It’s Been a Few Exciting Weeks.

Gosh, Where Did I Leave Off At?

I’m so sorry I’ve left y’all hanging. We have been incredibly busy around here, I have not had time to take a breather.

We have still been going back and forth from home to AR on weekends to see dear hubby. One weekend Dakota and Jossie surprised us and drove all the way to AR to see us. I think Dakota missed dad and they got bored. Lol.  photo PhotoGrid_1497217089545_zps22pmzui0.jpg
We get worried about Jossie traveling the closer her due date gets. She has been showing signs of getting closer but she is so unsettled and is tired of sitting around. Bless her.

Me and Dallas had to leave a day early that weekend to swing over to another town in AR to pick this little thing up. Yep, another puppy.  photo PhotoGrid_1497216792347_zpsox7hp744.jpg
Dallas has been wanting one for a long time and daddy finally agreed. Dallas wants to military train it so he can take it with him in the service after he graduates. Her name is Sierra. She is the sweetest thing and a cuddler. We got her all settled in with the other girls but it took a while. We had to make sure they all got along and she could defend herself. She keeps these others on her toes that’s for sure.
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216854078_zpsarmltdwe.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1497738418883_zps7j5glenk.jpg

Then the weekend came of Dallas’ big tournament in Pigeon Forge. My momma got to go with us and that made my sweetheart feel so much better that we were not alone. It was a big tease for me cause so many souvenir shops and not enough time. Besides that’s not the reason we were there anyway.
Momma came to spend that Thursday night with us so we could just head out that Friday morning. We got up and headed out and got there that evening. Got checked in our hotel and found something to eat and made it to at least one souvenir shop.  photo PhotoGrid_1497216736270_zpslghmmmqf.jpg
Came in and let Dallas swim in the indoor pool and jacuzzi to relax his muscles. We did too. I needed it after driving so long.
Got up early next morning and had to find the school it was being put on at. We got in and registered and met with our instructor. He was working with him and refreshing him before they got started.
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216660970_zpsa3boa08n.jpg
I was a nervous wreck and Dallas was a little calmer than me but just a hair nervous. There were 25 schools being represented​. His division was Brown belt to Black belt 13-15 yrs old.
He did awesome. He competed in Sparring which he got 1st place. photo PhotoGrid_1497216378442_zpsln6lj0fj.jpg
Grappling which he took 2nd place
 photo PhotoGrid_1497216215630_zpsbp00k5th.jpg
In Kata he took 2nd place, photo PhotoGrid_1497216528186_zpsuspnbdpc.jpg

I was so proud of him. Later that evening I got a text from our instructor saying they after he competed the judges who were also instructors of their own schools said that they were really impressed with Dallas. That have Dallas the big head a little. Lol
We left and went back to hotel to change and freshen up and go eat. My momma just so happened to have spotted a place. Paula Deens Kitchen . Oh yes.  photo PhotoGrid_1497215947114_zpsbx1acpsl.jpg It was excellent food and we loved her gift shop. Then, outside our hotel is a stream and it’s not a trip to the Smokies for us if we don’t get to stick out feet in the stream. Lol.  photo PhotoGrid_1497215841065_zpsc85g7ztm.jpg
We got back and got in the outdoor pool this time. photo PhotoGrid_1497215729507_zpsdruggoyu.jpg
This trip also reminded me of old times when I was younger and me and my mom and dad would all go camping twice a year and go to he Smokies. Although we would camp on the NC side in Cherokee on the reservation. We would take a day to go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg then a day to Townsend to ride through and spend the day at my families place, Cades Cove. Yes, I am an Oliver descendant. It was a very memorable weekend to say the least. I prayed all weekend that Atleigh would wait just a few more days before her arrival. I even told our instructor that if anytime during the tournament he saw me grab Dallas and my mom and head for the door it was because we got the call. Lol. He understood.
On our way home that Sunday, Jossie called and told us to stay close to the phones cause she was having slight contractions but they were too far apart. I kind of panicked and floored it. We made it home safely though. Lol.

