Projects On Top of Projects

Well, I’d like to say we have slowed down, but I can’t. We have been busy completing projects around here. We had alot  to do to get our house and yard ready for our 4th of July party we always have.

This is one that we are proud of, I know dear hubby is. He worked on this for days just a little at a time. He first started by taking up our old flower bed borders. We went to Lowe’s to get our blocks to match the look we wanted. He removed our old borders and scalloped the ground and laid the stones. This is before and after. We loved the way it turned out. We took all the old mulch and moved it to some more flower beds we are going to make.



We just have to figure out now what we want to plant in those. I think we are going to replant our gardenia bushes because they don’t seem to be doing well where they are. Then I think we planned on some small rose bushes. My sweetheart loves his rose bushes mostly so he can cut me some any time he wants to.

My momma gave me some elephant ears and I put some in various flower beds.

My other flower beds are doing great. I love the splash of color.

I spent a week scrubbing down my house. Just when we get the outside caught up, the inside gets behind. I can’t seem to catch up. I always want my house to be clean not just everyday but especially when we have company. And when you throw a party, that’s alot of people. My sweetheart loves to entertain and cook for a crowd and that’s just what he did for the 4th. I made all the sides and desserts.


I am very proud of these desserts. I made a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream icing, then added the berries. But, Oh, this Rolo Cheesecake!!!!!! It was the first to go.



We had a very good time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and went home with full bellies and probably sore due to all the games we played.

I grabbed my momma one day and we took the girls to the Memphis Botanical Gardens and Bass Pro. She has always wanted to see Bass Pro and I’ve been wanting to go to the Gardens.

  1. Another day we loaded up and went to her house. She had eye surgery and had to hold off on driving. We just ate lunch and let the girls swim.
  2. Poppie sure is enjoying his time with his girls. Dixon, tea party of three.

I have to admit I have too. I let Atleigh help make pizzas one night,  she did awesome

We double dated with Dallas and Briley one night. He splurged and bought their own dinner. And they danced a little.

There have been days I just could not do anything. I have had a cold since May, and I can’t seem to shake it. I did not know a human could produce so much mucus. I have blowed til I have a soar on my nose. I have coughed my head off. I think its getting better. Dear hubby knew the weeds in my garden were driving me crazy so, bless him, he tilled for me. Then they got busy mowing.

I celebrated my 48th bday. I am so blessed to have another year.

Dallas got to finally take his driving test and he passed. We let him use his truck to take it in and dad went with him. Dad had never been a passenger when teaching our kids to drive. I taught our kids to drive and was the acting Guinea pig. He has been riding around with him lately to see how he does and he has to feel comfortable with knowing he drives good before we just set him free driving. Rules will be the same with him as with our oldest when he started out. We let him make little short trips like to the store down the road, to nannys house and brothers house. We track him GPS too.

School has been delayed three weeks due to some work not being completed on one school in the county so all schools will be delayed so the county can be on the same schedule. I am so glad. I hate when they changed things a decade ago and made them start going back in August.  We didn’t have to go back until middle of September.  Geez, these kids get no break.  I am glad to be getting more time. There are some more things we want to do. I hate it when I hear a parent say they can’t wait until school starts back so the kids will be out of their hair. I love being with my kids. Then parents complain they are eating them out of house and home during the summer. Well, you have to feed them the rest of the year, so why not summer break. That opens up a soap box for me.

I’ve got dr appointments lined up. I have an irregular heart beat and palpitations so they are doing some tests on my ticker to make sure nothing is mechanically wrong.  We have to figure out what is causing it and why I get so lightheaded and dizzy and have brain fog sometimes. I also have shortness of breath. I don’t think anything is wrong with my heart so I’m not worried. But I can’t live with being light headed and dizzy. They hooked me up to a heart monitor. What I hate is,  I can’t shower, sweat or swim. I have to be clean, I can’t stand it. Good thing I’m getting it off tomorrow. This tape has itched me to death and I have hung myself on every door and cabinet knob.

We got two cases of peaches in and I had 8 qts of peaches and 4 cups of juice. One box is mommas and she yielded two gallons of peaches for jelly.

