IM hanging in there by the skin of my teeth

Its been wild again this past few weeks.

Weve had a few more games these past few weeks. Our Jr. Varsity games are going great. We played one the other night and the score was only 2-0. Defense was great on both teams. photo IMG_20131004_185537_672_zps71cda7ed.jpg  photo IMG_20131004_185546_556_zps84e4030a.jpg  photo IMG_20131004_190249_109_zps96851a80.jpg  photo IMG_20131004_212637_503_zps028f418e.jpg  photo IMG_20131004_221420_801_zpsdb3bbef8.jpg
This picture really gets me. This is my baby boy blue growing up way too fast. He is such a young man. I am one proud momma. photo IMG_20131005_075504_305_zpsa63e1785.jpg Were still waiting on regular school pictures to come in. Ive got to set up a time with a photographer to have Dallas a set of school pics made and a sport pic too.
Last night we had our Homecoming court and game. It was really nice. Although we lost, we still had a good time. Im still not really understanding this coach. None of us parents are neither are the kids. Some do not enjoy playing for him at all. If your kids do not enjoy playing for you, you have a problem right of the bat. Maybe next year will be different. WE have only a few Monday night games left and Friday night games..  photo IMG_20131011_190129_156_zpsadbab287.jpg  photo IMG_20131011_183149_312_zps09c88443.jpg  photo IMG_20131007_182544_944_zpsfcab7cb6.jpg  photo IMG_20131007_182530_952_zpsf9b4eec4.jpg  photo IMG_20131007_182512_246_zps89ceca03.jpg

These guys have got the heart in them and the spirit. But they have got to enjoy it too. The coach will play the same players through the whole game and wear them out. By the 3rd quarter, we start loosing because he want rotate them out. Some time or other Id like to see all those other boys on the side lines play too.

Dakota is doing good driving. Now, if he just remembers all this when he starts driving alone and not show off and get distracted, Ill be fine. He is fixing to start new classes, some are just the first quarter of school.

I dont know if I told you the trick or not he played on me. Well he paid me back for one we played on him. He laid his sunglasses on the bumper of the truck one morning and we left for school. Later when Dallas and I got home we found them unharmed in the drive way. Very lucky. But we told him we had backed over them and crushed them. So one day when I was lying down he had cleaned the fire place out really good shined up the glass doors and even went out and got logs and brought back in and fixed it up really nice. He said….Aw doesnt that look so pretty and cozy….but youll have to wait a whole 30 more days til you can light it when it gets cooler. Im going to hurt him. 😦 He just loves to aggravate me sometimes. My fire place does look really nice and I cant wait to light it. Ive never looked so forward to cold weather before. photo IMG_20131011_153034_444_zpsba9fab95.jpg

Now the day weve all been waiting for for a long time. Belt testing day. These boys were ready. photo IMG_20131005_085251_889_zps74fdb739.jpg
They had to perform all their kicks and punches first  photo IMG_20131005_091434_093_zps4ab9d6a8.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_091953_920_zps11aa4ce6.jpg Dallas is listening and concentrating so hard.  photo IMG955933_zps46342974.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_093224_919_zpsffa3aa9f.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_093235_940_zps59508647.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_095818_099_zpsd0c189b3.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_100852_660_zps7fc5afb9.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_100859_899_zpsa50be6a0.jpg photo IMG_20131005_100956_601_zpsdbbe20ed.jpg When someone is performing all the other students sit and show respect and be quiet.  photo IMG_20131005_095114_356_zps51790f34.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_102327_220_zps5d8a548d.jpg Dallas performing katas  photo IMG_20131005_102036_574_zps62c7519d.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_102029_978_zps7ec85d89.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_101943_940_zpsc6e4b2dd.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_101938_173_zpse95bb65e.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_101928_223_zps2c7de971.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_101923_030_zps38b6d584.jpg

Then you have to perform your Judo throws and grappling techniques. photo IMG_20131005_110546_074_zps367233d5.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_105755_195_zpsae28826f.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_105744_947_zps45deb985.jpg Then it was belt presentation time. photo IMG_20131005_120824_877_zps2413cb6a.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_120838_170_zpsdecf1b92.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_120910_548_zps48e5939a.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_120949_391_zps319f2a66.jpg photo IMG_20131005_121009_283_zps9fa4902a.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_121505_447_zpsaea53041.jpg

We are now a 5th Dan Green Belt. photo IMG_20131005_121958_868_zpsabb456cd.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_121933_356_zps2e1ed6e6.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_121738_467_zpsee0faf88.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_121718_635_zpsd14b7ad3.jpg  photo IMG_20131005_121505_447_zpsaea53041.jpg All these kids did fantastic. The Master Instructor had really nice things to say about Dallas. Now were already working on requirements for blue belt. Geeze!!!!  photo IMG_20131008_182403_082_zps5913926e.jpg  photo IMG_20131008_182318_992_zpsdc369f28.jpg

I have been doing some breeding and selling. I sold one of my breeding bucks….Dixon Farms Buckaroos Legand. He went from being a redneck goat to a Spanish goat. He is going all the way to Texas. I will miss him. The man purchased 4 does from a friend of ours just right down the road so needless to say he was Happy Happy Happy! photo IMG_20131003_111448_586_zps30e24b47.jpg Thats him leaving.