Then We got the phone call at 12:30am on Wednesday that Atleigh was to make her debut.
We sat in that waiting room all morning waiting on her. photo PhotoGrid_1497738728969_zpsy2qoov6d.jpg
Poppie (dear hubby) was driving in all the way from AR so I was praying all morning. Dallas was sleeping on the chairs. Poppie finally arrived.
Finally around 9:34 am she did. Welcome Atleigh Grace Harper Dixon. 8lbs 9 ozs, 21 in long. photo PhotoGrid_1497738895746_zpsnzbod529.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739166673_zpsykriglsi.jpg
Poppie got to hold her before I did. photo PhotoGrid_1497739322987_zpsyips501t.jpg
When your first born holds their firstborn and cries, now that’s priceless. We had to take turns going in cause only two were allowed in the room at a time with Jossie. She wanted her mother and Dakota and we totally understood.
When I went in, they were taking care of Atleigh and Dakota was standing over her with her little fingers wrapped so tight around his finger and yes, he was crying. I started crying. It was so precious.  photo PhotoGrid_1497739079409_zpsucgvmglp.jpg
Jossie did so good during delivery. God answered another prayer. Poppie got to go in after that then Dallas. This was Dakotas words to Atleigh:you’ll always be loved by me. i seen something that’s more special than anything in this world today and that’s you. you’ll always be daddy’s little girl. i love you atleigh grace. My heart is full.
Then later that night he posts this on fb: i’m sittin here thinkin about somethin and i feel like i need to say this. i just became a new dad. i’m a union boilermaker and proud of it. my work calls for me being out of town for months at a time. as i sat there today looking at my little girl i realized how hard it’ll be to leave her this fall when i go back to work. to all my union brothers out there no matter what craft and any body that has kids and travels for work i got much respect for you. i used to hate when my dad had to go out of town to work but i know why now and that was to provide for me my brother and my mom. now to address something that’s been heavy in my heart. i’m gonna address all the dad’s out there because i am a dad now. if you’ve got a kid and you choose to not see your kid and not take part in there life i have zero respect for you. you are a piece of s***. if you’ve got a kid and you’ve chosen not to be apart of there life your kid sits there a lot and wanders where there dad is, who there dad is, if they’ll ever meet there dad. you have scared your kids life man. if you got a girl pregnant and you don’t want to be with that girl, that is still your kid. you missed one of the most amazing things in the world. when they laid my little girl on that table right after she was born i put my big fat finger up to her little hand and she grabbed ahold of it and wouldn’t let go. that is a feeling i’ve never felt before. it hit me hard. if you’ve got a kid out there and you chose not to be there for that moment you missed out on the biggest best moment of your life. for those dad’s out there that chooses to be apart of there kids life even tho you and there mother didn’t work out or got a divorce you have my respect. you made the right choice by taking part in your kids life. they’ll never have to wander who there dad is or if they’ll ever get to meet there dad. if you are offended by this post then you are one of those dad who needs to change. get involved in your kids life whether there 1 month old or 30 years old. it’s not late. maybe they can find it in there heart to forgive you and you can make things right. photo PhotoGrid_1497739250218_zpsds2hwdnn.jpg
I think he gets it now. He has my upmost respect.
We left that evening afternoon, although it was hard to but momma and daddy needed rest and time to bond. We went home and fell out asleep. Lol.
The next morning we went back for a short visit because Poppie had to drive back to AR. DARN WORK.
Dallas is the protective Uncle and this is his tribute to Atleigh:I will murder anyone who hurts her.i will hunt,track down,and eliminate all threats to her.i will be her protector and her guardian uncle.i will teach her the way of the fist and the way of the warrior.SO HELP ME GOD.
Gotta love him.
The next day she was being discharged from the hospital. I got to have the honors of picking her up. Dakota was at school, her mom had to work, DARN WORK AND SCHOOL. lol. I wanted to put bubble wrap around my truck. Precious Cargo. photo PhotoGrid_1497739589305_zpspmleqqvy.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739395570_zpsvowvu6ww.jpg

Got them home and we all took a little nap. Mom needed rest.
Atleigh is eating fine and doing real good. Although they are sleep deprived.
We stopped by to see them again before we left out for AR.  photo PhotoGrid_1497739966156_zpssljxl2ze.jpg
I hated to leave them this weekend to come back to AR but there was no way I was going to let Poppie spend Fathers Day alone. They will be taken care of while we’re gone and when we get back we will help too. I’ve been there twice and know how nervous you can get and tired.
We are going to have a good weekend with dear hubby and spoil him.
Hope everyone has a good and blessed day in the Lord.

