it ws paid for. However, it had toooooo much power. I was constantly “spinning out” and “barking tires” without meaning too. You could barely mash the gas pedal from starting off at a red light and that would happen. I could be going down the bypass and be on 90mph without realizing it and feeling like I was doing only 60mph. Kind of scary sometimes. There is no way I would ever hand this truck down to either one of the boys in the future. If I have to choose between looking cool or safety, I have to choose safety. So we sold it. The more I keep daddy from worrying the better off I am. So daddy has decided that he wants a 2011 diesel because it has a better engine. I will get his 2008. I like his because it has an on board gps system and hands free phone system. He likes this for safety while driving. We will probably do this when he comes back from KS. He wants to get his paid off to where we only have one truck payment.


Dakota has been doing well driving. We have one more month and he goes and takes his driving test and gets his permanent license. Although he is not getting enough driving time in Drivers Ed. at school. There is too many kids for one teacher. Then to top it off I was very upset after some things I have been hearing from other students not just my son about what has been going on when they go out to drive. Dakota said the day they went out, the teacher was on his phone the whole time. HELLO! You the teacher is suppose to be watching the road and guide. If Im trying to teach my kid not to get distracted and not text and drive, you of all people should be teaching the same thing. The big thing that really got my dander stirred up is some kids said he is SLEEPING while they drive. OMGOSH you have got to be kidding me. I hit the roof. If they get into an accident, what is the teacher going to say to the authourities when asked what happened, Uh, I dont know sir, I was asleep. How ignorant can you get? Needless to say I have sent several emails to the principal to voice my opinion. I am so upset. I drive a church bus for our church and we pick up students from the local elementary school on Wednesdays for our program we have for them. I take these kids lives serious when they are in my care. I am responsible for them on that road in that bus. I do not take that lightly. I practice safety when i drive. I like to think that parents trust me with their children. The more I think about it the madder I get. The Principal will get his email hopefully Monday morning. We will see what happens.
We will be responsible for teaching my children how to safetly drive from now on.

Dakota got his report card and is doing great. So far he has an A in economics. He is very good with money and makes wise economical decisions. He spends his money wisely. Im very proud. He is also taking welding this semester which he loves. The next nine weeks he will be taking consruction. The teacher has his own construction company that he has the school involved with building homes and the kids get real hands on learning. I love the program it is great and benefits people in the community. He still does not know if he wants to play football next year or not. That will be his decision.

Dallas is doing good in school. We have so many reports coming up but we stay on top of them. He hates them but we buckle down and do them. They dont do this enough in public school and it is sad.

Extra activities:
The other night in karate they got to get Dallas for his bday whooping. It was also fight night which is Dallas favorite.  photo IMG_20140130_190358_478_zpsnveivbok.jpg  photo IMG_20140130_190413_332_zpsxtjd6a9j.jpg

The other morning I was fixing to walk out of house to take Dakota to school in my pj’s. I dont think anyone wants to see my silkies. I had to go back and change. So glad I checked myself.


This year we will put garden back in. Daddy will hep me get it ready before he leaves so I can start putting cold stuff in and start putting a few things in before he gets back. Me and Dallas want some dill pickles this year. yummy.

Well today is Saturday and we have work to do then relax the rest of the night. So Id better get this bunch some breakfast and get busy. Hope yall have a good day.


About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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