Good Weekend

I wish I could put pictures on here but desk top computer is sick and were fixing it, Im having to use dh laptop and Im not farmiliar with it.

Well the snow is melting around here, tomorrow things will be back to normal. School resumes after being out for a week for snow and today for Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. I will not look forward to Dakota going back to school again after a little break again. One of his teachers said last night at church that they will have to kick it in gear tomorrow, this week being off threw them off schedule. He will have a test as soon as he goes back in Geography. But thanks to his girlfriend who I love very much, would call him on several occasions and they would study together. She is very good for him. She helps him alot with his studies. My way of studying and my study habits may not work for him. I finally just told him to find what fits him best and go with it. His Science teacher said he has a 90 something average for this 9 wks. yea!!!!! I dont care how he learns just so he learns and passes. They should get their report cards this week. I dont know what they are going to do about tournaments in basket ball that were cancelled due to snow. I dont know if they will reschedule them or not. We are suppose to have Basketball Homecoming Court too. I guess we will see tomorrow. Me and Dallas will have to hit it tomorrow too in the books. They are so not looking forward to that.

Yesterday was good at church, good services and fellowship. We had a business meeting and planned our calender for the year with the youth and childrens dept activities. Teamkid will resume Wednesday night since school is back in. Last night after the business meeting, we had a Subway party for the kids. Dallas absolutely loves Subway. He can eat a footlong all by himself. His gums is better, although he missed karate Saturday. His instructor was suppose to watch him in class to see if he is ready for his orange belt. He will do this on this coming Saturday.

I must say since they were off two weeks for Christmas and now a week for snow, I got caught up on alot of things in the house. I cleaned out our computer room which is not fun. I cleaned out our filing cabinet and got caught up on filing which was a yr. behind, bought a new book case and put stuff away, cleaned up my sewing area, cleaned my cubby whole up on the computer desk and some school drawers. Gosh, that was enough to ware me out.

Then I went and purchased me a handy dandy contraption that transfers home videos or vcr cassettes to dvd’s. This thing has paid for itself. Two yrs ago before my mother retired from Walgreens, I had 18 8mm tapes of home movies transfered to dvd’s. My gosh I about went into debt, even with her employee discount. It was around $300.00 to do this. I have transfered 8 tapes so far. I love this little machine. Next, Im tackling the cabinet that stores our vcr home movies and vcr childrens movies. Then I will pack them up in case something ever happens to the dvd’s I can just do it again. Some are of my PaPa preaching on a tv station before he passed away. Dont want anything to happen to those. I would love to do my goat educational videos but I need a film editor to help me with these, cause U want to add music, menus, credits and snapshots. This will take some time cause they are taped out of order due to seasonal happenings.

I should be hearing something soon about my other 3 girls I took to the breeder. My friend drew blood and sent them off to the lab to test for pregnancy. Im so excited and cant hardly wait. Joe Joe is doing fine she is getting a little bump in her belly. Ihope she has twins again. The buck I had my other three girls bred to has been throwing twins. Maybe all my girls will give me twins. I cant wait to have milk again.I got caught up on their health records and shots and hoof trimming. That is a chore in itself.

This morning I went down to the chicken coop and one of our little chicks we hatched last summer was gone. Susie is grounded from going down to the pasture with me for a while. A few days ago, she reached her paw into the fence and grabbed it and drug it to the fence where she could get her nose in there. She clamped her teeth down but had to let go when she saw she couldnt get it through the fence. I checked the chick but couldnt find any blood so I didnt think any more about it,the injuries must have been internaly. Susie has been giving me her sad eyes but they are not going to work on me this time. I talked to her trainer and it may be confusing to Susie. You see she was trained to retrieve ducks, well anything with feathers she thinks she can have. I dont know how to train her otherwise without confusing her with her duck training, so Ill just not let her go to the coop with me anymore. Dixie will not go near the goat barn or coop because she has been butted enough by Joe Joe. It is funny, she is alittle scaredy cat. But she is a good girl. We totaly missed Susies heat cycle this fall. We were going to breed her on her time off  from competing. We never saw any signs of heat. Gosh, all this sounds farmiliar with my goats. lol Her trainer said it is not uncommon for them to skip a cycle. If we catch her in the spring we may breed her then. We will have some Champion pups.

This morning while the boys folded laundry I made their favorite, Choc. Chip Muffins. They love them. I also made some banana muffins for me and dh. It has been a lazy day, they are playing xbox together now, dear hubby is the biggest kid of all. I dont do the xbox thing, too many buttons for me at one time. lol

Our dryer is giving us a little fit. I think the heating element is going out or something. It will dry fine on one cycle but take forever on another cycle. Repair man has already been out here one time and told us to replace the vent and see if that works. Hello, its still under warranty, wasnt he suppose to do that? We did that and it didnt work, he will come again, says me.

We are trying to conserve our gas heat at the time. Gas is so high right now. We use our elec. heaters during the day and use gas at night. I love to smell our neighbors heat, they have wood heat and it smells so nice and looks so inviting.

We are planning to build in a couple of yrs if the Lord lets us. We have so much we have to get done first. More dozer work and drive way fixed.

Well, for someone who loves to talk, I have run out of things to say. Im going in here to join the kids and my big kid dh. Then its time to bed and early to rise.

Til I blog again have a good day in the Lord.

About 4dfarms

I am a wife to an amazingly dedicated, devoted, and loyal husband whom God sent to me. I am a mother to two wonderful boys to whom I'd give my life for. Around here we have homeschooled, we farm, garden, hunt, fish and anything else we want to do. Although I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes its hard for me to keep up. If it was not for my husband and two boys, I could not do some of what I do. They really do help me alot. We work together as a team in my home. We try our best to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Yea, they slip sometimes and correction has to be made. Thats life. I want so badly to be just like the Proverbs 31 woman. My grandmother did an awesome job of it and Id like to fill her shoes.
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