Playing In Our Flowers

I’m so glad I have a man who likes to play in flower beds as much as I do.


Our gardenias smell soooooo good.

I’m not one to brag, but this time I am. I made an awesome homemade bbq pizza tonight. You can make a pork butt stretch for three or four meals. The first night, have pork roast with vegetables. Second night, make bbq sandwiches. Third night you can have burritos or chimichangas. Forth night, bbq pizza. Little cost, many meals.


Last night I had two handsome dinner dates.


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Enjoying My Sweetheart and Mothers Day

Whoooo hooooooo! My sweetheart is finally home and we have him for the summer. At least that’s the plan.

One little girl has been glued to him since he walked through the door.  Well, besides me.


Any time he has to go somewhere,  like just to town, she thinks he’s leaving again out of town and she gets upset. We have to reassure her that Poppie will be right back.  If she knows he’s going outside, she will say, “Mone Poppie, shoes, outside. ” and you’d better be ready.

We have been catching up on maintenance around here and getting things caught up that needed to be done. The girls have helped out so much. They love doing anything we are doing. Caroline has been sticking close to me though, so I guess Poppie has a buddy and I have a buddy. She is standing on her own and it want be much longer til she will try to walk. She will be 9 mths next week.


We’ve got our garden in and all mulched.


We don’t mulch our corn. We are going small this year due to the girls being so little and can’t stay in the sun as long as us. We have them alot while Dakota and Jossie work. It gives us good quality time with them. And memories.

The first thing my sweetheart did when he got home was cut his girls some roses.


The Saturday before Mothers Day, we went to see my momma. She loved all of us showing up.


Sunday for Mothers Day, we surprised David’s momma and showed up at her church. Then a cookout at her house afterwards.


I got some beautiful roses from the girls and Dakota and Jossie got me a Pioneer Woman pitcher and teacup holder with two teacups. My dress I was wearing came from my sweetheart.  He I got him his shirt he was wearing for Valentines Day  so we matched.


Atleigh is sitting in her Great Great grandma Oliver’s rocking chair that she rocked me in as a baby. She gave me this chair many years ago and I rocked Atleighs daddy in it too.


Atleigh did not want to share her puffs so Caroline just got her own. These two are a hoot.


We have more work to do around here and a lawn mower that needs fixing.

We are redoing our front flower beds and I have two that I’m going to freshen up in the front yard.

Dallas is done with school early. His teachers let him go ahead and take his exams. So we are getting our summer break on.

Well, I’m off to fix my crew breakfast.

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Mother’s Day 2019


I’m paying tribute to two beautiful women today for Mother’s Day. I am who I am today because of them. Their prayers helped me make it through life.
My momma: God bless her. She raised us in a Christian home and I have heard her sing all my life. She was a Preachers daughter. She had devotions with us prayed with us, and over us all our lives. And still does. She worked hard to always make sure we had what we needed. Even if it meant two jobs. We were never hungry. We always had clothes to wear, alot which were hand made by her and my grandmother. They put alot of love into those garments. I felt the love in my mommas hands and hugs. I always felt safe and secure with her. She made home a home. She also had her share of tough love for me. Yes, I got my butt whooped alot and should have gotten more to be honest. She was tough and still is. She didn’t take any crap and still want. She sacrificed alot of things just to protect us and provide for us.
Still, today, she is amazing and one of my best friends. We love the days we get together and make the most of it. I can call her anytime and she will listen, let me vent, yell, cry, and get things off my chest, then she prays with me or for me.
She is graceful, but a force to be reckoned with. She is one of my heroes.
The next is my Ma Ma Oliver. My grandmother. Boy, how I miss her. Even when I got older, I always went to visit, and she always made my favorites to eat. I made sure my children knew her.
She was raised in a Christian home and was a very Godly woman. Talk about a Proverbs 31 woman. I don’t ever recall seeing her angry. Maybe a hissy fit or two, but never angry. She was a gentle kind soul who loved God, family and everyone. She was a prayer warrior. I would spend every summer with my grandparents. They taught me so much.
She put love into everything from house work, cooking, cleaning, gardening, animals, sewing, you name it. My momma says I am my grandmothers child. I patterned my life after her and I get my old fashioned ways from her. She was a gracious preacher’s wife and served the Lord and the church. I miss her dearly and wish I could visit so bad. I’d make sure my grandkids knew her.
These two wonderful women are the reason why I do what I do.