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Paying Tribute to a Few Good Men

 photo FB_IMG_1497784328557_zpsuzt3mddl.jpg
I want to pay tribute to some very good men in my life for Fathers Day.
 photo FB_IMG_1497783187890_zpsib2nkpm9.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1497790777986_zpsa3dpadbm.jpg

First my Heavenly Father.

If it was not for him I wouldn’t be here today literally. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and bled and died so that I could be forgiven. I fail him daily but try my best. Thank You God for loving me and blessing me as you have. Thank you for your protection on my life. I love you.
 photo FB_IMG_1497432052365_zpstjl0foft.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1497432048687_zpscgfhurvd.jpg
This man set the first example to me of what a father should be. He is my PaPa Oliver. I grew up watching this man take my MaMa to church and take care of us just as he took care of his own children one in which is my momma. His heart and mind was always for his family and God. He served all til the Lord called him home. I always knew i wanted a man like my PaPa. My grandmother was one blessed woman. They have no idea how much i learned from them when i spent so much time with them. My momma knew where i wanted to go as soon as school let out for summer or anytime in between. I also enjoyed being spoiled rotten by them which my sisters are a little envious. Hahahahaha Happy Fathers day PaPa. Ill see you some day. I love you.
 photo FB_IMG_1497432117170_zpspejdpg9a.jpg
Although this man didnt come around til i was 14 he is my daddy. My childhood was a little confusing to me and I didn’t really understand fathers cause it was always momma. But God brought this man in my life and I’m thankful. I liked him but didn’t trust him. I especially didn’t like it when he tried pulling the father card on me you know like discipline. We had a rough spell cause I got rebellious. I’m ashamed to say I MADE him prove himself to be a good father and he passed the test. This man was awesome for taking in a wife and three girls. Boy….did he have it rough. He loved us unconditionally like his very own. He is kind to his neighbor and will also do his best to help someone in need. Thank you Melissa Nanney for sharing this crazy man with us. Happy Fathers day Thomas Flanagin. We love you Poppa.
 photo FB_IMG_1497432196106_zpsjrtxbix7.jpg  photo FB_IMG_1497432200889_zpszf0bhmo4.jpg
To the most extraordinary and amazing man I have ever had the pleasure of calling my husband, my children’s father and my best friend. David Dixon Iam so glad God gave me you. I could not do life without you. Me or our kids have never gone without or wanted for anything. You have always provided. Thank you for always praying for leadership and guidance. Thank you for helping me raise two amazing young men. Thank you for your loyalty, dedication and devotion. We love you with all our hearts.
 photo PhotoGrid_1497739079409_zpsucgvmglp.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739166673_zpsykriglsi.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1497739250218_zpsds2hwdnn.jpg
To my first born Dakota Dixon as you hold your first born, I have watched you grow up to be an amazing man. You are a great husband to Jossie and you will be an even greater father to Atleigh, it is in your blood cause you learned from the best there is. I prayed long and hard for God to send you a good girl to be your wife and he came through for me. You have the best wife ever in Jocelyn Smith and she will be a great mother. I could not be more blessed. Hold them, love them, provide for them and protect them with your heart and soul. Decisions are not easy to make and there will be sacrifices to make. That’s just what dad’s do. I think you get that now. We love you son and hope you have the best fathers day ever.

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Remember The Fallen.

