Prayer Answered

I’ve been praying for a while that God would somehow hurry up and let my sweethearts job be over so he could come home. Well…..he answered. I can always tell when it is time for him to come home. It’s when he starts getting depressed and can’t sleep. That means he’s had enough and it’s time to come home. He had to pack 9 months of stuff into his truck but he did and he is one happy Poppie. PhotoGrid_1542577677866

He gets to play and spend time with his girls. He has missed them so much.

He is already doing things he wants to do and enjoying himself. He made us some deer sausage one day. We take ground deer and pork fat and seasonings and grind them together and section them into portion meals and vacuum seal them. He’s so rocking that apron. Lol.


He had more projects on his list he wants to do and I’m not going to bother him.

We got our first snow of the year and freeze. Killed the remainder of my peppers that were ripening on the vine though. Oh well….I’ve got plenty.

He went to go pick up Dallas at school. We weren’t suppose to start getting any til the wee hours of morning  but it started before school was out and I was getting worried. He just responds with, “I got this.” Those words always comfort me. 20181114_154005

Watching the snow and she says, “Whoah!”    She is learning more words all the time.


We are learning our ABC’s. I will get to G and she says Baw. She thinks I want her to say G-Maw. 😊. Makes me glad. She is getting so independent. She is going to be just like her daddy. Dakota was the same way.


Caroline is growing so much. She tries to talk and she is laughing and smiling all the time. She is such a different baby after the colic went away. She only gets mad if you have not met her demands in about 5 minutes. That’s the only open window you get. Lol


Sissy Love


Keeping her entertained


Dallas made deer minute steaks one night and this is what happens when you say there is only one left, you have to tap the other guy out to win.


Daddy is getting to do Atleigh the same way we had to do him when he was little. Yep, bill ride. It’s in the genes I guess.


We got to go to a little niece’s one year  day party. She is too stinking cute.


In my spare time I have been trying to bake and cook for two dinners. I have been putting them in the freezer. I only have one more dish and some homemade rolls to do. My days will be easy peezy. It’s really simple. You just cook your dishes ahead of time, put them in the freezer. The night before, take them out,  uncover them, place them in the stove to defrost. Next morning , get up and put turn the oven  on and wholah!!!!! Lunch is served.

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Honoring Our Veterans

Today we honor our Veterans past and present. Thank you to all who have served and are still serving.


This is my dear sweetheart.  Thank you for your service.


This is my grandfather aka: PaPa.


This is why we put ours first. No one will ever fight for you or your country like they did.



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Just Living Life

I’ve just been hanging around and enjoying these grandbabies




Caroline is growing so much. Jossies mom has a chiropractor friend and he blessed us with getting rid of Caroline’s colic. All it took was one adjustment and she is like a new baby. If I would have known that they could get rid of colic, I would have taken Dakota to one when he was a baby 20 yrs ago. She’s alert,  wants to see everything and she watches sissy all the time. If she is crying, I can start singing Skip to Malou and she will stop. Go figure. She laughs and coos  at us and tries to talk. She takes cat naps instead of good naps, which makes it hard to get anything done. Oh well.

Atleigh still loves to help take care of sissy.  She is learning alot every day. Sometimes she plays and sometimes she helps cook. She is a character.


She is going to learn to sew too if I can help it.


I got to make her and sissy a few aprons. I’m going to have their name embroidered on them.


Uncle Dallas has been helping out alot with the girls. He stayed with big brother while I went to AR  to see Dad.


It has turned off cold here and we wanted to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, so we just brought it inside. PhotoGrid_1541861471113

Next week I’ve got baking and cleaning to do to get ready for the holidays.

Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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Fall Festival

Every year we usually have a fall festival at our church with Trunk or Treat.  This year we partnered up with other churches and had it at our community center. It was a great turnout.