Two of my greatest blessings call me Mom. I prayed for children and God heard. Everything I have done all these years have been for y’all. I may not have done it or do it the way you want, but hey, you’re still alive and loved. 😜
We may argue, fuss, fight, and aggravate but in the end, we are a team. Y’all have given me more scares, heart aches, gray hair and hurt feelings than I can count but my love will never change. At the same time, y’all have done things that have made me so proud and overjoyed that I just had to shout it to the world.
I know I’m strict and old fashioned but I think y’all may get it now. I know I have screwed up sometimes and I know I have failed sometimes as a mother, but it’s not because I didn’t try. I look back alot of times and ask myself where I went wrong.
Y’all are prayed for daily and loved so much. You will never know. Maybe one day when y’all are older. God gave me a high calling as being a mother and i will do it to the best of my ability until he calls me home.
Always remember, I would lay down my life for either of you. I love y’all.


And these two made me a grandmother. Just when I thought my heart couldn’t get any fuller. They melt my heart and keep my young. We may not always see eye to eye but they are my little buddies and I know they love me.


Happy mother’s day to a wonderful young lady. The mother of our little grand blessings. I know it’s not easy with these Dixon men, but you have proved yourself quite well. You are slowly but surely passing the test. 😂
You are a great mom and kind hearted and most of all patient. That’s what it takes. Thank you for loving our girls and raising them. Jocelyn Smith we love you.


I have the greatest mother in law ever. I can’t say I have known her all my life but for 29 years I’ve know her to be a God fearing, Godly woman. She’s one tough cookie but with a heart of gold. She has always put others before herself. From what I know she has done this for a very long time. I am glad she raised this man here. He loves her and will do his very best to care for her.
She has always taken care of her children and raised them to be who they are. She has always sacrificed her needs for the sake of her family. You can’t keep this woman down. God is on her side.


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Just Relaxing

I am sitting on my back porch eating my supper. Chicken, and spinach alfredo with texas toast which I forgot about being in the oven.


I have got another book to start as soon as I finish my other one, well, that is if I can hold off that long. I may read two at the same time. lol. I love books like this.





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Fun Times With The Girls

Over the weekend I have had fun with my girls.

Sunday was church and it was just us.


After church, we ate lunch and took a much needed nap. They still have allergies from all the pollen right now and they are still stuffy and coughing. If I have wiped their noses once, I’ve wiped them 100 times.



After nap, we just had a little camera fun.



Saturday, I went to a local nursery and picked up another climbing rose bush and two clemantis vines. One of our rose bushes we have on our arbor did not make it and we are having to replace it. I have always wanted clemantis vines and was going to plant some last year on my bird feeding station, but missed them when they were in season, so I got them in time this year. Now, let’s see if I can grow them as good as my momma does. I got them transplanted today.



I am so excited that everything is blooming around here. It has been a dreary winter and the colors are awesome. I am cutting me some fresh flowers for our table too. They smell wonderful.


The herbs that the girls and I planted are doing fine. There is Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Chives, Dill, Lavender, and Sage.


Years later I’m still finding little army men in my garden.


This little buddy worked hard today. She helped me pick some spinach that her and Poppie planted together and we hung up some Nite Guards to help deter deer and we also sprayed our broccoli plants with peppermint oil in a spray bottle with some water. They are sprouting back after the deer ate most of them down. Deer do not like mint of any kind. Ha Ha boogers. She also helped me clean the bathroom this morning. I know there is nothing you can’t teach a child. They love to copy  cat what you are doing and they love to learn and try new things. Her work will not go unnoticed and she will be rewarded.