I am by no means trying to be rude but people really need to know the difference between these holidays. As a veterans wife of a veteran even he knows Memorial Day is not about him because he was one of the blessed ones to make it back home alive. Let me explain it better, if you are looking them in the face and they are still alive you can’t honor them on Memorial Day cause their not dead. You can shower them with thank yous on their appropriate day. If they HAVE SERVED whether in war or peace time, it’s Veterans Day. If they ARE STILL SERVING, it’s Armed Forces Day. However you can still thank these people on any day for their service because I make it a point to. Memorial day remembers and Honors fallen heroes. Hence the reason for the word Memorial. Sorry if I have offended anyone but we need to properly educate people and our younger generations.
 photo FB_IMG_1495542440820_zpsjztg7iwk.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495841790666_zpsnp0ffznb.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1496054222259_zpsihwcipj6.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495541266187_zpsrlvyqwed.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495371466766_zpsf70sab1o.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495541387415_zpsdqzyimrq.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495541343633_zpseevq8glw.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495380352898_zpsnogrfamp.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495541315897_zpsuudxlf5t.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1495541399588_zpsdnclwzxu.jpg

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Work, Play, Work, Play..

Seems like that’s all we’ve done the past few weeks is work, play, work, play, etc.

We work our tails off during the week and we go to AR  on weekends to see daddy. He would have never been able to stay this long if we weren’t able to come see him. I have enjoyed our weekend road trips. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

Week before last, we worked hard all week on yards, small projects and garden. Dallas had his yard mowing and weedeating to do, so I worked in my new flower bed I’m making. It’s a work in progress trust me. I had to rehome a few rose bushes that were not thriving around our back porch, so I had to find a place for them.
 photo IMG_20170518_114712404_zpsokiz9kod.jpg  photo IMG_20170518_121508366_zpsqbgrteku.jpg  photo IMG_20170518_121512243_zpsbubjk9mp.jpg  photo IMG_20170518_114653062_zpsgg1gevgb.jpg I moved my bird bath and bird feeders. I also have a concrete angel that dear hubby bought me years ago for Mothers Day. I moved her there. I transferred alot of our hostas to this flower bed too. I have got to finish mulching it in and marking my perimeter. We are also going to add a little seating bench. It will be lovely when I’m done.

Then Dallas was working hard. I have been very hard on him and sometimes we start arguing. I forget this is the first summer he has really took on the weedeating. Big brother just showed him a few pointers last year and not how to properly do everything as to how Daddy wants it done. Not to mention we have added big brothers yard to his agenda. But he is getting the hang of it and getting alot better.  photo IMG_20170517_111634395_zpskou7v089.jpg This is how you teach work ethics. First, you make them work, second, you teach them that no matter who they are working for to do a good job. These boys will tell you that working for Daddy is the hardest they have ever had to do. If daddy pays you, you do it right or you don’t get paid or you go back and do it right. Do they like this? Of course they don’t, however Dakota has realized that this goes far beyond at home. It goes out in the real world with you. Every job he has ever had, they brag on his work ethics and how good of a job he does. Dallas will be the same way. It just takes parenting.

You just have to dance a little when “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” comes on your radio. Yea, Dallas thought I was crazy.  photo FB_IMG_1495981957643_zpsxn4pf6ra.jpg

Then on Thursday night we had Jossies high school graduation. Dakota got to come in for that. We are so proud of her. She Cowgirled up and got that diploma. The past few months have been hard for her because she is one month away from delivery. Her teachers have been very understanding and helpful.  photo PhotoGrid_1495629541463_zpsm1vby5mf.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1495629389522_zpsscf7bjvw.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1495629484769_zpsfirfjspp.jpg Afterwards, we all went out to eat. We had a great time.

Friday, it was time to go to AR. The first day there, Dallas decided he wanted a new hair cut.  photo PhotoGrid_1495310211712_zpsabenlyrd.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1495629608833_zpsxikqnolv.jpg He absolutely loves it. He can wear it spiked up or down.

Then the next day we wanted to hit the pool. Ahhh….. photo PhotoGrid_1495629644549_zpsgqzhdb9o.jpg That night daddy took us out to a favorite place we have found out here to eat. I still get butterflies with this man.  photo PhotoGrid_1495629682943_zpswwqmtfdk.jpg
The next day we went to Hobby Lobby and found some things. This man found me the perfect rose. Lol.  photo IMG_20170520_152436938_zpsyuwgucfj.jpg
I found a nice plant to put in my Potter that Dakota got me for Mothers day  photo IMG_20170518_084324548_zpscsqk8rm7.jpg

Then it was time to come home again and get more work done. We work hard during the week so we can play on weekends. We only had a few small projects this time. We had to hoe the corn in the garden. Then Dallas just had a few things to do. Easy week.
Dallas’ new ghi came in and at 9:30pm the other night, I’m sewing his patches on. photo FB_IMG_1495983017442_zpsrtkbw7j7.jpg Daddy has agreed to let me take him to a tournament in Pigeon Forge in June. It took alot of sweet talking him but he agreed. Now, his instructors are getting him ready for this.