Jossie and I took the girls to the festival. Caroline dressed as a cup of Dip’N’Dots. Atleigh was a scarecrow.  They had a costume contest and it came down to Atleigh and Caroline. They had such a hard time judging. Atleigh got most original costume.



While we were at the festival Dakota took Dallas hunting for juvenile gun season. He got the job done and got the first deer of our season here on the farm. Big brother helped him get it up to the house and told him to take care of it , which means Dallas gutted it all by himself and they got it to the processor. I am proud of him. I want my kids to learn and know and do all they can do. I’m glad big brother was here to help. He has always had a hand in raising “his baby” too.  It was a manly moment.


Atleigh wound up spending the night with me. Jossie had alot of studying she had to do and it is easier for her to keep Caroline since she sleeps alot and I keep Atleigh. Atleigh needs more and wants to play and she can’t get alot of studying done.

She keeps getting all my chairs. She is a character.


We still have more festivals to go to so we’re  not done yet.

Have a great day.

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Gettin’ Chilly Round These Parts…

That’s southern talk for, Fall has arrived here. It has finally turned off chilly. One night we finally got to build a fire out in our firepit and roast some marshmallows. Then, it started sprinkling.

We had or Fall break from school last week. We grabbed our gear and were off to see Dad. He did have to work while we were there, but it helped him with us just being there with him. He is getting to the point to where he is getting depressed and can’t sleep. That is a cue that it is time for him to come home. We weren’t suppose to leave until Tuesday because Jossie and Caroline had drs appts and then she called me and said she had her days mixed up and that they weren’t until the next week. Soooo…..that meant we were free to leave. I told Dallas to grab his gear and lets go. We  hit the road and surprised Dad by sitting in his living room when he got home. I turned my GPS off so he would have no idea. It lifted his spirit so much. He was surprised and happy.


While we were there, I made him some keto recipes. He is on the keto diet and I told him I would try some things, but there are just some things I don’t have the will power to give up some things.

I made some Cauliflower mashed potatoes, and some spaghetti substituting with spaghetti squash and Cauliflower fried rice.

PhotoGrid_1539732056135PhotoGrid_1540089852168PhotoGrid_1540089822486It was time for us to go and he was crushed. He begged us to stay one more day and wanted Dallas to miss a day of school. However, he knows I’m a stickler for not missing school and Jossie had to work that evening so I needed to be here to watch the kids. I told him I would come back another weekend. Then he will be coming home on weekends again. We just have to be patient.

I have been freezing my tooshie off at some ballgames, especially last night. It was cold and drizzling rain.


We have made it to the Playoffs this year and round one starts next Friday night. They travel to Memphis.

We finally got school pics back. Boy, you blink and they grow up…


We had Grab Your Granny day again one day. Some times you do what a G-Maw has to do….PhotoGrid_1540089711520

We got to take them to a Pumpkin patch…..


I so enjoy my times with my grandbabies. Poppie gets a little jealous sometimes cause he is not here, but trust me, he will make up for lost times when he gets home. Atleigh loves hanging out with me. She has to be where I am and do what I’m doing. So, I get her in the kitchen alot with me. I put her on a stool and she stands there and watches me or helps me. One day she helped me put up peppers. Of course, there were bite marks in every one. She is still a great sissy and takes care of sissy. Caroline has turned two months old. She does have colic though and we struggle through it sometimes. Dakota gets really nervous and stresses. I have to remind him that he had it too when he was her age and I had to grit my teeth and bear it for 4 hrs every night like clock work. He said he didn’t know how I did it. He is so thankful that Jossie is a patient mother. When she is not colicky, she is very alert and now wants to sit up and look around. She loves for me to sing  to her. She still loves to be swaddled. Her hands and feet are always cold. She is very cuddly and loves to be cuddled. Bless her. Here lately, she has been watching Walker Texas Ranger. I think she has a crush on him already. Atleigh did too.


She has made claim to my rocking chair. I rocked her daddy in this chair 20 years ago. If I get in it, she grabs my hand and says, “GET!” She hops in it and thinks its funny. She is teasing me.