I hope everyone enjoys their day. As for me, this ole gal is going to bed.


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Happy Independence Day

Thank you to the First Continental Congress, Paul Revere for that infamous midnight ride and Patriots who didn’t give up.

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Summer Projects

Our June month has been busy so far.

We have been trying to get a few outside projects done around here, then a few pauses for parties, get togethers, and rest.

I would love to show some pics of our projects but I will hold off and post them when we’re done.

We have had some rain here the past week and it has been well needed. Our garden is coming along fine. Atleigh is so excited to see our “widdle  madoes” in the garden.

It’s so nice to wake up and hear the birds singing. I love having my coffee and prayer time outside. I’ve got flowers and bushes blooming like crazy and smelling so good. I forgot to take some pics of my two flower beds I worked so hard in a few weeks ago. I planted some caladiums and wild flower seed and they are growing good. I will put some pics in my next post.

Dear hubby is working on his projects too.

We are trying to get everything prepared for our annual 4th of July cookout at our house. We didn’t get to last year because he was in AR working for the summer. So it’s on this year.

We have got to enjoy a few things with my momma. One day we loaded up kids for Grab Your Granny Day and went to a park. We had an extra kid and she took up with my momma pretty good.


Fathers Day came and we spent some time with my daddy.


I got up that morning and threw everything in my Pressure Cooker and lunch was served. PhotoGrid_1561126216586

After that we had a big girls bday party to go to. Yep, our Atleigh turned the big 2. My, my, where does time go. This girl is a character.  She will keep you laughing and has such a sweet heart. She is a lover not a fighter that’s for sure.


We went down to their house for her bday party.


Then Sunday, Fathers Day, we spent it with Dakota and Dear hubby.


We have been enjoying our time with the girls. Poppie especially.


Caroline turned 10 mths old this month. She is growing and learning fast. She started walking here at our house and has not looked back. Her nickname is scrappy because she loves to fight with Poppie.  She will sike you out. She thinks everything is funny and she loves food.


Their Lolly had a photo shoot with them.


We had the chance to go to my 30th high school reunion.  It was nice to see old friends.


I have been having to go to drs appts

This clot in my leg is not getting any better and my RA dr doesn’t like the fact that it is still there. So he sent me to a DVT dr. We did another ultra sound and the clot has not changed any. It has  not moved, shrank or broke up. Nadda.  Nothing. He said blood is still flowing through the vein and it is not completely  blocked. The blood thinners have not done any good on the clot because it has gotten so old and had calcified. He said there is nothing they can do right now unless it becomes life threatening. What? I can’t help but think that they should just be able to go in and remove it. He said the only thing we can do right now is try compression therapy.  I have to wear a compression sock to help force the blood to flow better.

I think it is causing other problems as well since my blood flow is restricted and slow on that side. I have been light headed alot and short of breath and heart palpitations.  It is kind of scaring me so I went to my primary care physician. I kind of broke down in his office because all this together on top of my RA  is driving me insane. I have always been a busy person who could not sit still. I have to be doing something. But the past few years I’ve been forced to just sit and rest sometimes. I am restless and bored. I have so much I need to be doing and want to do just don’t have the energy or motivation to do it. We are just doing process of elimination to see if these are connected or if I have more than one issue going on. I have dr appts scheduled in July.

As of today, dear hubby and I are both sick. I think the heavy rain fall stirred up pollen. We have sore throats, stopped up noses, fever and coughing. I am about to go stir crazy laying up in here. I’ve only moved from the couch to the bed and back. Maybe by this weekend it will pass and we can get back to normal. I have too much to do.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their day. I’ve got to take some Ibuprofen now. I feel feverish again.

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Happy Fathers Day


First Father that deserves all the credit is my Lord and Saviour. If it was not for him i wouldnt be here today literally. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and bled and died so that i could be forgiven. I fail him daily but try my best. I dont understand everything but he has it all worked out to our best interest. Thank You God for loving me and blessing me as you have. Thank you for your protection on my life. I love you.


