Gender Reveal

The week started out good.

Dallas is doing more instructing in class and he is doing very good. And Atleigh loves watching  Uncle Dallas . She’s  like, yep , I can do this. Lol.



We went to the Dr with Jossie and had the sonogram done. So the technician folded it up and sealed it in an envelope that had the gender on it. The others she let us keep. Our little peanut is growing.


Poppie got to come home and the first thing he wanted to do was ride her on the tractor and play with her.


Then he tilled  my garden up for me so I could get my broccoli  planted. 20180318_094826

The day finally came when Atleigh  got to reveal the gender of her sibling.


Yes ,another Princess. Now Dakota will have two daddy’s girls. Poppie is happy. They were so thinking boy that now they have to think of girls names again. Lol.

My momma brought some of Dakota’s toys to me from when he was little. Now Atleigh has them. Dakota wagged  this My Buddy doll everywhere


Well, it’s been a busy weekend. This is the last full week of school before spring break and I can’t wait.

Hope everyone had a good day in the Lord .

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So Happy for the Time Change

I always love when we get to have longer day light hours. I may not like the darkness  when we’re up getting ready for school, but hey, I’ll take it.

We are just moving on along here. It has just about done nothing but RAIN RAIN RAIN this winter. I guess that’s better than ice but I do like to see some snow too. I don’t always  trust the gopher. I think we’re going to have one more good freeze before the weather settles. This winter  has been rough on my RA. The steroid shot my Dr gave me barely worked.  I have had dull aches and pains in different places. It just shifts. Then with the rainy weather it just almost made me depressed. If it wasn’t for Atleigh , there would be days I wouldn’t get out of bed. I’ve been so lazy and had  no motivation this winter. We have another cold front coming through so tonight I’m building a fire in the fireplace. I havent hardly built one because that’s usually my sweethearts  job it to build  me a fire.  Guess I’ll have to build my own.

We’ve just been rocking on here day by day. Dallas was informed that they asre moving his black belt test up so he can take over some classes by himself. He is so excited.  They are letting him instruct the first hour of class and then he works on his stuff the next hour. He is getting so much better at instructing too.


Atleigh loves watching Uncle Dallas.  It is getting hard to keep her still for two hours because she wants to get out there and do what everyone else is doing. Now I have to take her in the back room and let her play. #bringit


Dear hubby gets to come home on weekends right now until the outage starts, then he want get to. One weekend, I just wanted out of the house and we decided to take a trip there.  Of course someone did not want me going. As I was packing, she was unpacking my box.


I figured I could  console her, so when mommy got out of class we met for lunch before we headed out. I thought that would do the trick.


I was doing good until we said goodbye. She cried.  My heart broke. But mommy was taking her to see her other crazy grandma so I felt better. Lol

Me and Dallas hit the road. I never thought we were going to get there. We got into  three traffic jams. Ugh! We finally arrived at 7:10 pm  David had reservations  at a restaurant  at 7:20. We just switched trucks and left again.


And of course the next day we drive to Little Rock to Bass Pro. Then we hit a huge outlet mall that had some babies shops. Of course we had to get Atleigh something . I was exhausted when we got back.  We were so lazy getting going the next day but me and Dallas had to get on the road.

We got back home safely and someone missed me .


We got her a little tooth brush and toothpaste .  She loves it.


What do you do when your son and daughter in law ask you to go somewhere with them? You go and then you swing by and grab your granny and take her too. We went to Chuck E Cheese.


My momma had a ball.  Jossie was off work again the next day and we wanted to go back to Tupelo so we grabbed our granny again on the way and headed out. I wanted to go to Toys R Us and Babies R Us. I was on a mission. We ate lunch in the mall and I got to ride the carousel with Atleigh.


She was so tired but we could not ha ‘ve asked for a better baby. She hung in there because she wanted to do everything we were doing. She wasn’t the only one exhausted .  I had to just be lazy the next day on purpose. I was so sore.

Dallas had gone to YEC with the church  and was upset we went to Chuck E Cheese without him, so he said I owe him. Lol .  He came home tired and irritable  because on these church trips,t all the kids want to stay up all night then when it’s time to come home, they can’t  sleep on the bus. They made it home safe.


Dakota  has to go back out of town this week. Atleigh is beginning to have a lot more to do with daddy. She just randomly gives daddy hugs and kisses now.


This girl is a character.  She loves seeing another baby in the mirror. She loves to give it kisses.