Never wake a sleeping baby. This swing has been a life saver, especially during the colic stage.



We’re still getting our hunting on. We are seeing alot when we are hunting, it’s just that they want come within bow range. Very disappointing. It’s like they are outsmarting us at this point. This weekend is Juvenile gun hunt  and  Dakota is going to take Dallas. Dallas has not hunted as much as Dakota has growing up,  and is not as experienced, so we feel comfortable with him hunting with someone else.  When he gets more experienced, we will let him hunt alone in a blind.

He is wanting to sell his crossbow and get a compound bow like brother and dad. We have all been target practicing.


I think the frost has gotten my tomato plants. They may still put off a few since there are some green ones on there but they are probably done. I did get 8 more quarts of tomatoes for recipes.



Yes, I had to do G-Maw Shark for Atleigh. I told you, you do what you gotta do. lol



Hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings. Have a great day.


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Just Enjoying Life

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, I’ve just been busy enjoying life. I have been enjoying our grandbabies.


I have gotten them in the kitchen with me and played with them. Atleigh has got to be where I’m at at all times. It is so nice to be loved by littles again.

Atleigh has been doing a good job of being big sissy.  She helps so much.


I have been enjoying watching Dallas play football. Their JV games are over however. He likes to play football but it’s not his passion. He likes to play just to keep him fit for karate and I can understand this. Next semester he will probably take another FFA class but join in on the weight lifting in football.


Hubby got to come home one last weekend before the outage started and he helped put up my blind. I did the brushing in. Not bad if I say so myself.


I’m sitting in it now while it is hotter than blue blazes outside. But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.


All I’ve seen so far is a fawn but the mom is around somewhere but the fawn is still nursing so it will get to grow up a little. I do not take does that still have young ones. The young ones have to be able to fend for themselves and not nursing. I’m not after trophy bucks because I prefer doe meat over buck. There is less adrenaline. However,  if a nice one should come out……

We got to make a short weekend trip to AR over the weekend because we had a by week. He is so tired of me taking pics. And when you just need to put together a model with dad.


I have got to enjoy my mothers company again for “grab your granny days”. This is what we have named our Thursdays. We got to go swimming one last time and took Atleigh. Caroline is still too little and Jossie had a big test to study for in college. And then another week we got together and painted gourds as birdhouses.  She did better than I did. I’ve got to take a day next week and hang them.


My dr and I are still trying to get my blood thinner medication straightened out. I have to go once a week and get my finger pricked and sometimes it’s too thick and sometimes it’s too thin. We had a problem arise though that really scared me. Men, you might not want to read this part. I had a very bad menstrual cycle that lasted 8 days. My husband swears up and down that it is the blood thinner. However, this hasn’t been the first time. About 6 months ago I did the same thing but it lasted for 15 days. So I think it is my body transitioning into pre menopause.  The blood thinner is just not helping any because I wasn’t taking any 6 months ago. This time it made me weak very badly. I had accidents and messed up alot of clothes. I had an accident on the way to AR and thank goodness Dallas understood enough to get out my hoodie jacket so I could wrap it around me and walk into the truck stop and change clothes. We didn’t get to do alot that weekend because I was so weak and self conscious and most of all embarrassed.  My wonderful husband was so caring. We just managed to go out to eat one night and he asked if we wanted to do something else and I just said I wanted to go back to his place. He has been a worry wart for the past few weeks. It’s over  now and I’m getting some of my energy back. I am knocking on 50’s door and it’s getting time. I think I’m going to join my husband on this keto diet. He has already lost some weight and said he is getting some energy. Last night for pizza and movie night, I tried the cauliflower crust pizza. It was delicious and even Dallas liked it. I will definately make it again. However, tonight we’re having Mexican Street Corn  because I had some left over corn in the fridge I needed to get rid of.