This man set the first example to me of what a father should be. He is my PaPa Oliver. I grew up watching this man take my MaMa to church and take care of us just as he took care of his own children one in which is my momma. His heart and mind was always for his family and God. He served all til the Lord called him home. I always knew i wanted a man like my PaPa. My grandmother was one blessed woman. They have no idea how much i learned from them when i spent so much time with them. My momma knew where i wanted to go as soon as school let out for summer or anytime in between. I also enjoyed being spoiled rotten by them which my sisters are a little envious. Hahahahaha Happy Fathers day PaPa. Ill see you some day. I love PaPa.


Although this man didnt come around til i was 14 he is my daddy. My childhood was a little confusing to me and i didnt really understand fathers cause it was always momma. But God brought this man in my life and im thankful. I liked him but didnt trust him. I espcecially didnt like it when he tried pulling the father card on me you know like discipline. We had a rough spell cause i got rebellious. Im ashamed to say i MADE him prove himself to be a good father and he passed the test. This man was awesome for taking in a wife and three girls. Boy….did he have it rough. He loved us unconditionally like his very own. He is kind to his neighbor and will also do his best to help someone in need. He has been the greatest role model and example to David too and our boys. He is one of a kind. He has been the best dad and poppa ever to us.
Thank you Melissa Nanney for sharing this crazy man with us. Happy Fathers day Thomas Flanagin. We love you Poppa.


This man……this man right here. David Dixon I could not have chosen a better father for our children or a better Poppie to our grandchildren. You are the perfect example of a father. Your loyalty and dedication is seen everyday. Your sacrifices amazes me. You have taught our boys so much about how to be men, even though they may not want to listen sometimes. They are on their way to turning out like you and I couldn’t be happier.
Now I see you with our grandchildren and cant help but thank the Lord that they have you as a poppie. Dallas kids will be spoiled as much and loved. It’s like we get to do this all over again.
Thank you for taking on the Mr. Mom roll sometimes when my patience has wore thin or just dont have the energy sometimes or when I just need a third hand because both my hands may be tied up sometimes. You truly are amazing and your good deeds will never go unnoticed. I wish I could do all for you that you do for this family. I love you and Happy Fathers Day to you. You of all people truly deserve it.



To our Son Dakota Dixon. Do you get it now? I think you do. To see you with your own kids makes us happy and blessed that we raised you to who you need to be. It takes a real man to put his wife and kids first and make sacrifices for his family. Make sure you set the example of a good husband and father that Atleigh and Caroline will look for in a man someday. They should not accept anything any less. We want have it. Lol.
We love you and hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day.

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Remember The Fallen

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Just Enjoying Our Time

We have just been enjoying our time around here and playing around. Poppie made some “notton  nandy” one night for the girls.


My momma and daddy came one day for grab your granny day. We had a paint party and dear hubby cooked steaks. I had alot of flower bed ornaments that needed fresh coats of paints.


One night, Dakota cooked for us and we got to play outside with the girls. Atleigh insisted we come ” nump” with her on her trampoline.


We have been tidying up flower beds and garden around here.

My therapy for today. Freshening up flower beds and planting some bulbs and seeds. We will see. Then moving on to the garden. In between rests, I got to watch plenty of birds and a few squirrels and have a refreshing salad. Pretend you didn’t see the powdered doughnuts. 🎂🎂🎂🎂😂😂😂😂 . I will not be able to move later.


These are some of the ornaments that we repainted. I sprayed some polyurethane gloss on them. When we freshen up our front flower beds, they will go back in them.



We are going to enjoy our Memorial Day weekend. I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

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Playing In Our Flowers

I’m so glad I have a man who likes to play in flower beds as much as I do.


Our gardenias smell soooooo good.

I’m not one to brag, but this time I am. I made an awesome homemade bbq pizza tonight. You can make a pork butt stretch for three or four meals. The first night, have pork roast with vegetables. Second night, make bbq sandwiches. Third night you can have burritos or chimichangas. Forth night, bbq pizza. Little cost, many meals.


Last night I had two handsome dinner dates.


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