Boy Im getting pooped

Man its been wild around here. Were doing something or going somewhere every night. But at least were staying busy so the time goes by faster while daddy is gone. Our neighbors are really taking care of us and watching over us. They always do.

Lets see if I can catch you all up on things.

First we had to go hunting opening day of dove season. It was Labor Day weekend. Dakotas football coach thought Dakota would be at football practice on that Monday which was Labor Day……..Naw…….hes crazy.Dakota would be like Phil Robertson and show up with dove feathers in his pocket. Ten other guys chose dove season too. The only thing is, they all got punished for not being  there. To me, its not their choice, they dont drive yet, so they have to do as their parents say. I said were going dove hunting. Im not to thrilled with this coach just yet. Any way thats another story. Here is some of our pics from that day. Lets just say the doves are outnumbering us right now. photo IMG_20130902_102450_509_zps156c9785.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_103911_247_zps5107eea0.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_104416_571_zps389b7add.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_105229_851_zps74a5484a.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_111851_638_zps837fdb69.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_171032_638_zpsebeb5070.jpg  photo IMG_20130902_194004_035_zpseef3509c.jpg This is the first dove hunt weve been on without Daddy. 😦

Weve had two games one home and one away. This one was against Lexington. It was really close. We were ahead til the 4th quarter. Our boys who were not rotated out  got too tired and exhausted.  Coach is getting into a bad habit of that here lately. Oh, thats another story. photo IMG_20130906_183830_463_zps5f1df865.jpg  photo IMG_20130906_190030_870_zps281a84c8.jpg  photo IMG_20130906_190039_259_zps55aa8552.jpg I dont like sitting on the bottom of the bleachers. I cannot see. Then me and Dallas get to playing with my camera. I take one of him, he takes one of me. photo IMG_20130906_185145_787_zpsd1ffce25.jpg  photo IMG_20130906_183907_816_zpsa0c6b56c.jpg Then all the sudden Dallas’ Master Instructor from Hamms Martial Arts shows up.  photo IMG_20130906_203653_302_zpsab22dc76.jpg He had to move to Knoxville two years ago with his job. But he comes home on weekends to see his children. He wanted to drop in on the football game.

Some game days the coach wants them to wear a polo school color shirt with kakis or a dress shirt with tie and kakis or their game jerseys. If it was anyone else asking him to wear a tie, it would be in the trash. But this one morning he looked quite handsome. I know I know, the rules about no white after Labor Day, phewy.He had more things that went with a white tie than any other.  photo IMG_20130906_070750_242_zps9371baa5.jpg I told him he was going to have to get someone to tie it I do not know how to tie mens ties. I guess that might be my next challenge.  Dakota gets most of his game time on Monday nights on the Jr Varsity. This is their uniforms. photo IMG_20130909_180351_742_zps3ac08eca.jpg He got alot of playing time this night. One of Davids nieces came and watched him.
The next game was against our town rival. We have two major high schools in our county. I dont know why this game is so hyped up every year and it is the biggest game of the season. We didnt win but it was close. These guys put up a fight.  photo IMG_20130913_185901_976_zpsf04d177e.jpg  photo IMG_20130913_185919_048_zps03b930a9.jpg  photo IMG_20130913_192109_671_zpsb8de7769.jpg The parking was awful. Traffic parked on both sides of the bypass for miles.. we walked a mile to the school. The game was so exciting. No one was sitting all night. It was awesome.

Dallas has been working really hard with his instructor for his belt testing which is coming up soon. Thank the Lord. We have waited forever for this.Hes also getting ready for his tournament.  photo IMG_20130912_175613_505_zps680b1196.jpg  photo IMG_20130910_174635_244_zps24f2e7af.jpg  photo IMG_20130910_174550_833_zps5a000ae3.jpg  photo IMG_20130910_174537_112_zpsfd33f274.jpg We have got him a new GHI ordered. It is a Hipkido Ghi and the federation that we are in is embroideried in Japanese on the back. Our master instructor is trying to hurry and get it to us because he wants to wear it to his tournament. He will look sharp too. We were hoping he could have been tested for his next belt before the tournament but thats ok.

On the farm my farm cat has been hanging around house lately which is something she very seldom does. Only when something is bothering her. photo IMG_20130910_120257_938_zps274abc5f.jpg I havent figured it out yet. But she is all stretched out under the shade tree taking a nap.
My girls and boys are still fighting. Ill be glad when I do breed and get it over with so everyone will calm down. I can hear them in the barn at night still fighting. Its a thousand wonders they have not tore it down yet. I had all my bucks smelling nice and looking shiney, then when rut hit……Pewwwwweeeeeee! They are rank. Their all blubbery and peeing every where. Even on me and just got to loooooove on me. Love is really in the air and the girls are just flaunting and flirting with them and just drives them nuts!!!!!  photo IMG_20130903_091215_643_zpsfb311ad6.jpg  photo IMG_20130903_091205_846_zpsa33bd91b.jpg  photo IMG_20130903_091138_261_zps7f3e3fcf.jpg

Dakota has taken role as man of the house and got the yard all mowed and weed eated. If you could see what all he has to mow you would be impressed. Every day he would come home and mow til dark. Then on that Saturday, he just buckled down and got her done. He did very good. Daddy paid him by ordering some football stuff he wanted.

Uh Oh, some one else has decided they wanted to be man of the house and steal brownie points……Dallas cut me some fresh roses. Just like Daddy. Of course he was doing it to make daddy jealous. lol photo IMG_20130908_122454_628_zpsc14bf90d.jpg  photo IMG_20130908_122533_039_zps9bfba771.jpg

The next thing we did was honor my grandparents for grandparents day. This is me and my maw maw when I was a baby. photo IMG_20130908_152715_625_zps8fc6e423.jpg Me and my sisters with my grandparents  photo IMG_20130908_153137_963_zpsce8779d9.jpg and them alone.  photo IMG_20130908_153054_463_zps2177ab47.jpg I miss them terribly. I still have so many question to ask and things I want to know.

I spent all day today canning spaghetti sauce. 36 quarts. I am exhausted. My feet and legs are swelled up like a whale. I will post that process later so you can do some yourself.

The rest of Sept is booked for us. We have ball games twice a week, karate twice a week, church on Wednesdays and on Saturdays, busy. This next Saturday, the boys are going coon hunting with their cousins. Dakota went back in the winter but Dallas is like me and doesnt do cold well so now it is warmer and he wants to go. Then the next Saturday is karate tournament. We will be gone all day. Then the next which runs into Oct. is belt testing day. Im glad to be busy though it is making our time go faster. But boy am I POOPED!!!!!!!!

Oh I almost forgot. I took Dakota after school one day (no football practice) to take his drivers license test and he passed with flying colors. Now Im a nervous wreck everytime he wants to drive. 😦

Well I hope everyone has a joyous day in the Lord tomorrow. God Bless until I blog again and can come up for air.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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