Dakota finally got to come home from his job. They got it finished. When your son asks you to come over for burgers, you go.  photo IMG_20170522_182545970_zpsxv1o89xz.jpg They did a good job cooking and we had fun. I am so proud of him. He will have some classes to take for his apprenticeship program while he is here.
I also try to give Dallas some time with his friends too since it’s summer break. He had a few friends over and I fixed pizzas and had Dakota and Jossie over too. They still enjoy their fight time together.  photo IMG_20170524_213446623_zpsouic0alu.jpg

Well, we’re in AR again. We will stay an extra day this week, then it’s back to the work.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday in the Lord.  photo FB_IMG_1495371428257_zps8atrenyg.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1494940636043_zpslhl9i3oa.jpg

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Now, Maybe I Can Slow Down

It was a wild week last week. Dallas had so much going on.

First, I knew I had to dedicate that week to cleaning my house because we have worked so much outside, that the inside of my house was a mess. Plus, we were going to have company coming on Friday so I had to spiff it up.

They weren’t doing much in school last week because it was their last week of school since they were graduating and no more tests. Some days were kind of boring and he kept wanting me to check him out after only dropping him off a few hrs before. One day I did but the other days I didn’t cause I was busy at home doing something else so he just had to tough it out. 😁

Tuesday night at karate he was awarded his Poom Belt and Certificate. Now, we begin the process of working towards Black Belt. This is what you get with hard work and determination.
 photo IMG_20170513_102510746_zpstva4dwiu.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699616390_zpssrvacoyb.jpg There is the removing of the old belt and properly folding it, to tying on the new.
Then that night he got to instruct.
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699745673_zpsrrftz68g.jpg He had a very good night.

Wednesday he came home from school and asked if it could just be us at home so we agreed. He brought a devotion for us and cooked for me and rented us a movie on Dish. I think he just wanted to spend some time with me. Made me proud. He cooked us some stir fry. It was delicious.

I had to keep quiet all week about Daddy coming home to surprise him for his graduation. Dallas had already went to bed before he got in so he just surprised him the next morning. He was happy when he saw daddy. It was time to get ready for graduation and Daddy had to tie his tie.  photo PhotoGrid_1494699482733_zps29dgxlcl.jpg My, my, where has the time gone? We had to get him to the school so he could line up.  photo IMG_20170515_105620_zps7rguwdrw.jpg
Dallas got another surprise, big brother drove in from working out of town to surprise him.
The ceremony was great.
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699432589_zpsiutqhnts.jpg
There was a reception afterwards and I got pics of him with his friends and teachers. He actually apologized to them for sometimes causing mischief. 😁
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699202227_zpswpf9rwp1.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699243571_zpsjtvg8u6t.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699278040_zpslkkjlgpp.jpg
Some of his teachers was some of the same ones Dakota had there too. He got to see them.
We got home and had cake and ice cream for him.  photo PhotoGrid_1494699078483_zpsthjabqdm.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1494699141221_zps9usbw28f.jpg

Daddy had gotten me something for Mothers day and got it put together and I did not see it until I walked into my sewing room to get something.

 photo IMG_20170512_165210884_zpsprcwoi2k.jpg It is a reclining chair with heat and massage. I love it. Every body had to sit in it. When I walked in, I thought it was a rocking chair he bought for him to rock Atleigh in until he said it was mine. I love that man.
Saturday we got up and got moving because daddy wanted to spend time with his mommas for Mothers Day before he had to leave out. We got up and fixed breakfast and loaded it up and met Dakota and Jossie at Nanny’s house. We surprised them cause we just love surprises. They loved it too and were not expecting it.
After that, we left and Dakota had to hit the road going back to work. Daddy had bought a tractor from a man in our community and we went and picked it up. He loves it. He wanted to do some work on the farm so bad but he also had to get his stuff together too to head out again.  photo PhotoGrid_1494698992245_zpsvr4l0ttk.jpg
It was time for him to pack up and leave. I swear, I never get use to that. We start missing each other as he pulls out of the driveway.