Its funny when you have to out of your blind to go pee happen to remember you have deer cameras EVERYWHERE 😱😱 Don’t look Ethel!!!!!!!!

Well, gotta go. Just had 10 turkeys come up beside me but they are passing through so quickly and headed to the treeline to roost. I’ll give it a bit more and pack up and head into the house. Have a blessed night.


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Very Productive Week

This was a very productive week that wore me out. Monday I was trying to clean a little.  Then I was getting ready to go to the school when Dallas text and said the game had been moved to the opponent’s school not on our field. So here I go 45 minutes  away. He was already on the bus. We lost by one point. It was a close game but good too.

Tuesday, I had the girls all day. We had a good day. Atleighs cold is going away, thank goodness. Caroline has to drink out of a bottle when she is with me and she doesn’t really like it at first but she adjusts. I had an awesome time getting Atleigh in the kitchen with me


She looked so growny. She would lick  the batter and say ahhh. It was Atleigh approved not to mention she put the beater back in there after she licked it. Shhhh…..that’s our secret. It was fun having my little buddy beside me making memories. Caroline was in the kitchen with us too just at a safe distance but she could see us.

Wednesday I had to clean my carpet because somehow the lid came off of Atleighs cup and juice went all over me and her and the carpet. So, I just drug out the steam cleaner and just cleaned the whole living room. I need to clean all the carpets in the house to get ready for Caroline crawling. I just can’t  do it all in one day. Just the living room kicked my butt. My leg was hurting again.

Dakota calls later and wants to know if I could do him a big favor. They wanted a good house cleaning.  Not just an ordinary cleaning. They wanted the kind of cleaning that I do. So I agreed but I called my momma to see if we could do that for our fun day we usually get together for. She agreed. So Thursday morning we go down to their house and get started. Of course it was hard for me to get anything done because Atleigh wanted me to hold her all the time. We got two and a half rooms clean and we had to take a break. My leg started hurting again and swelling.  We took a break and went somewhere and ate lunch. Got back and worked a little before it was time to go get Dallas at school. After we picked him up, we went back to finish but had an extra set of hands so I put him to work. We got finished which was to my relief but I had already over done it. My leg was swelling badly again and hurting. Dakota got home from work and wanted to buy us supper  too for cleaning so we let him. I got home that night and just passed out I was so exhausted.

Friday morning I had an appt with my dr to check my leg. It was still swollen so he got a good look at what my leg has been doing. He put me on a strong dose of another blood thinner. I have to go once a week to have my finger pricked to check my blood. It will take a while for the medicine to break up the blood clot but time will tell. My leg was still swollen that evening but family had to be fed. The kids came and ate with us. Dad got home for the weekend.  They got to do a little target practicing since we got a new bow target. I sat inside with the babies so I could get off my leg. When everyone, left I had to get my stuff together because I had a handgun permit class the next day. Yes, I finally got the nerve to go.

Saturday morning I had to get up at 5am and get ready to leave for my class. It lasted all day. The only reason why I have never gone before now was I have always been intimidated by tests. The instructor  did a really good job and kept the class interesring.  I was really confident about my test. I made a 96. Then it was time to go to the range. It was so hot. We were ringing wet with sweat. But  I had a good time. My leg started swelling again but I was in the 3rd group so I got to get off it a little. Then it was my time to shoot. I have more work to do but look at that head shot lol.


Hubby was so proud of me. Heck, I was proud of myself. I got home and the kids were here. I didn’t  cook because my leg was hurting again so hubby goes and gets supper from town. Again,  I went to bed exhausted.

Today, Sunday, I missed church. I was still just so exhausted from the week and my leg was bothering me. I have sat most of the day and took a good nap. I only got out and helped dear hubby put up my hunting blind for the season. Well, he put it up and I sat on 4 wheeler.

I did make supper tonight. This is so therapeutic.  Homemade fettuccine noodles got turned into Broccoli chicken Alfredo.


Not bad when you sit on a stool. Lol.


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