Her Lolly, which is Jossies mom, took her Easter pics


This  week Jossie  goes to have the gender sonogram done. They have chosen again to have a gender reveal party and not know  until then. Of course it’s going to kill them because we have to wait til the weekend so Poppie can be here.

I hope  everyone  enjoys their day and just remember to smile


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Keeping Our Heads Above Water

Literally, that’s what we’re  trying to do. It has rained so much the past few weeks, I’m so ready for sunshine. If it doesn’t quit raining, we’re going to have to build an ark.

Everyone has been sick around my house. I was sick for a week and still don’t really know what I had.  I tested negative for the flu so my Dr gave me some antibiotics  and a cocktail shot. My RA has flared up all winter and my elbows really hurt. Like someone has hit them with something. The cocktail shot helped a little since it had a steroid in it. I’m better now.

Dakota came home one weekend and was sick and got Jossoe sick. Boy oh boy. We’re still trying to get him better. Jossie went to the Dr and tested negative for the flu which is a blessing. Atleigh was running fevers  and very cranky and fussy for a week. Jossie took her to the Dr and no flu. Very thankful. She finally got better now she just has the sniffles. Her two bottom teeth are almost in and we will be so glad. She has had more trouble with them. Maybe we’re  all on the mending  side.

Daddy didn’t come home one weekend because he didn’t want to get sick and I don’t blame him. He did come home this weekend though and we had a good time.

We did get to go to Atleighs  Aunt Ryan’s birthday party one night. I think she liked the cake


She loves her Aunt Ryan. This is Jossies little sister .


One day it was a little warmer but no sunshine, but I wanted out of the house so bad. We loaded up and went to the park.


Sometimes I have no personal space but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


When you have work to do but they need attention, you just wear them.


Atleighs  first time in the nursery at church she did good as long as I was sitting there. The second night, not so good. The minute she noticed  me missing, pandemonium set in. PhotoGrid_1518747231889

She is my buddy by all means.  I walk out of a room and she cries and crawls to find me. I walk into a room and she wants me. Even if her momma is there. She climbs up my leg  and gives me this look like she’s asking me nicely to pick her up. She want hardly go to anybody else. If you take her from me she cries. If poppie kisses me she gives him a look. Bless her. PhotoGrid_1518747249231

Maybe she will be a dentist like her mom cause she’s sure checking my teeth out.


Those little feet


Mirror, mirror on the wall,  who is the fairest of them all?


Dallas’ instructors are going to vigorously train him in the next few months  to get his black belt so he can conduct classes on his own. He is so excited .


For Valentine’s day my sweetheart did get me a pizza peel. It’s just the little things that make me happy. I’ve got to do some tweeking  and learn it and my baking stones better .


I hope everyone enjoys their day. God Bless.

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Birthday Boy

PhotoGrid_1518144919416Today is this boys birthday. They came up to see us and we had lunch and fellowship. Not to mention she brought me some more muscidine  jelly.

This is my daddy. He turned 74 today.


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Birthday Boy

This handsome young feller turns 15 today. Where did the time go? I knew you were mine by the way you were screaming when they were bringing you down the hall to my room. Yep, everyone heard you. You have all the qualities that’s gonna make a fine man someday. You are sensitive, loyal, passionate, with a splash of stubbornness, well maybe a lot of stubbornness, independent, loving, dedicated, emotional, all wrapped up inside a rough exterior. You are my mini me. You always take responsibility for your actions even though they are a little stupid sometimes. Lol. You are becoming very responsible. God will bless you for these traits and never forget them. We love you buddy. We hope you have a good day.


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I tried my pressure cooker out again. Parmesan chicken on the bottom and corn on the cob on top. With a side of artisan bread. Yummy.


We were fortunate enough to go in thirds with David’s  brother and another guy on a steer and had butchered.  300 to 400 lbs of beef in the freezer. He went to pick it up today. We want be buying any meat for a long time.

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Out and About

It’s back to the drawing board  again. After being cooped up for a week and a half  due to snow, it’s nice to get out and about. I hated hearing that alarm go off for school this morning but the springy temperatures helped my feelings some.

Atleigh is growing way too fast .  We’re beginning to try to stand. PhotoGrid_1516672515979

She can make some of the funniest faces


Today she helped me make artisan  bread which was wonderful.  And then we folded laundry.


G-Maw has a little buddy. We snuggle and cuddle. She cries when I leave a room, and she crawls to find me, not that I go far. When I walk into a room she wants me. When I’m near her she’s climbing up my legs. I have to go out of the room so Poppie can spend time with her. #imsoloved


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