Me and Dallas get in the kitchen and cool supper for us that night and lunch for after church the next day. I let his loose and he fixed us a pizza. He made Shrimp and Spinach Alfredo for lunch after church cause we were getting up that morning and heading to my Momma and Daddys and showed up at their church. I told you we like surprises. I had a good day with my mommy. It was good to stand beside her and sing again.
 photo PhotoGrid_1494866498094_zpsbrdsn1s7.jpg
After church we went back to their house and had a picnic with the lunch Dallas had made.
 photo IMG_20170514_132740147_zpsv0yf6ssj.jpg

We spent all day with them. We got back home and I just sat on my back porch just enjoying nature and the rest of my day. I had an indigo bunting, a grossbeak, and a cardinal on my feeder at one time.  photo IMG_20170514_190255864_HDR_zpsuau4usew.jpg
Everything is going good on the farm. The garden is growing and me and Dallas have got more work to do. This week I’m remulching my flower beds and primping them. Dallas will be mowing yards.
Annie is doing great with her kittens. They are growing so good.

 photo IMG_20170513_095300874_zps70nnujyt.jpg
 photo IMG_20170513_095324952_zpsev8lzm7g.jpg
She’s very protective of them.

I am so glad there is no more alarm clocks cause SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER. Yes, I get to have my kid all to myself. He got up this morning and made our breakfast. Yummy. I could get use to this.

Well, we’ve got to get busy so everyone have a good day.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today marks the day we pay tribute to our Mothers who gave birth to us and nurtured us. They got us ready for this journey we call life.
 photo FB_IMG_1494417950917_zpset93inpp.jpg
I would like to pay tribute to my mother, Janice. She played two roles for a long time. Both mother and father. Sometimes worked two jobs to make sure food was on the table. She sacrificed her own needs to make sure ours were met. She protected us at all costs alot of times. We may not have had everything we wanted but we sure had what we needed. She is a woman of God and her faith and prayers are why Im here today.

The next greatest woman in my life was my grandmother aka MaMa. I patterned my life after this woman yes, my mothers too, but this was a one of a kind woman. She molded my mother into the woman she was…..see what I mean? She was a preachers wife and loved unconditionally. Never saw her angry or talk bad of anyone. She was a Virtuous Woman. She raised her children in a fine Christian home and made so many sacrifices for her family. She was the most dedicated and devoted mother to her family.
She is celebrating Mothers Day in Heaven.

 photo FB_IMG_1494417083387_zpsqmwuj2p2.jpg

Happy Mothers Day to my grandmother who is celebrating in Heaven. Dorothy Oliver. I patterned my life after this woman. She was a virtuous woman who loved unconditionally and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Never really saw her angry. She raised her children in fine christian home. She had a servants heart. Truly a virtuous woman.

 photo FB_IMG_1494417679380_zpsrwfsvbdo.jpg
Happy Mothers Day to my momma Janice Flanagin. This woman made so many sacrifices for her girls and raised us in a Christian home. Her faith and prayers are why Im still here today. Should have paid more attention to her advice when I was in my youth but I value it so much more today. Such a wonderful and strong woman.