I have been breeding. I think I have three positive breedings. Joe Joe and Yaz. Ginger and Yaz.I caught Yaz singing outside his barn window one day, “Im too sexy for my barn, too sexy for my barn, so sexy yea!”  photo IMG_20131005_182605_295_zps896590d6.jpg

I finally got to use my little man for his first breeding with Sugar. I know that was a positive breeding. Legacy didnt waste any time. Sugar of course wanted candy and roses first. Yaz is such a sweet gentlemen. He will not get the party started til the girl is ready. He is very patient. Legacy I can see is going to be aggressive. A few kisses first then its on. lol photo IMG_20131009_112629_698_zpseb7acbe9.jpg  photo IMG_20131009_112623_636_zps9b9af7c2.jpg I have a few more girls to go and then babies!!!!! and milk. I have missed that milk since I have dried them up.

There is just something about fall that makes me want to bake. I love to bake in batches. One day I got in here and made biscuits and muffins. photo IMG_20131010_111652_993_zps8fc47ca4.jpg  photo IMG_20131010_111710_321_zpsd9d205c5.jpg Dallas couldnt stand it so he joined in to help. He loves to help me bake and most of all eat them.  photo IMG_20131010_111826_206_zpsa8fca00a.jpg  photo IMG_20131010_203545_886_zps36b104ab.jpg I stood for so long my feet and legs were killing me. I knew my nephew was coming so I had to bake him some sweets too.
Speaking of feet and legs. I finally got to go back to RA Dr. He said my RA factor has not increased and my joints are maintained. That is good news. But he said I will continue to have flare ups especially during winter. However, with my feet I have Plantar Fiscitis in both heels. It is excrutiating some times and it is getting hard to walk. I dont know which is worse, RA or this fussy stuff is what Ill call it. He said I have to do these stretching exercises and if they are not better when I have to go back in a few months, then he will refer me to get shots in both heels. Oh No. My momma has it in one heel and she has been dealing with this since February and she had the shot but it didnt do her any good. She is being fitted for shoe inserts and she had to find her some very comfortable shoes to wear. I cant just sit down all the time, I have children with activities for heavens sakes. Dallas was entertaining himself in the drs office and then he was about to fall asleep.  photo IMG_20131008_150846_097_zps5bd267d2.jpg  photo IMG_20131008_153300_331_zps3d18e3a5.jpg Sometimes Im having to sit down on my stool in the kitchen and cook. Well see how this goes.
We have been notified that a very huge bobcat has been spotted in our area, I mean around in our neighbors yard across the yard. photo IMG951018_zps058f4f3d.jpg I will tell you I love wildlife, but if he should start attacking my goats or chickens he will not be spared. He will be on my wall. They are my livestock and by rights I can protect them.
Well I told the boys to let me sleep in today. I have sat in chairs and bleachers for countless hours watching them, which I enjoy, but I needed some rest. So they were very good and let me sleep in. This afternoon the bigger boys wanted to go hunting so I took them.  photo IMG_20131012_143225_177_zpse4657ede.jpg  photo IMG_20131012_144057_502_zpsda198e59.jpg  photo IMG_20131012_144134_903_zps1abb44f6.jpg They were out there quite a while but never saw anything. Except a spider in the blind which we found out Hunter freaks out when he sees spiders. SO if there was anything out there, there is not now. lol They are too funny together.
Dallas came in from spending the night with some other cousins and I think he has kissed me 50 times and said he had fun but he missed me.
MY farm cat is working hard, she is waiting to see if that armadillo comes back out of that whole.  photo IMG_20131012_122445_266_zpsdc6f79aa.jpg
OH!!!! I forgot to tell yall the best news of all. My sweetheart called and said he was leaving South Carolina and was on his way to Ohio. He drove all night to get home to momma and boys and got to spend one day with us before he had to report to work the next day in Ohio. Hey, if its just for one day well take it gladly. You see the things he does for us. I am so blessed to have him. The morning we got up for him to leave to go to Ohio, someone text him and told him they found another diesel just like the one he got before he left. The deal was too good to pass up. They had the paper work ready for us when we got there. Then he goes one way on one diesel and I come home with my diesel. Yes, we now have matching his and her diesels. I love this thing, it has POWER!!!! vroom vroom!!!!!! He should get to come home when we are on fall break which is in a few weeks. We are so ready. We have been able to pay alot of things off and for that we are thankful. God has really blessed us.
Right now I am so tired and I just need some relaxing time. So until I blog again, have a blessed day in the Lord tomorrow and please pray for our nation and leaders. I think they have all lost all common sense if you ask me, but thats a whole other story and my brain hurts. lol
Dont forget you can catch me up on face book.

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I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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