PhotoGrid_1556559669721Trying to teach them to weed the flower beds, but they would rather play with the cat


Dakota has decided they are going to only do a couple more fences then he is going to stop for a while if not all together. He has been killing himself trying to work a full time job and then coming home and working another. It was taking him away from his family and they were not having any time together. Not to mention, he was coming home irritable and cranky and you know what that means. You kind of take it out on your family. He knows this is for the best. I am so glad because I saw this coming but what do you say to them when they are so determined. They were trying to buy a house and everything was just not falling into place. I kept telling them that if things were not falling into place so easy, maybe it was not meant to be yet, and that God was saying the timing was not right. Dakota was so determined to provide for his family and wanted this house so bad. He was getting so stressed out and it was consuming him. Finally, Jossie told him to forget the house, she didn’t like seeing him stressed and she was stressing too. I  reassured them that its not that God doesn’t want them to have anything or succeed in life, its’s just not the right timing. If it was, everything would have fell into place and went smoothly. When it is their time, God will make it happen. They decided to drop the house situation for now and they have been so much happier. They feel as though a big burden has been lifted and I can see it and sense it. I am so happy because I was praying so hard for them. Then Jossie has some trials of her own.  She is very upset that she didn’t pass this semester. She said she should have never changed her major. After about 3 mths of being into the semester she realized she did not like the major she changed to and she did not like the classes but she was determined to finish. Well, life happens like having two under two and can’t find time to get homework done or study. She signed up for too many classes and got overwhelmed and she got very far behind. Trying to work a part time job too was not helping. She talked to her counselor and told her she would not be able to finish the semester and she would not change her major again. She is going to stick with dentistry. I started praying about this situation too. She had some decisions to make too. Her and Dakota were like two ships passing in the wind at night and did not get to hardly see each other or the girls and have any family time. She was getting depressed that I got to spend more time with the girls than she did. She has made  the decision to take a year off of school. She was getting burnt out too. She is so worried that she will not want to go back, but I told her I didn’t think that would happen because she is determined to make something of herself and have a good career. She has also put in her two week notice at her part time job. She only has two more nights to go. She has however got a full time job and is just going to enjoy a change of pace for a bit. They are both doing good. Now they are back to having their evenings and weekends together as a family.

I’m glad they saw the problems and were able to realize that they needed to talk and fix them. That’s what couples do. They realized they needed to do what was best for their little family and make some changes. I’m glad we have taught our kids something that they can take out into the world with them and remember what they have been taught and put that advice to use. Raising your kids is not over when they move out on their own.  They still need you sometimes to just ask for your advice or opinion on something. Be sure to teach them life lessons that they will take with them into the world. 

Dallas is doing fine in school. Our last day is May 20th and I can’t wait.

Dear hubby does not have much longer on this job and he plans to take the summer off and we are going to spend all the time together we can and have fun this summer.

It’s time for me to sign off. I have plopped my rear end in my comfy chair and I’m not moving the rest of the night.

Cya’ll and God Bless.

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I’m not kidding when I say she has to be right under me.



I have no personal space. But I don’t mind.



I love books on homemaking and such. I have started reading this one and so far I enjoy it.


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Loving The Spring

It is looking so beautiful around here. Everything is blooming.  These are my first roses  of the season and my favorite azalea. I love me some red.


My sweetheart bought me an indoor herb kit for Christmas and I planted them. Even after following directions they never sprouted. I had some seeds left over and waited a little for some better weather , nothing. I don’t know what I did wrong. So, I went to Lowe’s and bought some different potting soil and seeds and used some of my pots I already had on hand. I planted these last week and they have sprouted already.


With everything blooming,  comes the pollen and it’s been awful. I have had bad allergies for two weeks. Stuffy nose, cough, and sore throat. Now, I’ve got some sick girls.


We get a little relief when we get a rain. So it will get better.

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