Little did I know what it meant to be a mom til they laid my firstborn in my arms. Oh my Goodness, the feeling of helplessness. I was so scared I literally shook all night the first night we brought him home. Yes, it does get a little easier with the second but the protectiveness is still the same. I try so hard to be the mom Im suppose to be but I know I fail miserably everyday. I make mistakes. I pray and I ask God to guide and lead me. Also, the way I was raised was not bad so if it worked for me it can work for them. Although I could do without the curse that my mom put on me about paying for your raising. Yep, I was not the perfect teenager. I put my parents through pure heck. I regret every minute of it too and have apologized many times with pardon and grace granted each time.
One of the most wonderful things for me in the world besides becoming a wife was becoming a mother to two wonderful blessings.
 photo IMG_20170514_065139_zpsmzy7oyrl.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065110_zpswerdz0w4.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065740351_zpsnybtqarz.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065857_zpszml9k7uw.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065845_zpscnvv5oqw.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065833_zps1fpvmg7l.jpg  photo IMG_20170514_065821_zps3l5gzuir.jpg  photo PhotoGrid_1494760613615_zpszvwztwje.jpg
These are my reasons for living and breathing. I found one of the purposes in my life and that is that God called me to be a Mother and Momma. I sacrificed my life to give them life and I will do it all over again if need be. I pour my time and energy into raising my kids and I have no regrets. Have I been tired? Yes, but if I give up or quit what kind of mother would I be? Has it been smooth sailing? Uh, No, but it’s not suppose to be. It’s called parenting and tough love. I am very emotionally attached to my kids. I worry for them when something bothers them or tried to hurt them, or something is going on in their lives they may not tell me, but a mother knows. I get extremely nervous when they have big situations coming up. I will hurt anyone who hurts my kids, trust me. I defend them when they need it but I also have their back side if they need that too. Momma don’t play. I pray for them daily. They are half my heart cause daddy has the other half. Just because they get grown and gone doesn’t mean my job is done. They will always be my babies no matter what and there’s nothing they can do about it. Lol. I have enjoyed this journey and look forward to the rest as long as God lets me have them. Thank You God for these wonderful blessings I get to call my sons. I love you both with every breath I take til my last. Even then I will look down from Heaven and watch over you and aggravate you.

Motherhood is awesome but at the same time exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. I wear that title proudly. Anyone who knows me personally knows this. Everyday is a challenge but I greet it and face it and we figure it out with lots of prayer. Alot of forgiveness goes a long way.
My family completes me and every breath I take is for them. They are my life and my heartbeat. 
My prayer is I can continue to be the mother God would have me to be. With his grace I will be.
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I am also fortunate to have a great mother in law who raised a fine young man who raised a fine grown man who is a wonderful husband and father. I will praise him on Fathers day. lol. She worked hard to provide for 6 children by herself. However, she doesn’t care to much about having her picture made.

Happy Mother’s Day to Nanny aka Virginia Dixon. Every body just calls her Nanny. She did a fine job of raising six kids by herself especially this one. She went without just to make sure her kids had what they needed. Literally. She is a Godly woman and loves all her family. I am truly blessed to have her as my mother in law. She has also taught me alot.
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I am so proud to be a mother in law to such a beautiful, thoughtful, bright, and loving daughter in law. I am always here for you if you need me. It is a joy to finally have another girl around here to talk to. Lol. Maybe we can outnumber these Dixon boys around here. When Atleigh gets here at least we will be even. 3-3. Lol. You are going to be a great mother to our little princess and future children. We love you and have a happy mother’s day today. Jocelyn Smith

Take this day to go visit or call your mom and let her know you love her. I think she deserves it.

Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there.

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I Get It Now

I have been really emotional this week and I do at this time every year. You see my first thought is I feel so guilty for putting my momma and daddy through you know what in my teenage years. I was raised right and I knew better. However I thought I was smarter than them and thought I’d prove it. Boy, was I wrong.
I could not understand why my momma was still up all hours of the night praying for me and waiting for me to get home. I get it now because my second thought is, I’m paying for my raising, thanks​ for the curse momma. Boy, I thought you prayed alot for your babies when they were little. It is nothing compared to when they get older. I have hit my knees more in their teenage years than I ever did when they were little. I get it now.
I catch myself still apologizing to my momma and daddy all the time. I’m so glad I grew up and realized why they did all they did. Its called parenting and loving your kids enough to teach them right from wrong. It’s called discipline. I get it now.
I’ve learned you can teach your kids right from wrong all their life but that doesn’t always mean they are going to do right all the time. Yes this hurts a parent because your only trying to warn them. I get it now. You have to hit your knees for your kids and stand in the gap. Times are getting harder to raise kids.
I get really mad these days when I see parents not teaching their kids morals, standards, responsibility and work ethics. I just want to shake them and say, What is wrong with you people?
My kids are learning alot and growing and I will always love them no matter what.
Hit your knees parents if you love them. I get now why my momma did so many times.

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